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Second-half goals help Dynamo topple TFC

DynamoTFC (Getty) 


Toronto FC set out to correct the defensive woes made glaringly obvious by a mid-week 5-0 thrashing against New York, and 45 minutes into Saturday night's match against the Houston Dynamo it looked as if TFC might have figured things out.

Two Houston second-half goals later and Toronto is once again left wondering what went wrong.

Danny Cruz broke through with a 50th-minute score before Geoff Cameron provided an insurance goal to help Houston defeat TFC, 2-0, at Robertson Stadium on Saturday night.

Houston thoroughly dominated Toronto, helding a 6-0 edge in shots on goal, but didn't break through until the second half, when Cruz notched his first goal of the season.

Here are the match highlights.

What did you think of Houston's performance? Starting to wonder if the two Designated Players on their way to Toronto will be enough to turn things around?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. He does like playing CB for the Dynamo. Kinnear does not think he is better at CM, but he plays him in that position out of necessity.

    The Dynamo have other quality CBs,(Boswell Hainault, Taylor) but are severely lacking in central midfield after the departures of Clark, Holden, and DeRosario. Cameron was TOO GOOD to leave on the bench, and was talented enough that Dom decided to give him a shotin central midfield, where he plays adequately.

  2. Hogatroge, He is a very good MLS player, but is he a good international player? I just don’t see it yet. Key word YET. maybe in a few years.

  3. I never said he sucks, But Chris you said it “He has been good since he entered the league.” Good does not merit a call up. If all of the USA players were just good we would never win a WC game.

  4. I thought I read somewhere that he likes playing CB, but Kinnear thinks he is better at CM? I could be making that up. Houston’s defense was certainly a lot tighter when he was at CB.

  5. I think it’s a joke to say he’s not that good. He made the MLS All-Stars as a coach’s selection last year, which says more about his skills than winning a fan ballot would.

    This year he’s been struggling to pull along a sluggish Houston team with little help from anyone but Brad Davis and Tally Hall. Thus, his quality has been a bit overshadowed.

    I think he’ll eventually get a shot, but the USMNT has a lot of depth at CM, so he’ll probably only get one chance when he does.

  6. Is this Bob Bradley? — the great evaluator of talent? Cameron can play any position on the field, although I agree he might be best at CB. Guaranteed he would do better at LB than Bornstein.

  7. Why hasn’t geoff cameron gotten more usmnt caps? He is a versitile player that can play CB and not look like he’s never kicked a ball before. Has been way more consistent than rogers. Toronto needs to give up. If chivas is playing better then you, you need to quit the league.

  8. In order for TFC to turn things around they need to:

    1. TFC should get rid of everyone but the defense.
    2. TFC needs a new coach, current coach has been there too long.
    3. Give Klinsman more money.


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