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Mid-Day Ticker: Smith on trial in Spain, Spurs not into selling Modric and more


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Ryan Smith has resurfaced in Spain.

The speedy left winger, who left Sporting Kansas City earlier this season for unspecified family issues, is reportedly on trial with Real Zaragoza after joining the club at the start of its preseason camp. Zaragoza is managed by former Mexico coach Javier Aguirre.

There seems to be some shades of gray about Smith's contract situation, though.

According to SBI sources, Smith still is still under contract with Sporting Kansas City. Smith, however, told Sky Sports in his native England that "I'm a free agent now, so I can join any club that is interested in me, and there has been a few clubs interested so far."

Here are a few more items from around the soccer world:


Tottenham has rejected Chelsea's latest offer for Croatian midfielder Luka Modric.

The Blues upped their bid to £27 million, but manager Harry Redknapp insists that the club won't be selling Modric, who is accompanying Tottenham for its preseason trip to South Africa for friendlies against Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates.


If Real Madrid wins more silverware in the coming years, Sergio Ramos will be around to potentially drop it.

The Spanish right back who dropped the Copa del Rey signed a contract extension that will keep him at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu through 2016. He's not the only key cog in Real Madrid's defense that will be with the club for the foreseeable future, either. Portuguese centerback Pepe signed an extension with the club through 2017.


West Ham's supply of forwards continues to be depleted.

The club agreed on a transfer fee for striker Carlton Cole with Stoke City, just weeks after Demba Ba bolted to join Newcastle.

Cole joins the likes of Kenwyne Jones and Ricardo Fuller as forward options for Tony Pulis.


What do you think about the Smith situation? Do you see Modric staying with Spurs? How crucial do you think the signings of Pepe and Ramos are for Madrid? Like the signing for Stoke City? Do you think West Ham will get promoted back to the Premier League?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. +1

    European players are a selfish bunch and I would love to see MLS hit back at the stunts they try to pull. No other *American* sport league allows its players to re-write their own contracts at-will. If you sign a three-year contract with KC, you’re there… for three years OR until the TEAM wants to get rid of you. In the USA, in all but exceptional circumstances, players don’t get to find their way onto another team’s roster whenever they want to.

    Players in Europe have way too much power and that power is what is slowly eroding the financial foundations of Euro football. MLS needs to NEVER get into that game.

    Also, Mr. Smith. It’s just as easy to move your family over here. “Family issues” is the cover for what many Euro flameouts can’t do here: Deal with MLS’ physicality, training, schedule and travel requirements. See: Freddy Ljungberg.

  2. was smiths contract officially terminated? If not there should be a transfer fee even if he is not actively playing for the club

  3. How can a player with 5 years left on his contract force move to another club? This is the hardest thing for an American sports fan to understand.

  4. Hopefully MLS will play hardball and keep his contract intact until either A) he comes back or B) the term runs out. Make him play in KC or sit until his contract is over.

  5. Eh, unspecified family reasons could have just been wanting to be closer to his family…and Spain is much closer than the USA. Of course the free agent talk is strange though.

  6. I’m with these guys. You can’t even remotely think about throwing Palacios in Modric’s spot. I’m happy when Palacios plays a strong defensive game and is able to see the field properly when he is actually on…i.e. get the ball off his foot immediately. There aren’t many players in the EPL that you can put in that spot. It sucks that he wants out, and it’s kind of odd that he just wants to go and play for Chelsea. It grosses me out. You’re right about the potential mess. It certainly looks like it will end ugly. Hopefully, Modric will straighten out once he starts running with the boys, but not looking good.

  7. Unspecified family reasons being that he didn’t want to be part of ours. Enjoy Spain. As for Modric, he seems to be in a perfectly fine place. Spurs could easily finish ahead of Chelsea next season, so what’s the problem?

  8. Wow, classy move there, Smith.

    Good job by Spurs. 27 million pounds for a 25 year old who was arguably the best player in the Premiership last season is a joke. Why does Modric think he’s worth so little? Redknapp and Levy should demand at least 35 million (if not 40 million), and if Chelsea doesn’t want to go that high, tell Modric that they just weren’t that into him.

  9. We saw this with Berbatov. They’ll drag their feet, get a couple of million pounds extra and completely ruin the start to next season with this distraction.

    West Ham will go back up because Kevin Nolan is a superior player at Championship level and Allardyce is the right kind of practical manager to deal with the squad size problems they will probably have.

    He is worth more than what Chelsea bid, though. They have to at least get more than what Liverpool paid for Andy Carroll.

  10. Palacios can’t play in Modric’s spot. Totally different players. If anything, sell Modric, keep Kranjcar, and use Kranjcar/Huddlestone to fill in for the Modric sized hole left behind.

    What gets me is 22 mil is an “insulting” bid, so how can Chelski think 27 mil is even remotely acceptable. They’re just unsettling the player. Given that they are a city rival and standing in the way of all Spur’s goals, wouldn’t sell for anything short of 35 million.

  11. I’m a Spurs fan, and I hate to see Modric go, especially since Bale’s going to follow behind him. But I can’t see this ending well. Levy needs to take the £60M combined payday for the 2 of them and move on.

    Sign Scott Parker before he goes to Villa. Bring Kyle Walker back (speaking of Villa). Move Palacios into the Modric spot and hope you can grab 1 or 2 other difference makers.

    But this will get worse before it gets better.

  12. There’s a reason Ryan Smith can’t stick with any clubs. Look at his history. Manager after manager show him the door…not because of his talent…but because of his dedication.


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