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Americans Abroad: Altidore-Alkmaar link lingers, Dempsey off Roma radar & more

Altidore (Getty Images)

The Jozy Altidore-to-AZ Alkmaar link continues to persist.

The U.S. striker is reportedly seen as a fit for the Dutch Eredivisie club, which just offloaded striker Kolbeinn Sigthorsson to Ajax. Financial complications could prevent the move from happening, according to reports from the Netherlands. Former U.S. national team player Earnie Stewart is the technical director at Alkamaar.

Altidore was also reportedly rumored to be considered as part of a swap on Villarreal's part in the club's efforts to sign Udinese defender Christian Zapata. 

Here are a few more items involving Americans Abroad:


If Roma's American owner Thomas DiBenedetto is to bring in a top-tier American player as he promised, that player does not appear to be Clint Dempsey.

According to Sky Sports (and based on this report from Italy) Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini confirmed that Dempsey will not be joining the Serie A club, which is said to be targeting a handful of Americans. Dempsey had been included in a vague target list that featured Landon Donovan and Timmy Chandler, among others.

Dempsey also did not appear on the roster for Fulham's UEFA Europa League qualifier against NSI Runavik on Thursday. The Cottagers played to a 0-0 draw and won the tie on a 3-0 aggregate to advance to the next qualifying round.


Rampant speculation has led most to believe that American goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann will wind up in Major League Soccer — specifically Seattle — but reports out of England suggest that he may have a suitor overseas.

Hull City is interested in the 39-year-old veteran, according to the Hull Daily Mail. The report suggests that Hahnemann would only consider a proposed one-year deal assuming he would enter the season the League Championship club's No. 1 keeper.

Hull currently only has one goalkeeper under contract and is seeking to add experienced options. Brad Guzan played for the Tigers on loan from Aston Villa last season.


FC Dallas midfielder Eric Avila will not be joining Atlas after all.

The proposed six-month loan to the Mexican club for Avila fell through. FC Dallas is expected to release a statement to shed more light on the situation.


Do you see Alkmaar as a good destination for Altidore? What about Udinese? What do you think of Dempsey not going to Roma? Would you like to see Hahnemann come to MLS or play overseas for another year? Disappointed Avila's loan fell through?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Interesting discussion.

    Some of you are delusional about the quality of a team in a league you’ve probably watched once while waiting for an EPL match to kick off and others have on nationalistic blinders.

    As a USMNT supporter and Roma fan, I believe Dempsey is surplus to the plans of the club. I’m pretty sure that Vucinic is leaving the club this summer, and while Deuce has a quality that reminds me of Vucinic (but he’s more consistent on goal), the rumored signings point to a team that wants young players to complement Totti’s creativity in the twilight of his career, and in Erik Lamela’s case, possibly groom Totti’s replacement up top.

    I think Deuce could absolutely play for Roma, moreso than Donovan (which I think was a rumor drummed up to raise awareness among US soccer fans that Roma has an American owner), but unfortunately, the system in place doesn’t seem to require his services.

    Now, were Roma not likely signing Stekelenberg, I’d have made a case for Tim Howard…

  2. Serie A JUST allocated an extra slot so that clubs can sign two non-EU players. There will be room for an American on Roma. The question is, which one?

  3. So from reading your posts on this thread, one has to wonder what exactly your purpose is here. You’re exactly the kind of self-important pseudo-U.S. fan I’m talking about. Did I ever say Dempsey was as good as Drogba? Dude you need to relax with your massive Euro boner.

  4. So he has one good season and now he’s as good as Drogba and can play for most clubs in Europe? What an idiot. Dempsey isn’t even remotely as good or dominating as Drogba. Get a clue…

  5. While I agree that Benny is a moron, I don’t say I agree with most people that seem to think Donovan and Dempsey can just straight up waltz onto any team. First of all, Donovan is too much of a wimp to challenge himself at the top level, and Dempsey has proved himself at Fulham and no where else. Just because he does well at a mid-level EPL team doesn’t automatically mean he can cut it at another top league. He had ONE double-digit scoring season anyway, not three or four. Roma is a much, much bigger club than Fulham, with much more pressure. I’m not saying Dempsey can’t cut it, but it’s certainly not a definite. If he was really that good he’d have some solid offers by now. Take your blinders off…

  6. Dempsey is good enough to play for Roma. I think its a bigger risk for a top Italian team to take on an American because Americans are yet to prove themselves in Serie A (as oppossed to the EPL). But, I don’t really mind that considering how corrupt and biased Serie A really is. I’d even prefer Americans, especially young players, to play in France or the Dutch league. BTW: it’d be more appropriate to call for Adu to play in the Serie B or C… at this point, there’s no way he gets any playing time on a Serie A team.

  7. I’d only keep Deuce on the bench on a handful of clubs. Roma is not one of them, but I’d rather he stay on his middling EPL side.

  8. Thanks that’s exactly what I meant. Its not that Dempsey isn’t a really good player but the disrespect for the roma roster is hard to understand as mostI of those guys would be starters on the us team if they were american.


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