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SBI MLS Player of the Month: Graham Zusi

GrahamZusi (Getty)

The month of June was a turning-point month for Sporting Kansas City, which started turning its season around last month after a rough start to the season.

Midfielder Graham Zusi was one of the key forces behind that turnaround. The former University of Maryland standout is enjoying a breakout run with KC, notching two goals and three game-winning assists in the month. Stats made even more impressive by the fact Zusi had managed just one goal and one assist prior to that in his career.

Zusi edged out top Player of the Month candidates such as Columbus striker Andres Mendoza, San Jose striker Steven Lenhart and Seattle midfielder Mauro Rosales.

What do you think of our pick? Who was your pick for MLS Player of the Month in June?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. U kidding me?? U wanna put a good creative player in defensice roles…..and people still complain about how the USMNT plays…. -_-

  2. You can’t watch an SKC game without hearing Zusi’s name called numerous times or seeing him impact the game. I think this is a fitting pick.

  3. He’s a hustle player that every team needs…If he can develop his defensive skills he could turn into a nice Fullback or D-Mid. I don’t think he brings enough creativity to CAM or Outside Mid. SKC still needs to find that playmaker that he can can complement.

  4. Absolutely… He reminds me of Stuart Holden when he started breaking out with Houston. He plays very similar position wise and uses his technical ability to pass, cross, shoot like Holden. He needs to keep this up though. If this isnt a fluke in his career, I am very excited.

    Great choice Ives, would of been mine too.

  5. Good call, I saw all or part of several SKC games (not an SKC fan, just addicted to Direct Kick) and was really impressed with the impact he has been having, even beyond the stats. Having seen him play at Maryland, I wasn’t sure he was going to have much impact in MLS, but the player of the month is well deserved.

  6. Nick LaBrocca or Steven Lenhart or Brek Shea.

    (SBI-Of those three Lenhart has the best case, but Zusi gets the edge. LaBrocca? Did you fall asleep and miss June altogether? Chivas USA was awful in June and LaBrocca hardly stood out for the month. Shea? How is three goals (none game-winners) better than two goals and three game-winning assists? Nevermind the fact Zusi’s KC smoked Shea’s Dallas in the month. Lenhart and Shea make our Team of the Month, but didn’t have better months than Zusi.)

  7. Lenhart is ridiculously unlikeable. It was an absolute joy watching Collin own him so completely when SJ came to Kansas City. He was relegated to flopping around tying to get calls. Wasn’t even trying towards the end.

  8. I don’t really get this choice, then again my choice would be Joel Lindpere and his ridiculous form straddles the June/July border. Surely Keller had a better month, or even Tally Hall?

    But I can’t really hate on Zusi, good for him. At least it didn’t go to the scumbag coward Steven “Run mouth then run away” Lenhart.

    (SBI-Yeah Kev, you might want to consider the actual calendar, and not just who’s been hot the few weeks you can remember. If it were a mid-June to mid-July award then Lindpere would be looking pretty good for it. And Keller? Not so much, Other guys on the Sounders were more deserving, like Rosales.

  9. His scoring isn’t what makes him good, it’s icing on the cake. If u don’t think it’s deserved, you haven’t been watching skc.

  10. Was this because of his goal? I think I could pick some better players… I just can’t remember any 😀

    (SBI-No, it was because of the two goals and three game-winning assists and overall great month on a Sporting KC team that turned things around. Feel free to offer up some candidates who you feel had a better month.)


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