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USA-Belgium set for Sept. 6 (Updated and Confirmed)

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The long-rumored USA-Belgium friendly has yet to be announced by the U.S. Soccer Federation, but the Belgian FA isn't wasting time promoting the match, posting an announcement that the friendly is set for Sept. 6th in Brussels.

UPDATED- U.S. Soccer officials confirmed to Fox Soccer on Friday evening that the USA-Belgium friendly will take place and an announcement will take place next week.

If the friendly is finalized, it would give U.S. Soccer another tough test as Belgium boasts one of the best collections of young talent in Europe. Led by such standouts as Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku and Vincent Kompany, Belgium is currently ranked 35th in the world. USA is ranked 24th.

What do you think about a potential USA-Belgium friendly? Which players would you like to see called up for such a friendly?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. If we’re talking lineups, I wonder how this 4-3-1-2 would look:

    Maybe we’ll see some possession from this lineup.

    Bench: Donovan, Jones, Agudelo, Chandler, Edu, Bedoya, Guzan.

  2. 4-3-3


    Alex Zahvi/Gyau————–Bedoya/Juan





    There we go, Job done:)

  3. Jogi didn’t take Germany to “another level”. They finished 3rd in ’06 and ’10. Jogi had 4 years in control and Klinsmann had 2.

    Klinsmann hired Jogi because he knew that he was a fantastic coach. Without Klinsmann Jogi never would have been brought on board.

    Klinsmann was 16-6-7 in the Bundesliga with Bayern. They were in 3rd when he was let go. They lost to Barcelona, who won that year, in the quarters of the Champions League.

    How is that a bad job?

  4. 1. Give Gulati some credit for getting a good friendly arranged (for generally having success in this department recently).

    2. It’s odd that he said there would be announcement re: Bradley but there wasn’t.

    3. Maybe Gulati’s waiting to scoop Villas-Boas up once Abramovsky fires him.

  5. I don’t think “young” is necessarily my criteria, although in theory youth is most desirable. The U.S. desperately needs depth and options on the back line. Look what happened in the GC final…one injury and the back line was decimated. Whitbred is 27, so he’d be 30 in the 2014 WC…totally acceptable as far as I’m concerned. However, we need to give him a look first to see if he’s up to the task.

  6. I like how the commentators kept hyping up tim ream but for me he didn’t impress one bit he got burned against Spain, got burned against Panama and after that he was finished Tim Ream needs to go to Europe to get ready for international football. And as for a US coach if we don’t get klinnsman maybe we can get guus hiddink he is getting tired at turkey afterall. But looking back on gulati’s history i bet BB will most likely stay or he will name an mls coach as interim and name him head coach smh

  7. I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean.

    If it’s just about money though, we could easily make the money we need to pay him by staging one BIG friendly a year on home soil. I don’t think it’s that unreasonable.

  8. Anyone who thinks German football was a moribund franchise in 2004 and that JK came down from heaven (Orange County?) and breathed life into it is doing more drugs than the Mexican team.

    Look over the players JK inherited from Rudi Voller and tell me the US have ever had a roster as loaded. It’s one thing to be supportive of Podolski and Klose. Quite another to be supportive of Altidore and Agudelo.

    There is plenty to suggest JK was nothing more than an articulate, charming frontman for the very talented Beirhoff and Loew.

    The fact that he has since been unable or unwilling to replicate some semblance of his success there should put everyone on notice.

  9. I don’t know about head and shoulders over Ream (expect he is 6’4″) but I’m surprised he hasn’t received more of a chance

  10. Get off of their jock man. You obviously haven’t been watching them in the Euro qualifiers. Yes, they have great potential and potential world-class talent, but they aren’t that great as a team right now.

  11. Sunil Gulati needs to step up and fork out the cash and bring in somebody like Carlo Ancelotti and call it a freaking day!

  12. Chad Marshall is head and shoulders above Tim Ream… I have no idea why he is not seeing time, judging him on the 2009 GC appearance is deceiving because it was mostly a B- team, and I would love to see Chad rocking a CB position on the A team…

    Gaven is an option, but he turned down GC duty due to his new baby, I don’t see that changing by September…

    (Obviously I’m a Crew fan so treat my opinion accordingly lol)

  13. I really like the roster, except Holden. Let him rehab with his club before playing him. Maybe bring in Dax McCarty, Feilhaber, Torres, or even Spector.

    I also hereby opine that Chris Party Boy Pontius be given a shot on the outside.

  14. It sounds like the young team they are bringing out may wipe the floor with our B or young team, but I’m OK with that. It shows us who can compete and who can’t.

  15. I like Jurgen, I’ll take him over Bradley, but people seem to forget that he underwhelmed at Bayern Munich and hasn’t done Toronto any favors since getting there.

    I’m hoping we can hire an assassin coach that jumps every four years just to take us through the transition from Boca, Gooch, Howard, Dempsey, and Donovan to being prepared for them to be replaced. Might be expensive, but look what Bora Milutonononononavich did for our squad compared to the coaches before and after him.

  16. Fellaini, Lukaku, Hazard, Defour, Vertonghen, Vermaelen, Kompany, Van Buyten. Belgium has a good pool with a lot of young talent. Too bad they don’t deliver together, and might fail to qualify for several more euros or world cups.

  17. This would be a good time to try out some players that didn’t get on the Gold Cup roster as well as give the young guys on the GC roster a run.

    They guy I want to see is Zak Whitbread. He’s a starting CB for Norwich City, which is being promoted into the EPL.

    I think the old standbys (anyone over 28) need to skip this one: Landon, Clint, TimmyH, Boca, ‘Dolo, J.Jones. They should take a break

    Let’s start with the young guys on the GC roster: Adu, Jozy (if he’s healthy), Bedoya, Agudelo, Lichaj, Goodson, Edu, MB, Sacha etc

    Then add the other ones that should be on it: Zak Whitbread (yes, I know he’s 27 now), Timmy Chandler, M.Diskerud, B.Guzan

    Maybe some of the MLS guys: Ream, O.Gonzalez, T.Bunbury

    We need to plan for the next WC cycle and this is as good a chance as any.

  18. I’d rather talk about what head coach I’d like to see called up…but if I must talk about player call ups, some of the players I’d like to see would be:

    Freddie Adu
    Mix Diskerud
    Zak Whitbred
    Timothy Chandler
    Teal Burnbury
    Charlie Davies

    We need to start getting looks at some other options, and I’d like to see how fit Davies is for an international match.

  19. Jogi Loew was a big part of implementing that system. Many even argue that he was the real driving force behind it, and Klinsmann was something of a figurehead. Here’s how I see it: Jurgi and Jogi together had a successful German team. Jurgi alone didn’t do anything of note with Bayern. Jogi continued the success of the Germans and took them to another level. So who’s really responsible for Germany’s success?

  20. Woudl like to see:
    Timmy Chandler
    Eric Lichaj
    Eddie Gavin
    Stuart Holden
    Mix Diskerud
    Panchito Torres
    Teal Bunbury
    Edu and Adu

  21. You make no sense he didn’t do anything. He “resigned” in 2006 and wasn’t coaching during ’10. It was a competent german federation not the coach that turned germany around. GTFO you have no idea what you’re talking about and this is the problem with most us fans. You think any european coach can just step in and turn the us into a super power.

  22. At least Belgium has the balls to announce the game. Should be a very tough test for us. They also have Fellaini of Everton. I am 3/4ths Belgian on my mother’s side so this game should be interesting.

  23. I disagree strongly. Look at the qualifying groups. In any group, the US would be no worse than the third best team. I’d say we’d probably take second in a group and at least make it to the playoffs. Hell, we could even win Group G. That’s England’s group. We did it before.

  24. Jurgen Klinsmann rebuilt the German national team into something beautiful. The system he put in place was successful both with experienced players (2006) and younger players (2010).

    It could not be more obvious that he’s the PERFECT candidate for this job. Someone that can take us to the next level tactically and technically. Bob helps us in neither category.

  25. Oh because Guadaloupe is made up from amateurs? Last time I check a lot of those dude play for league 1. This time around they just didn’t look like they were geling. Last 2007 gold cup they were a real threat.

  26. Bornstein is going to not only captain, he’s going to pick the players like a schoolyard scrimmage. Rogers, Johnson, and Gaven are already locks.

  27. I don’t think he was fired, I think he stepped down. Splitting hairs, though. I don’t think Jurgen would be as successful as some other candidates either.

  28. Wait what? Of course there was real grass. You play in a high school stadium with a high school size field. Ill take seattle over portland with their 45,000 fans to your 20,000 anyday

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  30. If I’m entitled to my own opinion then respect it, isn’t that what this country is “opposed” to stand for? I guess not, the reason I said what i did was for this instance is the fact we continously give up goals first, which nearly became the case and has happened in many other games as well. This has nothing to do with just that lone game but a series of them which I have been talking about, we lack the consistency and motivation to seize games even against lesser teams, we as a top team in CONCACAF should handle. If you don’t want to post here please leave, because we could use less arrogant douchebags like you, who think their geniuses.


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