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Mid-Day Ticker: City asks £50m for Tevez, USWNT stars sit out Monday, and more

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It isn't really any surprise that Carlos Tevez is in the headlines once again.

The Manchester City striker has come out and made it clear that he intends to quit the club and move home to Argentina to be closer to his family.  

While Tevez is quick to show his respect for City, its fans and owner, he asks for sympathy for the fans' understanding that he has been away from his daughters for the past year.

The 27-year-old has stated his desire to leave several times, however, it is typically followed by a statement of commitment to the club not long after.  But it seems this time, he has made his intentions very clear, and City have begun to prepare for life without its captain by sticking a £50 million price tag on his head. 

Tevez netted an impressive 53 goals in 86 appearances for the Eastlands club, so filling his shoes will be a tall order for fellow strikers such as Mario Balotelli and Edin Dzeko.  The club sent Roque Santa Cruz and Emmanuel Adebayor out on loan to Blackburn Rovers and Real Madrid, respectively, last season and the departure of Tevez may play a part in their future.

Here are some other stories to keep your Tuesday rolling along:


USWNT stars Abby Wambach and Heather O'Reilly watched Monday's practice from the sidelines as the pair nursed injuries in the run up to a Group C marquee match-up with Sweden on Wednesday at 2:45AM ET (ESPN).

Striker Wambach voluntarily sat out with a sore achilles tendon in her right ankle, but the American is confident of her return to fitness for the big game tomorrow for top spot in the group.

O'Reilly suffered a groin strain in the team's 3-0 victory over Colombia last Saturday, and coach Pia Sundhage isn't sure whether to risk the right midfielder. Since a win isn't absolutely necessary to advance from the group, another player may get the nod ahead of O'Reilly.


Anyone interested in prying Pedro out of Barcelona's clutches will have to pay out the nose, as the striker/winger's new contact includes a €150 million buyout clause.

The contract will extend his time with the Catalan giants until June 30th, 2016 and will be officially signed by the player this Thursday.

Pedro made his debut in the 2007-2008 season with Barca and has since impressed during his time, scoring 25 goals in 75 appearances for the La Liga champions.

In 2009, Pedro was first player to score in all six major club competitions in one season as he netted in the Primera Division, Champions League, Copa del Rey, World Club Cup, and the Spanish and European Super Cups.


 Steven Gerrard left out of Liverpool's Asia tour this summer to nurse groin injury in preparation for 2011-2012 season.

Following the footsteps of Emmanuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure to Eastlands, former Arsenal defender Gael Clichy has sealed a move to Manchester City for a fee reportedly around £7 million.


What do you think of Carlos Tevez leaving Manchester City?  How replaceable is he?  Does the USWNT stand a chance without Wambach and O'Reilly?

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  1. Pedro’s buyout clause is just ridiculous. They did pay to produce him in La Masia, but asking for a 150 million Euro payout, on top of a transfer fee is absurd.

  2. ah, i missed the whole “my family could deal w/Spain or Italy” statement. That sounds like a ruse. If I were City, I’d say that the amount for release to a European team has not been accepted and that only a reduced deal w/a team in the Americas will be considered only if an agreement is made to not return to Europe for 5 years so as to preclude the possibility of playing against him in Champions league play. Wasnt something like that made for Adriano from Inter Milan to Flamengo 2 years ago? However, his stock had sunk so low after a bit that his return to Roma was looked the other way. He’s now back at Flam

  3. also, if she doesnt want to leave family in Argentina would England allow the entire extended family to move there?

  4. not everyone can be bought Adam, like in the US where families come second to income. The woman he had kids with doesnt want to move to England. They arent together, or may be back together. Who knows. She may just not want to leave her own family and friends.

  5. Tevez makes 200K lbs a week, doesn’t he, and can’t figure out how to get his daughters to live with him? I know he isn’t a brain surgeon, but this doesn’t seem like such a difficult problem.

  6. LA would be better since they would have an appearance in an international tournament to showcase him. I know, its just concacaf cl but at least its something. Also, dont forget the big friendlies and trips to Asia again. why not? Just dont do a deal with his agent.

  7. alot of these European teams huff and puff about transfer value, but sometimes waiver from it if it involves a team OUTSIDE EUROPE. If Carlos really wants this to happen, then he probably needs to quit his swindling agent first. Corinthians is probably a good guess for a team making it possible…as long as they can reciprocate with a stream of talent going the other way. LA could probably make it happen in terms of dough, and NY, though thats probably still too far. I wish a Mexico city team could make this happen. Club America actually has a payroll of around 30 mil, but thats obviously with alot of over inflated Mexican players. Scumbags should be a bit forward thinking and put themselves on the map, but thats not their style.

  8. Thanks – I was thinking the same as you reported. But his statements, at least what I read, seemed to suggest Europe was out.

  9. NYRB have been making cap space and NY is closer to Argentina than England. LA is even closer and I’d take Tevez over Beckham any day 🙂

  10. he never said he would go back to Argentina(althought he would love to finish back in Boca). Spain or Italy is most likley where he would end up. In the 5-6 yrs. he’s been in England he hasn’t really learned the language nor has he adapted to the english lifestyle. He has mentioned it in the Argentinean media that his family are willing to move to either country, ’cause it’s way more similiar to what they are use to.

  11. 50 million for Tevez… that’s actually a valuation that I agree with. If Chelsea could have bought him for 50 instead of Torres they would have spent their money far better. Then maybe Carroll would still have been at Newcastle and we wouldn’t be scratching our heads as to who would be our starting forward come the start of the next season.


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