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SBI Stoppage Time: MLS All-Star Game Recap


  1. You must be joking…MLS All-Stars would destroy Boca or Santos. Chelsea, Arsenal are good opponents, but stay away from the Top 3 of Barca, Man U, and Madris.

  2. I think it’s time to either do away with this game, or change the format. MLS teams play a ton of international friendlies now and we don’t need this one anymore. I like the idea of Americans vs Internationals. And don’t bring 30 guys per team and try to squeeze them all into the game. Bring 5 subs and that’s it. It was a good game to watch until the 2nd half when Backe tried to get every person minutes. You can’t get anything going with only two hours of practice, and you certainly can’t get anything going when you use 10 subs.

  3. Not sure I buy all the Beckham smoke being blown.

    Yes, he went 90 minutes and hit a lot of nice balls, but other than a couple of long range shots, he didnt have a huge impact on the match.

    He was allowed to play a very deep midfield role, where he was going to get a lot of time on the ball. Perfect for playing 50 yard balls (which he does as well as anyone in the world).

    However, he took on essentially no defensive responsibilities. He was lazy on a number of the goals, not makiing the necessary effort to shut down guys around the top of the box. He left Franklin stranded on the Park goal in a situation where if he closes two more steps, Franklin doesnt have to over commit on the shot fake.

    Honestly, he was playing the role that Gringo Torres was playing for the US when people were convinced that he was the next superstar. It is easy to look good sitting deep and if you never have to defend. However, its harder to truly help your team win by playing an honest two way role.

  4. I think you’re being very generous about the All-Stars performance here and the impressions they left. Yes, the All-Stars put in some great effort, especially in the first half, but they also with a few exceptions didn’t look like they even belonged on the same field as Man U. A few of the players you mentioned, especially Beckham, Olave and even Henry, showed well (and Davis had moments) but after the first goal (which was much earlier in the 1st half than when Olave went down) was typical Man U ball movement combined with cheap poor marking and the second one was Sean Franklin simply being schooled by Park. Honestly in the second half the All-Stars were very fortunate that Man U didn’t push harder as it could’ve easily been 5-0 or 6-0. The overall impression a casual fan might get is that MLS has a couple of aging if still effective stars (Beckham and Henry) a couple of solid players who could contribute on mid-level European sides (Olave and Davis) and a bunch of also-rans compared to the European level. The format and the ridiculously short time to prepare simply doesn’t work when facing a side as clinically professional as Man U. Ever since that surprise upset at Kansas City last year Man U has treated these matches with cold, ruthless efficiency and at times simply thoroughly embarrassed MLS (especially that horrid 6 goal 2nd half at Seattle).

    If MLS is serious about considering “competitiveness” in its All-Star game or this “tournament” in general they should consider mixing it up and playing popular South American sides they might match up more favorably with such as Boca Juniors or Santos. Either team could still give any current MLS All-Star team fits but they likely wouldn’t embarrass the league as Man U’s class and domination has. I really hope that MLS isn’t foolish enough to invite Barca to play the All-Star game next year. Yes, it would probably set attendance records but a 9 or 10 goal dismantling is entirely within the realm of possibility with that side their famous passing, possession and movement. It’s time for MLS to pick on someone their own size.

  5. Good interview Ives.

    I think a team like AC Milan will give the All-Stars a better “Even’d out game”. Although they were solid in the first 30 minutes, the Olave injury definitely was the game changer.


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