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Argentina eliminated on penalties to Uruguay, Peru stuns Colombia

Argentina Uruguay 1 (Reuters)


Not even homefield advantage was enough to help Argentina put an end to its trophy drought.

Argentina was knocked out of the Copa America at the Santa Fe Stadium on Saturday night, losing to Uruguay, 5-4, in a penalty kick shootout after playing to a 1-1 draw. Carlos Tevez was the lone spot kick taker to miss in a game that put an end to Argentina's hopes of winning its first international tournament since the 1993 Copa America.

After Diego Perez and Gonzalo Higuain scored in the first half, both teams entered extra time with 10 men as Perez and Javier Mascherano were ejected with double bookings. Perez was sent off in the 38th minute and Mascherano was given his marching orders four minutes from the death.

The 30 extra minutes ended without a goal and the game headed to penalty kicks, where Fernando Muslera was the hero. Muslera, who opted to look away every time his teammates shot from the spot, dove to his right to deny Tevez in the third round of penalties, which ultimately sent Uruguay to the semifinals.

Uruguay will play Peru in the semis on July 19 after the Peruvians booked their place in the final four with a win over Colombia in Saturday's first game.

Here are the match highlights as well as a recap of Peru's victory over Colombia:



Colombia may have entered its quarterfinal match against Peru having yet to concede a goal, but its troubling penchant of failing to finish finally proved costly.

Peru ousted Colombia, 2-0, in extra time on goals from Carlos Lobaton and Juan Manuel Vargas. The Colombians had chances to win in regulation, but two shots hit the post and Radamel Falcao failed to convert on a penalty kick in the second half.

Falcao's missed opportunity ultimately doomed Colombia as Lobaton took advantage of a goalkeeping blunder by Luis Martinez and thundered home a shot in the 101st minute. Vargas put the game away in second half of extra time with a left-footed shot after poor distribution by Martinez allowed Vargas and Paolo Guerrero to dribble upfield with little resistance.

The win, which is Peru's biggest in years, placed the Peruvians into the semifinals of the Copa America for the first time since 1997.

Here are the game highlights:



What do you think of Argentina's elimination? Why did the team struggle so much in this tournament? How surprised were you by Peru's win? Who do you see winning between Peru and Uruguay?

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  1. Stop dissing on Messi. He did his part for Argentina. When those around him can’t finish what else can you do? His match against Costa Rica was one of the best I’ve seen him play this year and even then his teammates could barely finish. I cheer against Argentina, so seeing them out is a joy to me but having watched them play in this tourney, their manager needs to be canned NOW. That team underachieved in the worst way.
    Messi is still the best player in the world and by alot.

  2. I’m glad. So sick of hearing about how Messi is a god. I admire the Uruguayans—they are a country of less than four million but still have a great team and footballing tradition. Hope they win the whole damned thing.

  3. Yeah, but what about Aguero, Tevez, Higuan, etc. Messi isn’t the only star on an underperforming team. I think it is Argentina as a whole team that is underachieving and needs to figure itself out. I agree it is much easer for Messi to shine with Barca because that team has superb chemistry and aligned style. Argentina is like the England of south america. A lot of names, not much results. Like Portugal under Carlos Quirez.

  4. No Xavi or Iniesta, so it’s no surprise those vavosos Argentina team can’t win a tournament.:) Pobresito del messi, can’t win without the two best players in the world by his Now I need for Paraguay to win later today to make this a great day.


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