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Which USMNT player stood out for you the most against Canada?


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The United States men's national team turned in a strong performance in its Gold Cup opener, topping North American foe Canada, 2-0.

While the team effort was impressive, and the victory an important one for a team focused on reclaiming regional bragging rights, a number of individuals stood out with their play.

For starters, Jozy Altidore came through with a goal and, for all intents and purposes, an assist in spearheading the attack and contributing to both goals.

Altidore wasn't alone in starring at Ford Field, though, as a few more players garnered individual attention after the game.

Clint Dempsey scored a crucial insurance goal as Canada was pressuring for an equalizer and nearly scored on an audacious scorpion kick attempt off a deflected cross.

TIm Howard stepped up with some tremendous saves late in the game, including a three-save sequence in the final moments that showed just how influential he can be to the United States' success.

Michael Bradley showed that not playing regularly at the club level hasn't affected his form, as he covered a tremendous amount of distance while distributing accurately and controlling the center of the pitch. Jermaine Jones did the same, playing more of a holding role than Bradley while picking his times to advance.

Tim Ream was given the start ahead of Oguchi Onyewu at centerback and continued to display his composure on the ball, earning high praise from Bob Bradley after the game. Aside from the play where Simeon Jackson nutmegged him in the box but could not get a shot off after a number of U.S. players provided cover, Ream held his own in his first international game in which something was on the line.

Which USMNT player stood out for you the most Tuesday night? Cast your vote here: 


How did you vote? Which player stood out the most? Anybody not named above that stood out more for you?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. You are a moron.

    Why don’t you provide a link to your first comment advocating Chandler be called up.

    He was a nobody until two months before Bradley called him in.

  2. This is patent nonsense. Canada is one of the top six teams in the tournament; frankly, they looked quite a bit better than Honduras, which was just dreadful against Guatemala. El Salvador and Cuba were equally awful, but unlike Honduras, they weren’t playing a crap side which gifted them a two-man advantage, so they got blown out.

    They’re worse than the USA, CR and Mexico, and probably Jamaica. Honduras probably isn’t as bad as they looked the other day; I’d call that a toss-up. Canada is easily superior to the rest.

  3. I don’t think Bradley is “defensively oriented” at all. He seems that way in big games because in big games, the USA is usually operating at a talent deficit and parking the bus to some extent. (The same could be said of most of his games in the Bundesliga, since Monchengladbach isn’t exactly the most talented side around.) In games where his team is not outclassed athletically and/or skill-wise, Bradley plays box-to-box.

  4. Assuming that we are talking about the actual saves made by the actual Tim Howard in the actual US men’s national soccer team game yesterday, he was most certainly NOT “out of position in the first place.” His positioning on both of the highlight-reel saves was perfect.

  5. I think his first showing for Villa doomed him for his time under Houllier. Bradley looked quite nervous and indecisive in his first 20 minutes, which is entirely reasonable considering circumstances. His next time on the pitch came in a thrashing against Man City, which was hardly his fault, but again, he lacked the confidence that we see when he suits up for the USMNT. If given time to gel with his teammates, he will be a great asset to a high level club. It just wasn’t in the cards last year.

  6. This is what he has always done for club and country as an outside mid. He does this to get shots on goal, or to leave space for the supporting back to run into so that he can go get on the scoring end of crosses. It’s his bread and butter.

  7. “possibly the best player the US has produced. Hyperbole? Maybe. Tough to argue tho.”

    Not really.

    Keller was arguably as good and Freidel was/is better. There are times when I’ve felt more comfortable watching Guzan in goal than Howard.

    Freidel was arguably the best keeper in the 2002 World Cup while, by comparison, Timmy was underwhelming last year.

    And the thing about those acrobatic saves,they are great but many times they mean the keeper was out of position in the first place requiring a great effort to get back into the place you should have been all along. So you have to keep them in perspective. A lot of times when you hear the criticism of a forward “he shot it right at him” what actually happened was the keeper read the play so well he positioned himself to minimise the forward’s chances.

    Consequently, some the greatest keepers can be quite boring to watch.

    I won’t compare Howard to a field player.

  8. The field was the most dominant player. With all of the beautiful grass fields in the US, why have the past two games been played on roll-out-the-sod-on-cement? So the Nats could play in front of a half-empty stadium in Detroit?

  9. Good god are you from Kearny or someplace? Meola, Harkes, Reyna, Ramos, Howard,Jozy,Agudelo (moved to Barnegat Township at 8 years old),Rossi, etc.

    Even Lalas went to Rutgers of all places.

    Even though I’ve gotten tired of it, there is something amusing about Jersey’s heavy influence on the USMNT.

  10. Kpugs, were you one of those guys that got cut from his high school soccer team and then told everyone you would have been the best on the team? You know nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Cherundolo has become very influential. His was stellar during World Cup, and his fine form continues. Right now, I would say Cherundolo is our best player.

  12. The good news is that this is the best team Bradley could have put out (sans Stu Holden),….the bad news is this is the best team Bradley could have put out (sans Stu Holden).

    Let’s not kid ourselves,…Canada is WEAK.

    I will be (pleasantly) surprised if the USMNT wins this tournament.

  13. I think Dempsey looked very solid,and I liked the minutes we saw from Kljestan. The possession in our midfield looked very good. Even though he scored a goal, I’m still not absolutely convinced that Altidore is our best option up top.

    I think what stood out for me also was how much more concise and composed our defense looked without Oneywu…hate to say that, but since his injury Oneywu is just not the same player. The tandem of Ream and Goodson in the central defense worked very well.

    I would still like to see us do a 4-3-2-1 with Agudelo up top, Dempsey (R) and Donovan (L) behind him, Jones (L), Bedoya (R), and Bradley (C) in the midfield, and Cherundolo (R), Goodson (C), Ream (C), and Bocanegra (L) in the back. Won’t happen, but I think it’s the best way to capitalize on Dempsey’s scoring touch and also feature who I think is the better striker in Agudelo.

  14. hes been dual nationality his whole life right? he could have been capped or atleast been called into more camps to cement his choice to play for the US…

  15. kenny dude, im reigning in as i type…. everyone gets lucky bro but you gotta love what altidore did on the play…. great run first of all, perfect first touch, then a hard hit ball on target…. what more could you ask? hes never gonna be able to bend it from 30 yards…… jozy plays this way…. love it or hate it, its all we have

  16. Alf, you are just a hater. You are not a U.S. fan. Every single day you are here smashing the U.S.You would sell out your own county for a taco/burrito combo. Everything that comes out of your mouth is cr*p. Go wash your mouth out with soap.

  17. BS, The U.S.A could have continued to pressure, you dope. They just took their foot off the gas up 2-0.Read what I said to your girlfriend, Kpugy. And if it were not for the Canadian keep, the U.S. would have won by 5.Go stick a pickle up your……..!!!!! One more thing, Your an idiot!!!!!!

  18. Kpugy, did your mama drop you on your head when you were a child? And if it were not for the Canadian keeper, it would have been 5-0 USA.

  19. 1. Howard
    2. Bradley M.
    3. Jones

    Didn’t like the way the forwards combined with Deuce and Landon. Sit Juan, move Deuce higher. Boca was a liability at the end but coach used up his three subs already, not good Bob.

  20. I liked the way Juan Agudelo played and created/took chances, especially that cheeky outside foot shot. He has a scorer’s mindset and if he keeps it up is going to score some goals this Cup.

    Jozy & Tim tied for MOTM.


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