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Who will the USA start vs. Spain?

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The U.S. men's national team will take on Spain on Saturday in a rematch of their 2009 Confederations Cup semifinal (won by the United States, 2-0), and with Spain fielding a strong squad, the Americans will need their strongest possible team to hope for another upset.

With the U.S. team's Gold Cup opener set for just three days later, it's unlikely the starters Bob Bradley chooses will play much more than a half, but it will be interesting to see which players Bradley turns to on Saturday.

So who will get the start against Spain? The photo above is the lineup that beat Spain two years ago, and our projected squad for Saturday features even of the players pictured above.

Here's the lineup we can see Bradley going with against Spain on Saturday:


Some thoughts:

Do I think this is the lineup we'll see against Canada on Tuesday? Not really, but I do think Bradley will want to see this group go up against Spain, especially if he thinks this is the lineup that can beat Mexico in a potential Gold Cup Final.

How will the lineup against Canada be different? I can see a 4-4-2 with Agudelo up top against the Canadians.

If the Edu, Jones and Bradley trio in the middle is too defensive, Bradley could turn to Sacha Kljestan as a starter in place of Edu. Freddy Adu did well against Spain three years ago, but I see him more as a sub in this match.

The back-line will be a veteran group, unless Tim Ream is clearly ready and Onyewu isn't physically ready. If Onyewu is healthy, he'll get the start. Ream should get minutes in the second half though.

It will be interesting to see who gets second-half minutes at left back. Will it be Jonathan Bornstein as expected, or might we get a peak at Eric Lichaj there?

What do you think of this lineup? Would you rather see a 4-4-2 with Agudelo at forward? Hoping to see Tim Ream get a start?

Share your thoughts below.



  1. Who cares! It’s a friendly. The most powerful, best manned, and brilliantly led Spaniards don’t give a hoot about this shin ding. US fans just need to wake up to the reality that their team, and it’s fans, are just a bunch of third-rate, know-nothing amateurs.

  2. This game is against SPAIN! Bradley is putting out the best formation and players that he has in order to beat SPAIN! To do so, you have to accept that they will likely control possession, so you want the players that will be the most likely to be able to limit the times Spain has clear possession in a dangerous area.

    Edu, Bradley, and Jones are “the same player”??? Then, so be it … as long as the majority of the times that Spain has offensive-zone possession it’s to the outside and under pressure.

  3. And who would you start over altidore exactly. It does not mater if you play a lot for your club if you are the best option up front for your country. We have no better options at present. Altidore has done well for the United States.

  4. Why on earth is playing for the national team supposed to be a reward for the players with the best form. The national teams goal is to win games, whoever is going to help the national team win should be the ones who are playing in the national team games, club play is irrelevant at that point. There is a correlation between those who are playing well at the club level and those who best help the national team, but by your argument someone who is having a great club year but has always sucked at the national team level and continues to do so should be starting every national team game regardless.

  5. Are you seriously arguing about the 3rd GK position?

    Sean Johnson? I still rate the guy and think he can be great in the future, but the guy hasn’t had that great of a season so far and he just reclaimed his starting position from Jon Conway. He’s got great size and great athletic ability, but he’s not all there yet and he makes mistakes.

    Rimando is arguably the best American goalkeeper in MLS (I’d argue for Hartman, but he wouldn’t be interested in a call up at his age) and he’ll probably be allowed to stay with RSL during the tournament unless we need him.

    I wanted to see Buddle and/or Gomez too, but I’ll hold off on saying anything about Wondo’s call up until after I see how he performs. The guy has been nothing short of stellar for the Earthquakes since last season and I’d say he’s probably one of the American strikers at finishing.

  6. “he manages to find the net CONSISTENTLY for the NATS”? Are you for real?
    Trinidad and Tobago 10SEP2008

    Mexico 11FEB2009

    Egypt 21JUN2009

    Costa Rica 14OCT2009

    Slovenia 18JUN2010

    where is the consistency?? Has he ever scored against a power house team?? when was the last time he had an assist?? If any of the Mid-fielders we have played consistently like Bradley they’d have a far better track record…..guaranteed. A CDM’s responsibilities is not to score goals so lets just not talk about his goal scoring ability, when he can’t even get an assist as a midfielder……

  7. Michael Bradley, who can’t get minutes with a team like Villa, who hasn’t got any offers from any team as of yet……is better than than Jones, who is being pursued by AS Roma and Blackburn, who’s played regular minutes with blackburn since his debut!!!!
    When you get more minutes with the national team than your club team and your dad is coach….you’ll play a lot better, with more confidence and have a better comfort level than another player that was actually playing for a spot on the team. The situation he was exposed to trying to break into the villa starting line-up (ol’ boy couldn’t even make the bench!!!!!!!). Even spector played on a regular in the EPL and was given an offer by west ham…..a gesture that they needed him to help them back into the EPL….honorable.
    Lets see where Baby B goes next or what team he plays for before we add “the best” to his name…..

  8. Yes, you are right. You are SO right.

    Hopefully Mikey won’t ask Daddy to start in goal. You wanna know why? ‘Cause he’d let him!!! He’d LET HIM!

  9. Ghana is better than the USMNT. in the last 2 WCs, they beat us. how is it “we” should expect to beat them? That just makes no sense, and only reveal having no respect for Ghana, respect they have earned against us…twice.

  10. they played a poor first half, yes, but in the second played pretty well, and the last 10-15 minutes of that game they were all over Argentina pushing for the winning goal

  11. get real, man. your facts are off.

    anyway, Jozy is imperfect…duh. But, one strength of Jozy’s game that fits very well with the USMNT is collecting fouls around the area and setting up free kicks. the guy is a tank. you agree that free kicks are a USMNT strength, yes? if so, then that part of Jozy’s game is KEY…and it is.

    and of course, I would love to see him stick it in the back of the net more


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