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Report: Mullan not making Seattle trip

Mullan (ISIphotos)

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Seattle Sounders fans won't get the chance to serenade Brian Mullan after all.

According to The Denver Post, Mullan did not accompany the rest of the Colorado Rapids to Seattle for Saturday afternoon's match, which will be the first meeting between the two clubs since Mullan's tackle broke the leg of Seattle winger Steve Zakuani earlier this season.

"It's a purely personal feeling from my standpoint," Colorado coach Gary Smith told The Post. "Brian says he has no serious physical problems, but his back has been an issue for a little while. I took that into consideration with three games in a week, and given what we're probably going to encounter in Seattle, I think all in all it's probably the right choice to keep him (out) until Wednesday and keep him nice and fresh."

Mullan, who has been dealing with back spasms but has reportedly proclaimed himself fit, should return to the lineup for Colorado's home games against New York and New England next week.

Do you think it's the right move to leave Mullan in Colorado for the match?

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  1. Better than the “it happened to my team therefore it’s the worst incident in the history of sport” that you Shittleites have down so well…

  2. I support SSFC supporters.

    Comedy: whenever the announcer at RSL games says “lets hear it for the best fans in MLS” there is a significant chorus of “Yay Seattle!”

    We know what is up and 36K+ is what is up.

  3. I hope a sprinkler sprays a lot of Colorado hard water on Brian’s car and he forgets to wash it immediately leaving hard water deposit stains all over that cannot be removed. #ClassyMullanHate

    God bless the SSFC fan that came up with the classy Mullan hate hashtag.

    I don’t support other clubs often, but when I do I prefer SSFC.

  4. Mike, Seattle has not had “ultras” since 1974. For nine years Seattle had a very good fan base, one of the best in the country, yet not really a “supporters group” or “hinchada” or whatever you want to call it. Not really much of that in the NASL days. The teams that existed from 1985-2008, the one’s called Sounders and the one’s called other things were moderately if not poorly supported. Now, Seattle is supported better than any team in the country. Let’s just not overstate the history. I know because I was there by the way. I don’t mean to be a prick, it just kind of bugs me when people who may or may not have supported this town’s various teams ever before, and certainly not when they were small time playing on astroturf, rant about 35 years of history. You may have been there all along for all I know. And the pride in the club and history is awesome. But there are those of us who know the real history, not the fabricated “35 years” business that is just marketing and unfortunately some people believe it. That’s me on my soap box.

    As for Mullan, I wouldn’t bring him either. He’s not critical, may not have played anyway, and you just don’t need to put the rest of your club through distractions. It’s not cowardly or b.s., it’s just a smart move by a coach, and not really that big of a deal.

    Also for Mullan, I wish no ill will on him. He lost his head for a second. It happens all the time. Hopefully it results in stricter officiating which could only be good for our league.

  5. I hope next time Brian Mullan takes a shower he bumps the side and the shampoo bottles go sprawling all over

  6. Disappointed. Really, really wanted to see the madness.
    He’ll be watching, though, so I hope there are some signs and chants.

    ‘Is my leg viciously broken, or are you just Mullan my leg?’

    Has the ref apologized yet for not calling the foul on Mullan immediately preceding his petulant foul? The real tragedy was Mullan not getting that foul called.

  7. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. It’s not a bad idea to keep him home for this one, but he’s going to get it the next time he plays in Seattle, whenever that is…

  8. Smart move by Colorado.

    On another note, Ives you really think Toronto would be interested in Cooper? I really doubt that with Johnson, Koovermans, Plata, & Maicon at there disposal up front. I would think LA or Seattle would be right up there. They need a ST and have the ability to make a trade.

  9. His injury is legit. Maybe he’s good enough to travel, but if it’s unlikely he’d play, why bother exposing your player to the harassment he’ll get. From a Rapids’ perspective, it makes sense and I don’t think it’s cowardly in any way. That said, I’m bummed I won’t have the chance to boo him.

  10. I am not a fan of either team, but….What a pathetic coward… You broke someones leg being stupid, thats it. Nut up and play! … Be a man.

  11. Is it concern in re the abuse from fans (I can’t see a coach doing this) or physical payback from Seattle players?

    I def think he’s protecting Mullan though.

  12. It could just as likely be that Mullan genuinely has a mild injury and Colorado doesn’t need him so they’re leaving him to stay fresh. Or most likely it could be that the team doesn’t want to deal with the distraction that having Mullan there would provide. I don’t think the coach is concerned about how a 33 year old veteran will handle being booed.

  13. Of course this article leaves out this key quote from Smith:

    “It’s totally my choice. Brian was adamant he wanted to go.”

    But then, why spoil a good comment thread by putting in facts like that?

  14. How am I the one perpetuating the image of players being pansies? You don’t make any sense.

    This is clearly the coach’s way of keeping his player from experiencing the impending onslaught of abuse he would have experienced had he made the trip.

  15. I just found out today that i’m going to the game tomorrow, and my first reaction was, “oh good, I get to see Mullan get heckled off the pitch.” Kind of bummed now.

  16. I’m confused. You seem to be the one perpetuating that image since you ignored the contents of the blurb Avi wrote (as well as the quotes in the linked article) and made up your own quote.

  17. Yep, he went 262 games before breaking someone’s leg, and he was unsuccessful in breaking any legs in his sub appearance against Vancouver, so by my calculations…he should be due to break another one the next time he plays.

  18. Booo. i wanted to see him tomorrow.

    he is just putting off the inevitable. every time he comes to seattle in the future, he is going to public enemy number one

  19. “Oh no! We don’t want our delicate little flower to get his feelings hurt by the Seattle crowd.”

    Please. It’s crap like this that perpetuate the image of soccer players being pansies. That and the incessant diving.

  20. Tough call made easier by the fact that he hasn’t been starting anyway. I’m sure both teams are happy not to have the distraction.

  21. Thank goodness for those convenient back spasms! Otherwise Smith would have to face reality, which is that it would be a VERY volatile situation in Seattle for Mullan.


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