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Must-See Goal: Darlington Nagbe


  1. what?! Dude, do you just hate soccer or something? That is a GREAT goal. How do you not want to see more of that?! I see no “clearly” off side. Certainly not one that the referees couldn’t also see.

  2. Hard to choose between the two – they’re already the frontrunners for GOTY.

    That said, we’ve had a bunch of memorable goals this year. Goldthwaite’s backheel goal wasn’t even one of the five candidates that week, but all five of the actual candidates deserved to be there too.

  3. Liberian’s everywhere are proud…fun fact : His 43 father who doesn’t play club football anymore is still playing for the Liberian national team.

  4. Like most great golazos, it has to be said the D was a little suspect. You don’t just let a guy juggle the ball on his foot at the edge of the 18. Close the guy down.

    Still, nice goal. I’m partial to Hassli’s since I actually saw it live.

  5. He is going to play for the USA right?

    Strange place for this question but it would theoretically by 4 years before Fredy Montero could play for the USA unless he marry’s someone correct?


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