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SBI MLS Player of the Week: Fredy Montero

 FredyMonteroPOW (Getty)

Fredy Montero did it again.

The Colombian striker helped lead the red-hot Seattle Sounders to another victory, contributing to multiple goals in a 4-3 win against reigning MLS Cup champions Colorado.

If this sounds familiar it's because Montero was the star of the show last week, and just like last week, Montero has once again earned SBI MLS Player of the Week honors for his heroics.

Montero edged out teammates Mauro Rosales and Osvaldo Alonso, Sporting Kansas City defender Aurelien Collin and Columbus Crew goalkeeper Wil Hesmer, just some of the many standouts in MLS play this past week.

Montero is heating up just as his Sounders close in on first-place Los Angeles. Seattle boasts a nine-match unbeaten streak, with six victories along the way.

What did you think of Montero's performance? Who was your MLS Player of the Week this week?

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  1. Rosales

    Montero without Rosales, not so good on Saturday.

    Rosales without Montero, the attack would have been just fine.

  2. I don’t know about floundering, but I agree that Rosales is our talisman. The guy is creative and much of our attack flows through him. Fernandez seems to be getting hot as well.

  3. Tally Hall stood on his head this weekend. With 2 guys ejected, the only goal he gave up was a deflection. Deserves a nod.

    Not saying it was better than Montero, just deserves some credit.

  4. Agree about the cast. I also think he doesn’t like cold weather, being Columbian and all. It’s no coincidence he heats up along with the weather in Seattle.

  5. I thought Rosales had a better game. He is such a key to the Sounders attack right now, along with Alonso, who is an absolute workhorse.

  6. Agreed, Montero disappered for stretches during the game, but Rosales was a constant threat and played some very good balls in the box. Him hitting his form has led to Montero hitting his scoring form.

  7. I give him credit for rocking the rat tail. It’s a throw back and it’s unique in this day and age.

    I think that cast was messing up his game. That coming off combined with Rosales drawing defenders has really brought out his game.

    He’ll hit double digit goals and assists this year

  8. Rosales was better. Rosales has been the difference maker for the Sounders this year. Congrats to Montero, but without Rosales the Sounders would be floundering.

  9. For the first half of the year he seemed invisible at times. But as his understanding with Rosales and Fernandez has developed, he is finally showing the form that convinced the Sounders to give him a DP contract.


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