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MLS Ticker: Casey set for MRI, Dabo retires, Revs reserves defeat Union

Casey (Getty Images)

The Colorado Rapids hold their collective breath while they await the injury diagnosis for star forward Conor Casey.

Casey is scheduled to undergo an MRI on Monday to determine the extent of the left calf/Achilles strain he suffered in the first half of Colorado's 4-3 loss at Seattle on Saturday afternoon.

Casey slipped on the slick turf — which was a temporary surface installed ahead of Seattle's friendly with Manchester United — without being contacted and went down holding his left leg. He hobbled off the field just minutes before halftime on his own power but went straight to the locker room. He had scored in six of his last seven games prior to Saturday.

Here are a couple of more items from around MLS:


Add Ousmane Dabo to the list of foreign signings that haven't worked out for the New England Revolution.

The 34-year-old former Lazio and Manchester City midfielder retired on Monday, amidst fitness issues that prevented him from being a consistent contributor on the field this season. He played a total of 148 minutes in three league appearances for New England.

"This is a very tough decision for me, and I'm frustrated to have not been able to help the Revolution more," Dabo said in a statement. "I've had some physical issues that I haven't been able to heal, so I've decided to retire and release the club from my contract. I very much wish the New England Revolution all of the best and thank them for everything."

Dabo joins Marko Perovic, Ilija Stolica and Didier Domi as foreign players to start the season in New England only to not be with the club any longer.


A piece of good news did emanate from Foxborough, Mass., as the Revolution reserves defeated those of the Philadelphia Union, 3-1.

Andrew Sousa and Diego Fagundez scored in the second half to snap a 1-1 draw and improve the Revs' reserve record to 3-2-1.

Alan Koger opened the scoring for New England, but his tally was offset by a Roger Torres penalty kick in the 48th minute.

The Union (1-3-1) had Torres, Amobi Okugo, Jack McInerney and Michael Farfan all go 90 minutes.


Think the Rapids can succeed without Casey for an extended period of time? Did you think Dabo would contribute more to New England? Think there's anybody among the Revs reserves that can help the first team?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I almost wish that the team would get moved somewhere else, just so that all these “fans” could be happy to not have pro soccer in the area.

    Yes, we’d all like to have the team in Boston, but I’ve said it a million times, everybody seems to think building a stadium in the city would be a snap if the Krafts just wanted to do it, completely ignoring how badly both the Pats (these same Krafts) and the Sox ownership wanted new stadiums in recent history, when the economy was far better than now, and they simply couldn’t get it done.

    I’m sure if this free spending buyer who wanted a new stadium badly enough were to come in, the Krafts would be willing to sell. They get nothing but grief these days, and I’m sure the team is not making money. I’m not saying they’re the best-est soccer owners out there, but they’re not as evil as some seem to make them out to be either.

  2. Not sure why you’d say that about Dabo. Yes Domi wasn’t that impressive, but Dabo, for what little time he was on the field admittedly, impressed me with his vision and passing. I don’t think the league was too physical, he just couldn’t get healthy from the get go. It’s not like he played a lot and got tired/afraid of the physicality. He hurt himself again against Man U, do you think that friendly game was too physical as well.

    Though, I’d also have to think that being on a team that was going nowhere, playing in a stadium with no fans factored in as well.

  3. Well, if we installed permanent grass we’d also install a real irrigation system, which would prevent situations like Saturday.

  4. I can’t say that it was good for the players but it was sure nice watching the ball move normally on the field for once at a Sounder home game instead of flying all over the place like it usually does.

  5. good riddance dabo. he and domi had bad signing written all over them. their injury history and age wasn’t on their side, i could see why they would go for players of their experience, but in the “physical” league that is mls, they couldn’t or rather their bodies couldn’t keep up. mccarthy is the future anyway. next they need phelan out the door. slowest man alive

  6. yep, except that would require some light amount of front office work. Instead they are just going to continue to decay their team until Joseph, Reis and Steve Nichol quit.

  7. That is what it looked like to me, as well. When the achilles goes, it feels like you got shot, which is exactly how he reacted.

  8. Sound logic. It definitely wasn’t because the contract with Manchester United for Wednesday’s game stipulated that they play on a grass surface….

  9. I think you are absolutely correct. CC has a history of injury. It appeared to me that he blew out his achilles…typically an injury that sneaks up on you over time.

  10. The turf was going to be slick because it rained most of the night and a good portion of the morning before the game.

    One disadvantage of grass over field turf is that when it rains it is going to be slicker than the field turf.

    On a side note, and this is nothing new, but Pablo complains about every call made in the game. He must have felt that since he couldn’t find the ball he must go find one of the refs.

  11. IMHO, If you watch the replay, it doesn’t look like the turf caused the injury. He didn’t slip so much as went down ASAP to get all the weight off of his leg.

    Not saying it was great turf or anything, but let’s not start a big controversy where one doesn’t exist.

  12. The turf at Seattle was even worse than usual and I didn’t think that was even possible. Seattle probably put down that surface to get revenge for Steve Zakuani. “They put one of our guys in the hospital. We put one of theirs in the morgue!”

  13. So that leaves the Revs with, what, five players left? Six? If they don’t sign like 10 players by the end of the summer window, I think I might have to stab something.

    *anticipates stabbing something*


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