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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Suarez (Getty)

The champion of South America will be crowned today as Uruguay and Paraguay face off in the Copa America Final, the marquee match on today's soccer schedule.

It is a light day on the schedule, but most looking for action will tune in to see if Luis Suarez and Diego Forlan can help Uruguay break down the defensive-minded Paraguayans.

MLS fans can watch the Los Angeles Galaxy in action today as David Beckham takes on Manchester City, the club he's been ripping on for the better part of the past week in what should be an entertaining friendly.

If you're still riding your addiction to Women's Soccer after the World Cup, then you can catch the Boston Breakers take on the Western New York Flash.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV Schedule is after the jump):


3 p.m. - GOLTV - Fluminense vs. Palmeiras

3 p.m. - Univision/YouTube - Uruguay vs. Paraguay (Copa America final)

4 p.m. - ESPN/ Deportes - Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Manchester City

5 p.m. - Telefutura - America vs. Queretaro

6 p.m. - Fox Soccer Channel - Boston Breakers vs. Western New York Flash

7 p.m. - Azteca America/Fox Deportes - Jaguares vs. Monterrey


  1. Another MLS side hangs with a top European team. That makes five counting Revs, Fire, and Sounders whose first elevens did more than hold their own. I would never believe they could play with those big boys. Congratulations to those above and the Galaxy and Union, just incredible considering the wage differences.

  2. fantastic showing by LA. Way to be smart and play reserves in the 1st half and starters in the 2nd. Brian Perk looks like another special young keeper. WITH HAIR TOO!

  3. This was the first time I’ve watched him play. I also watched Herculez Gomez this weekend. Based on what I saw I’d rather see Taylor get a call up than Gomez at this point. I’d also say that 2. Bundesliga is better than MLS and I’ve seen a lot of both.

  4. Show boated on a PK, then kicked a ball into Saunders guy after a play, then did a silly back heel (and miossed) on a break away that pissed off his team and coach. He got yanked at about 20 mninutes, then complained and threw his water bottle.

    He’s a classless piece of garbage

  5. Grande Uruguay! A joy to watch, indeed, and easily a top 5 team in the world right now! Semifinals in the World Cup last year was no fluke!

    Coaches and young players in the United States should be watching, taping this game and learning how to play football the right way!

  6. O/T. Chris Rolfe buried one – top shelf – off a chest trap for Aalborg today. Noshortcorners has the link.

    Joe Corona also scored in Mexican Primera play. Looking forward to seeing the YA round up each week now.

  7. No English channel bid for the rights (well done, Fox Soccer Channel, sarcasm and disgust intended). Univision is the only channel showing the game live.

    Second half just kicked off. 2:0 Uruguay in the 48th min.

  8. I think you can watch it on YouTube in English just search Copa America 2011. I think on TV it’s only in Spanish.

  9. Suarez is the player of this tournament! totally agree. He’s blossomed into one of the tops in the world to me, on the short list of top strikers

    his desire is a joy to watch being expressed on the field, a real difference maker for him. love it

  10. Agreed! the Copa final is awesome so far. Very physical, 5 or 6 yellow crads half an hour in, and crafty play by Uruguay. Suarez’ setting up Forlan for the 1-on-1 w/ the goalie was incredible; player of the tourney hands down! In hindsight, Liverpool did a brilliant piece of business getting rid of struggling and unhappy Torres and buying Suarez. He will be causing trouble to defenses in the Prem for years to come!

  11. Not only is he the #2 but their #1, Rene Adler, is hurt so I think he’ll be the starting keeper at the beginning of the season.

  12. This Copa America final is an all out war. It’s been very entertaining. If your not watching it’s on Univision.

  13. Hey did you guys hear that David Yelldell is now the no2 GK at Bayern Leverkeusen? He went from GK at an average 2 Bundesliga side to being the back-up GK at 1 of the top German clubs and a CL team for this year. Congrats

  14. Goal! Courtesy of a deflection, but I’ll take it! It guarantees a more open game, perfect for the deadly counter-attack of Uruguay and the speed of Suarez!

  15. Here we go again…Uruguay denied a goal in the first minute by a clear handball. This is a penalty and a red card.

    Dear Gods of football, Paraguay MUST NOT win this tournament. I don’t think I have detested a team so much in years!



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