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Henry saves point as Red Bulls tie FC Dallas

ThierryHenry2 (Getty)

The New York Red Bulls responded to their mid-week blowout loss to the Colorado Rapids with a strong start to Saturday night's match against FC Dallas, but another blown lead in the second half left the struggling Red Bulls scrambling before Thierry Henry played the role of hero yet again.

Marvin Chavez scored two second-half goals to give FC Dallas a 2-1 lead, and a Dane Richards red card looked like it might seal New York's fate, but Henry created a moment of magic, hitting a left-footed shot in the 85th minute to help the Red Bulls salvage a 2-2 draw at Red Bull Arena on Saturday night.

Down a man and a goal the Red Bulls watched the Frenchman salvage a point when he took a Dax McCarty pass and put a move on Zach Loyd before firing a left-footed shot past Kevin Hartman for league-leading eleventh goal of the season.

The draw marked New York's 12th of the season, and the dropped points, coupled with Columbus' 1-0 win vs. Portland, dropped the Red Bulls into third place in the Eastern Conference.

For FC Dallas, the draw pushed them to 4-1-2 in their past seven, and maintained their hold on third place in the Western Conference.

The Red Bulls outplayed FC Dallas through the first 45 minute, and took the lead when a deflected Juan Agudelo shot beat Kevin Hartman in the 39th minute.

The tide turned in the second half as FC Dallas began to find a  better rhythm, and found the equalizer when Ricardo Villar found Marvin Chavez with a pass in the penalty area that Chavez converted to tie the score.

The Honduran striker made it 2-1 when George John re-directed a long free kick through the penalty area to a wide-open Chavez, who's hard shot left Frank Rost beaten.

The Red Bulls looked shaken after the second Dallas goal, and with Hans Backe hesitant to make a substitution and Dane Richards second off for a second yellow card, New York looked destined to lose. Henry changed that with one of his trademark clutch goals.

The match marked Rafa Marquez's return to action after being sidelined since the Gold Cup Final with a hamstring injury. Red Bulls starters Luke Rodgers and Teemu Tainio missed the match with injuries.

The match also saw a protest from Red Bulls Supporters Groups, who sat silently for the entire first half in protest of the club's handling of the U.S. Open Cup.

What did you think of the match? Impressed with Chavez? Starting to wonder if the Red Bulls can start putting things together, or think the team just isn't built to win?

Share your thoughts below. 


  1. If NYRB are depending on Luke Rogers from the english 2nd division to produce results…and if our team is thin without him and Taino despite a $13mn budget and lots of player trades, then we are really in trouble. And yes, I would bet the house that you are in the vast minority, together with Soler and backe, in thinking that the open cup is ridiculous. Ask any EPL fan about the FA cup. Same concept…especially for a team that has never won a trophy. If qualifying competitions and trophies don’t matter, why don’t we just play friendlies the entire season? No risk in that. Sad truth is that not sending a first team to the open cup in Chicago was a cop out that gave Soler/backe an excuse not to win…once again. This management is a fraud.

  2. So what will you all say when RBNY win the MLS Cup? That Backe was a genius because he let his core players gel in good times and bad? I agree that the draws are enervating, but with out Taino and Rodgers, the team is very thin.
    All RBNY has to do is get into the playoffs, which they are on pace to do.
    As for the protest, am I the only one who thinks that the Open Cup is ridiculous? Maybe.

  3. +1. Backe was a failure at Notts County, a failure with the Mexican nat team. We were bamboozled with this guy. The sooner Soler and company go back to their second tier European leagues, the sooner NY can get a competent management team and start moving forward.

  4. BB,…nothing to get over. When the coach comes out and says he thinks American players “lack something” and his roster consist of two starters who are American (Ream and McCarty), it is pretty clear.

    He does not have faith in his bench, which is predominantly young American players,…hence his refusal to make subs, especially in tight games.

    So, contrary to what you think,…BB,…there is a link.

  5. Bakke is really a 10 fold idiot.. idiot Re Subs

    1) Down 0-4 to Colorado, what is worst that could happen , you give up 2 more goals ? So what give players like Rooney and Hertzog a chance otherwise why pick em?

    2) By not making subs send wrong message to Ballouchy and others having a horrible worries my position is safe?

    3)Not using subs at 96 degrees is just crazy esp with the time table they have?

    4) Our so called DP’s and our stars are on the silver side of the closet so a break would help?( Anyone see Taino yelling @ Bakke to let him come out?)

    5) The subs lose confidence in the coach, they too need a moment to impress after working hard at practise and making trips across the country.

    6) Need a spark off the bench? Watch Da Luz a promising young player impress at DC ..? Why simply because someone gives him that CHANCE?

    7)Anyone watch how well Sir Alec uses his subs at Man U keeps a roster of 16+ and the ALL play his way so there is very little drop off when a sub comes in..ususally an improvement. All players ALWAYS are in competition for playing time. Healthy and competitive attitude?

    8) Surely Bakke realizes that there WILL be injuries so what/where is his plan B?

    9) He already shipped of Tchani who was a promising sub?

    10 Any team winning the MLS must have DEPTH. Bakke’s brain like the RB right now running on empty?

    Conclusion IF we had the right coach ( Peter Novak) and right mental attitude, less pressure RB could be a winning combo, but this all or nothing appraoch MUST WIN NOW ( before Henry retires) is just DUMB.. Pretty much like Bakke? No time for the team to evolve with a few learning curves? I wish Bakke would retire too?

  6. The ref gave Dallas a tie in that game. I was there. There was a clear handball in the box that wasn’t called and the Red Bulls were called on every tiny possible thing while Dallas was allowed to foul at their pleasure. I know that everybody hates New York, but I’m getting really sick of refs determining the outcomes of nearly every Red Bulls match.

  7. To be honest with lil bit of luck ,and correct referring red bull would be up 3-1 in 60th min….post and non call on a clear hand ball in the box( which by the way stopes the pass attempted to open aguadelo)…as long as we get everyone healthy ,and get balluchy out of the line up ,sit aguadelo on the bench we will be fine.the non calls against RB in last two weeks were very costly (rapids wells Thompson should get straight red for a tacle on solli in 6 th min….that would defeenetly change the game) .I don’t panic ,in last 2years we made 180 turn around, unless you guys forgot about 2009 campaign

  8. Interesting that he only subbed AFTER Richards received the red card. I remember looking over to the bench at the 70th minute…..nothing happening. Red Bulls had a couple of players with yellow cards by that time, yet nobody was subbed. Hans is playing FOR the tie. It is the reason they have a dozen this year, and it is infiltrated into the mentality of the players (with a few exceptions). The midfield was gassed, did anyone notice where the Dallas goals were scored from?

  9. There are lots of puzzles with RBNY. Like why they can’t win games, why do they have so many draws, why the Agu-Henry partnership doesn’t quite work, why does the defense give up so many easy goals, why does Backe never sub, how is Ballouchy still on this team, should Backe be fired etc etc. My point was that the parts RBNY has, based on some aspects of last night’s play and the fact that others (Tanio and Rodgers) should be healthy after some time off, may figure out how to piece it all together by the time the playoffs happen. Look, I was so emotionally attached to this team, that I have been asking for everyone’s head lately. I have now detached myself and am just trying to think of positives. It’s all we have now: hope. We all know nothing’s going to change in the FO or with the coaching staff. They don’t see anything wrong and are delusional: did you see Soler’s interview on MSG last night? He and Backe think they are exactly where they want to be. The protest last night was completely ignored by them. I just wish the best to the players on the field, who care about the fans and have to deal with Backe’s and Soler’s nonsense all the time.

  10. Folks,…this one is easy. Backe said several weeks ago in an interview,…and please note that I am paraphrasing – American players lack something.

    He and Soler clearly do not like American players. They have no belief in them and therefore no trust in them. So,…when it is late in a game and the result is hanging in the balance,…do you really think Backe is going to sub-out a foreign player for an American player?

  11. There are no puzzles with NYRB. If you’ve watched any of the last 15 games or so, you’ll see that Backe has lost this team (not to mention many of the fans – there could not have been even 15k in that stadium last night). FCD was missing some important players last night, NYRB had a strong side including a healthy Thierry and Rafa and this was a “statement game” for us following the Rapids debacle, and yet they squander another lead and are lucky to get a late tie – at home. Worse still, Soler/Backe have completely gutted our bench and sacrificed or foundation for coming years. So this has become an all-or-nothing experiment for this year. And where are we? Contrast the Union – smart coach that connects with his players, young talent that are quickly developing through playing time, and a #1 place in the table despite 1/4 of the team salary base of NYRB…

  12. A few things. 1) Henry is frontrunner for MLS MVP. 2) Backe doesn’t have a clue. He doesn’t use subs because there’s no depth but he and Soler are responsible for the lack of depth. Hmmm. Plus, many other rookies (Bruin, Meram, Sapong) have had considerable PT this season. Why not give Herzog a chance? 3) NY is dreadfully overrated. Aside from Henry, who’s killing it, this is a mid table team in MLS. They’re going to need some luck to even make the playoffs. 4) I wouldn’t mind if Backe were fired and the replacement looks for some effing depth.

  13. This match confirmed for me how good Chavez is for FC Dallas. Good performance from McCarty too. Looks like he was playing in the wrong system in D.C because he looks NYC more well suited in the NYRB midfield. Lastly, great move from the NYRB supporters by remaining silent and sending a message to the team.

  14. Amazing, right?! I really cannot understand this guy. For all the high regards he gets I really just don’t get why he cannot make a sub. This is really now come to the point where it is hurting this team. My car said the temperature was 102 deg as I left the stadium tonight, how could you expect these guys to give it their all playing in that type of heat. I’m not surprised that they didn’t hold onto the lead, they had to be exhausted! With MLS’ non-FIFA calendar schedule forcing teams to play throughout the dog days of Summer, learning to use yours subs effectively and efficiently is detrimental in this league if you want to succeed and Backe DOES NOT have a grasp of it at all. It was great to have Marquez back tonight, hopefully in a few more matched his fitness will be back to where it was prior to the Gold Cup. He along with Teemu and Luke returning will hopefully get us back on top of the East…barring any other injuries.

  15. Brilliant equalizer. It was a bit of magic. FCD had a good 2nd half. And their subs were excellent. On the other side, I thought Lindpere helped control the middle, Rost came up big at times, Agudelo and Richards stepped up, Marquez was great to have back, and Albright moving to the back line and pushing Solli up was a great move, one I’d like to see more of. Good job of shutting down Shea too. It looks like, for RBNY, the puzzles – if healthy – may start to piece together in time for the playoffs. Ballouchy, on the other hand, ugh. But, good game overall. Looking forward to the rematch.


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