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Rost debuts, Kennedy the star in scoreless draw between Chivas, Red Bulls

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New York Red Bulls goalkeeper Frank Rost made his debut for the club, but the German veteran was outshined by his opposing goalkeeper. 

Chivas USA goalkeeper Dan Kennedy made four saves as Chivas USA and the New York Red Bulls played to a scoreless draw in front of 14,838 at the Home Depot Center.

The Rojiblancos continued their four game unbeaten streak while the Red Bulls continued their slide having only won once in seven matches. Both teams struggled Following the match, head coach Robin Fraser was pleased with the play of Kennedy. 

“[Kennedy] was very good again, his confidence continues to grow week after week, he continues to make such crucial plays for us,” said Fraser. “The fact of the matter is that we want to play so well that our goalkeeper isn’t the first player that we talk about, but having said that he has been very good and very solid.”

Kennedy saw his first action in the 25th minute when Joel Lindpere broke through the Rojiblancos defense and forced the goalkeeper to make one of his four saves on the night.While Kennedy shined, Chivas struggled to generate chances as veteran midfielder Teemu Tanio was ble to stop the in-form Nick LaBrocca. The Rojiblancos best opportunity came early in the first half when Jorge Flores broke through the New York defense, but bounced his shot off the cross bar.

As the game wore on, the Rojiblancos seemed to gain more confidence going forward, but were repelled by the stingy New York defense. Rost was nearly tested in the 90th minute when referee Mark Kadlecik awarded the Rojiblancos a penalty for an apparently handball by Red Bulls' Carlos Mendes, but the penalty was waved off after a conference with the linesman. With the penalty waved off, Chivas USA ended the match without registering a single shot on the net of the German debutant. After an understated debut for his new designated player, Red Bulls coach Hans Backe was pleased at the prospects of having the German goalkeeper in net for New York. 

"It’s a good start for [Rost] and the back four to have a clean sheet and to have not conceded. We've been giving up very easy goals for the last five, six, seven weeks so it's a good start for the back four,” said Backe.

New York will look to break out of their doldrums next week facing off against both of last year's MLS Cup Finalists. Starting the week against the Rapids on the road before heading home to Red Bull Arena to host surging FC Dallas. Chivas USA will continue its two-game home stand and try to extend their unbeaten streak to six on Saturday against Houston.

For Rost, the burly German goalkeeper it will be a quick return to work, but the veteran goalkeeper believes that it will be a chance for his club to return to form. 

"Next week is another game and we've got another match. It's important to save the power and get power for our next match in Denver,” Rost told reporters after the match.


  1. Kennedy is a So.Calif native. Actually called into US Camp couple years ago. But had some injuries. He looks healthy now. Fun to watch.

  2. “Chivas struggled to generate chances as veteran midfielder Rafa Marquez and Teemu Tanio were able to stop the in-form Nick LaBrocca.”

    Uhh… Rafa Marquez did not play in this game.

    Anyway, for all their attacking prowess, the Red Bulls seriously need to figure out how to how score when they’re controlling the run of play. There have been too many games where they’ve dominated at least a half but been unable to break through. Honestly, I don’t think this idea of playing Henry as a creator works. If Henry is dropping back or playing outside the 18 to create and Dax and Tainio are both dropping back in the holding role, there aren’t enough players in advanced positions who can put the ball in the net. Also, Agudelo and Henry don’t seem to have developed the same chemistry that Henry and Rodgers have. This team looks totally different when Rodgers plays.

  3. Dan Kenndey is playing exceptionally well this season. I can’t stand Chivas “USA” or anything Chivas fortgat matter, but he is the real deal. I would like to see him at the next USMNT camp. He is American, right?

  4. Sorry for this long post…but I have lost patience, just don’t get the Backe and Soler experiment at all. This team is regressing not progressing, and plays with no chemistry or inspiration. Where’s the accountability? If these guys were running a company (even in Norway!) they would have been held accountable long ago. No matter what we think of past coaches, Backe & co. today have more player talent and balance sheet than any other coach or management in Metros/NYRB history – BY FAR. At $13.4 million (list below), NYRB have a monster team salary for MLS, the largest by far and one that is 5 times (!) that of San Jose, Chivas and Portland and 4x that of even Chicago and DC. Yet we routinely lose or tie to these lesser capitalized and lesser DP’d teams. In May, June and July to date Backe’s record is 3 wins, 5 losses, and 9 ties. Even 1st year teams Vancouver and Portland tied our cash-rich, all-star team in the past weeks. Reminder that Backe has been here for 18 months, plenty of time to establish a rhythm, motivate and set a direction for the team. I am certain a dozen current MLS coaches would do more with this player pool and cash wallet than Backe and Soler. The player trades, coach firings, and overall direction and leadership of this team is unacceptable. ADD NYRB TO PREVIOUS BACKE FAILURES AT NOTTS COUNTY AND MEXICO NATIONAL TEAM. We deserve better.

    1. NYRB | $13.4 million
    2. LA Galaxy | $12.4 million
    3. Toronto | $4.3 million
    4. Vancouver | $3.6 million
    5. Dallas | $3.5 million
    6. RSLake | $3.5 million
    7. Columbus | $3.5 million
    8. Seattle | $3.5 million
    9. New England | $3.4 million
    10. DCUnited | $3.3 million
    11. Chicago | $3.3 million
    12. Philadelphia | $3.3 million
    13. S Kansas City | $3.2 million
    14. Houston | $3.2 million
    15. Colorado | $3.2 million
    16. San Jose | $2.7 million
    17. Chivas | $2.7 million
    18. Portland | $2.7 million

  5. Hans Backe is the worst when it comes to subs. He refuses to change anything. I’ve heard many others talking about this, and then truly started noticing it like crazy lately. Last night was the most glaring example. Clearly nothing was working, why not change it up, do something. But, no, nothing until around the 82nd minute after Teemu screamed at him. And, then… Ballouchy was put in. Ugh.

    Agudelo had a bad night too. He also takes way more touches than needed and he doesn’t know where and when to make the appropriate run. Henry was furious one time with him. And he blew that gift of an opportunity in stoppage time. Richards has looked so poor since the Gold Cup. He needs a break. In the end, it all goes back to the manager not resting people or changing line-ups or making subs, which is also a factor of the top heavy roster with no depth.

    South ward needs to start chanting: I believe that we will draw. I believe that we will draw. I believe that we will draw.

  6. I don’t know if anyone else saw it, but at one point Teemu Tainio started screaming at Backe to put some subs into the game. This happened around the 83rd minute. That’s not good.


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