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MLS Ticker: Avila may leave on loan, D.C. hires new assistant coach and more

Avila (Getty Images)

FC Dallas midfielder Eric Avila may soon be playing in Mexico.

Avila is on his way to Guadalajara to potentially seal a six-month loan to Primera Division side Atlas, FC Dallas announced on Friday. Should he join Atlas, he would be the second MLS player to go there this season after Chicago sold Gaston Puerari to Atlas a couple of weeks ago.

Avila, 23, has played sparingly this season in FC Dallas' crowded midfield. His only goal this season was a game-winning goal against Vancouver on April 23 that sealed FCD's victory at Empire Field on the day that David Ferreira fractured his ankle.

Here are a few more items from around MLS:


D.C. United has hired former Ajax player and Dutch international Sonny Silooy as an assistant coach on Ben Olsen's staff.

Silooy, who most recently coached the Dayton Dutch Lions of the USL Premier Development League last season, will be responsible for scouting, video analysis and player development.

Following his playing career at Ajax, Silooy spent time as a coach in Ajax's De Toekomst academy.


The New England Revolution declined contract options on Marko Perovic and Ilija Stolica ahead of Friday's league deadline to do so.

Perovic, who has been ruled out for the rest of the season with a knee injury, reportedly requested that the club not pick up his option.

Stolica had been loaned to USL Pro side FC New York in April.


Jamaica international midfielder Omar Daley is on trial with the San Jose Earthquakes. The 30-year-old Daley contributed to Jamaica's Gold Cup run by scoring in the Reggae Boyz' opener against Grenada.

Daley, a right winger, most recently played for England League Two side Bradford City and has previously played in the United States for the Charleston Battery.


What do you think about a potential loan to Atlas for Avila? Do you see Silooy having a positive effect on D.C.? What do you think the moves mean for the Revs? Hope to see Daley stick in San Jose?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. He was coaching the Dayton Dutch Lions in the PDL last year, so this is a step up for him.

    As a Crew fan, very jealous of the moves that DC has made in the last 9 mos. Even though the Crew’s youth is stepping up where DC’s hasn’t quite yet, on paper DC has done much more to try to improve than it seems Columbus has.

  2. I like the fact that MLS teams are loaning to Mexican teams so their players can get time on the field. This is a good sign of MLS

  3. It’s kinda odd, because the Silooy to DC thing has been floating around for the better part of a year. He even interviewed for the head coaching job, I believe.

  4. Silooy =scouting and philosophy. Good strategic move. Compared to the last 3 years, DC is heading in the right direction.

  5. it’s not always about leagues…teams & players people…There are qulaity players and teams in every league. It is about finding the right fit…

  6. First you’ve got to get the land. In the DC area, that’s an issue b/c even if you buy land outright, you have to get it zoned and then get local govt. to agree to put in roads and sewer and power. And there’s been little cooperation from local governments. Over a decade ago, DCU had 3 possible sites in Northern Virginia but couldn’t ultimately get local government agreement to allow a stadium in any of those spots b/c of fear of traffic congestion, public opposition to noise and lights at night or unwillingness to build the roads.

    A stadium in a year is an impossibility. If DCU and the DC Government were to pitch the idea of building a stadium on part of the RFK land, it would probably take at least two years for approval (if they could get approval) and then fast track…2-3 years to build the stadium.

  7. Kevin Payne has spoken out repeatedly that US youth development needs to mimic the Dutch, especially AJax. For instance, one of the lesson’s he’s picked up is that while we talk all this time about how “the game is a great teacher” the Dutch believe that you don’t want young players playing a lot of games. Instead, they do a lot of small-sided stuff and play very few games (b/c over 50-60 minutes of a youth match, most players get very few touches). Additionally, when Payne was asked “how can a club like DCU–without a SSS or deep pockets–hope to compete with clubs who are willing to hire Beckhams and Henry’s–much bigger budgets?” Payne replied “with our youth academy.” Payne’s said that in the not too distant future, he hoped to see a DCU team with 7-9 players who had all come from DCU’s youth academy and the remaining 2-4 players came via transfer or the draft or trade and that the club would make money also by selling off academy-developed talent.

    So this hire doesn’t read to me like criticism of Olsen or his player evaluation. Rather it’s a statement about how DCU wants to develop players and puts a lot of importance on that.

  8. to rigo & john……ok. time will tell., but he was THAT good why couldn’t he do better than L2. and that goal @ the GC was served up on a platter for him to smash it.

  9. Yes, but he’s is still too young and inconsistent to be counted upon as a starter. This move should be good for him and FCD. It will be interesting to see who the hoops bring in…

  10. That’s what this came down to. Avila hit the biggest goal of the season last year and has come up big a few times before and after.

    But Hyndman jettisoned (imo) 2 of the best players from last year’s team, in McCarthy and Pearce, for the same reason.

    Hopefully he can get some playing time. Either way it should be great for him.

  11. When will DC get their own stadium? I know this is a bit repetitive but they really need to get their own stadium I hope in a year (maybe 2-years) they can get their own stadium, MLS’s most proud club doesn’t even have a modern stadium to play in, come on DC! I’m not a DC Fan either.

  12. Avi has just been looking for that big break and the DF injury should have been it, but the coach never trusted him enough. He is well-suited for the Mexican League so I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets picked up there. Good luck Houdini MacGyver.

    As far as NE…just move the team to Santa Barbara. They’ll average more fans even if they’re losing 😛

  13. Yeah, I just looked up Silooy. He is a serious addition. He must be moving to a weak league so he can move up to head coach in a year or two. But This is a very strong addition to DCU. It is interesting that Olsen, a coach with less coaching experience and ten years younger, is his boss. I think Olsen has done a great job, and he has definitely not played it safe or made safe decisions. So far it looks like he is building a strong attacking style team for the future.

  14. Not lowering the status of Olsen, because he’s done “ok” given he only started coaching last year, any help is good especially if it comes from an individual with experience with Ajax footballing methods.

  15. Olsen is a mover and a shaker. I don’t see why they need a new person to work on scouting, they seem to have done an incredible job with transfers since he took the helm.

  16. Not to mention the REVS ARE SO BORING, I “completely expect” an annihilation for them by RSL this weekend……again.

  17. Good for Avila if he can develop more in Atlas and join the USMNT he’ll do well, New England continues to generate negative news surrounding their club and at this point their likely the least interesting club in the league. DC is getting pretty serious with their youth development, maybe Silooy can work some Dutch magic upon the “youngins”.

  18. wow would of loved to have him (avila) come to the ‘Quakes, really like his playing just needs more games….but that’s right yallop brings in a player from league2, watch out!

  19. I felt coach never did trust him very much. Oh well, good luck Avi. 🙁

    Hit some huuuuge goals for us the past year.

  20. Best of luck to Avila if he ends up at Atlas. Who knows, if he gets playing time and develops his game he could force his way onto the USMNT radar.
    So what big move does Dallas have their sites on if they offload Avila?


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