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Soccer Thursday: Your Running Commentary

Timbers (Getty Images)

Bolivia and Costa Rica each have a chance to pass surpringly disappointing Argentina in their Copa America group as they battle in their second group game of the tournament. Elsewhere, host Mexico and powerhouse Germany clash for a spot in the final of the FIFA U-17 World Cup, where the winner will play a Uruguay side that dispatched Brazil earlier in the day.

Finally, the Portland Timbers look to regain their good form in a friendly at Jeld-Wen Field when they welcome Mexican power Club America to the Pacific Northwest.

Here's the viewing schedule for Thursday night's matches:

6:15 p.m. — Telefutura/YouTube — Bolivia vs. Costa Rica (Copa America)

7 p.m. — ESPNU/ — Germany vs. Mexico (U-17 World Cup)

11 p.m.Live webstreamPortland Timbers vs. Club America

If you will be watching any of Thursday night's games, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action.


  1. No one’s arguing with the importnace of the youth tournaments to give nations, teams and individual players confidence, experience and a chance to develop. The argument started as “The 2005 U17 championship team beat the US in the Gold Cup” which is just not true. I’m not arguing with the fact that youth tournaments like this are important in the development of some great players like Cesc Fabregas, Anderson, Vela, Donovan and Kroos. Unfortunately you have to admit that just because someone was in the U17 World Cup does not mean they are going to be a success on the senior team. When your team wins a youth tournament like that you should expect that 3-5 players from that team will develop into contributors on the senior international team. I mean the US only came in 4th in 1999 and that team developed significant contributors like Donovan, Beasley, and Onyewu and you would never hear anyone seriously state “That 4th place team from the 1999 U17 tournament beat Mexico in the 2002 World Cup” mostly because no one has really heard from people like Kellen Kalso, Kenneth Cutler, Bryan Jackson, Jordan Cila, Gregory Martin, Adolfo Gregorio or Raul Palomares ever again. To say that the entire Mexican U17 championship team is making significant contributions to the senior team (or that all of them are even still playing soccer professionally) is ridiculous and not correct.

  2. Rest assured: When the US team wins a title – no matter how big or small – we’ll hear all of you naysayers come out of the woodwork arguing about how meaningful and important that competition really was. It’s ok to admit this Mexican victory stings a bit. As a fan of the game, I already witnessed the fruits of that 2005 victory at the senior level. If the US does ever decide to recognize it’s meaning, maybe they’ll start performing like a real team as well. Good day to you sir. 🙂

  3. Where do you see

    Sergio Arias
    Christian Sanchez
    Ever Guzman
    Mario Gallegos
    Alejandro Gallardo
    Edgar Andrade
    Heriberto Beltran
    Juan Carlos Silva
    Pedro Valverde
    Christian Flores

    and then the ones such as Patricio Araujo, Omar Esparza, Jorge Hernandez, Adrian Aldrete, Christian Villaluz, and Enrique Esquda who may be making an impact in the Primera division, but as the original poster clearly stated we’re talking about international soccer and they have made a handful of appearance for the full national team over the last 4 years.

    Again, when you say “I’m seeing those 2005 boys playing” and we’re applying it to international soccer, that is a bit of hyperbole because the only ones I see playing consistently and contributing to the full national team are Juarez, Moreno, Dos Santos and Vela. Yet again, I’m not saying 4 out of 20 is good or bad just that it’s par for the course for youth national teams.

  4. Zero success in Europe means someone like you, spending his time in chat rooms dissing players. Gio had plenty of success with Barcelona, maybe you’ve heard of them.

    Moreno was an undisputed starter for the Dutch champions. Last time I checked, you yankees were bragging about players in Denmark’s 2nd division.

    And as for Nilo and Zavala, clearly they don’t need to play outside of Mexico to get the best out of your guys.

    Stop whining, stop judging. Get over your “mighty ducks” national team.

  5. I think you just restated what I said:

    -4 players from that team have made it to the senior international level

    -It is common for 2 or 3 players from youth teams to make it into the full national while the rest never make it past youth teams.

    We weren’t talking about how good they are in the Primera, but how good they are internationally. I’m not saying that anyone’s youth setup is better, just that it’s common for any youth program that only a fraction of those teams “make it” in senior international football and that to say the U-17 championship team beat the US in the Gold Cup is a little bit of hyperbole.

  6. Great victory for Mexico’s U-17. They probably beat the best team in the tournament in Germany, with great skill and tons of desire. Viva Mexico.

  7. I rather drink the kool Aid of the Concacaf champions.

    It seems like you are just arguing for the sake of arguing. People with some common sense would admit that Mexico is developing more talent.

    Getting to a U-17 World cup final or going to a U-20 World Cup gives the players a better chance at getting spoted by European teams.

    Thats why these tornaments are important for the players not for the countries.

  8. Of the above mentioned players…
    Gio: zero success in Eur.
    Juarez: zero success in Eur.
    Barrera: zero success in Eur.
    Moreno: Holland league.
    Nilo, Zavala: no names outside of Mex.

    Aside from your cash cow, exactly how is Mexico developing better talent?? Like I said, Chugging the Kool Aid!

  9. Your comment is incorrect, too. Of the 2005 squad, 11 players are or have been starters for Primera Division teams in Mexico, and 4 made it to European leagues. Dos Santos, Efrain Juarez, and Hector Moreno were significant contributors in this year’s Gold Cup championship team.

    Sure, winning the U-17 championship doesn’t guarantee future success, but saying that “it doesn’t mean anything” is shortsighted at best. Have you watched them play? Euro teams certainly have, and I wouldn’t be surprised if 2-3 players end up across the pond thanks to the exposure of the WC.

  10. Giovani(89), Juarez(88), Barrera(87), Moreno(88 are U-17 World Champions. Chicharito(88), Torres Nilo(88),Elias Hernandez(88) Jesus Zavala(87) they didnt go to the world cup but are from the same generation.

    I guess its hard to accept the fact that Mexico is developing better players.

    The point is they are developing better players and have a better coach.

    I am not a Mexico fan but I can recognize that they are doing a good job.

  11. Gotta love how Mexico fans drink the Kool-aid!!

    Look congrats on the U17WC semi final victory, but I think if has little relevance in terms of a connection to the senior team. Great points by Aquaman! +1 to you good sir!

  12. This comment is still incorrect. You make it seem like the team that won the tournament in 2005 is the same team that beat the US a couple weeks ago. I believe 3 total players played on the 2005 U-17 winning team and this last Gold Cup winning team. In fact, most of the Mexican U-17 players from that team have yet to make a full national team appearance. So, what this means is that, just like the US and so many other countries, the majority of Mexico’s youth squads will not be seen again. So, the last Mexico team that made the U-17’s is about par for the course: 4 players (including Vela) that made it to higher levels and 16 that have yet to make a name for themselves. So, no, it does not mean anything if you win the U-17 world cup or do well in it. Look at how many times Nigeria has come in first or second place, and they certainly aren’t world beaters.

  13. The last mexico team that made a u-17 turned out ok and dominated the US in the Gold CUp final.

    But you are right the odds are against them.

  14. maybe, these are just kids though, many stars in these youth tournaments fade away into oblivion. We’ll see how these kids grow up. Mexico does have an impressive U-17 program though

  15. Chivas is going to cash-in alot of these players to european clubs in the
    next couple of years, they are truly Mexico’s homegrown player factory.

  16. Mexico has really turned a corner. They were once one of the biggest underachievers in football. Now, they’ve redesigned their league and really put an emphasis on player development. The U.S. had really better watch and learn. Of course, Mexico has some of the best fans in the world whereas we have to play teams that draw to fill our stadiums in our own country.

  17. And game was not even at high altitude Azteca. It was at Santos Torreon. However the final is at Azteca and Mexico should be favored to win their second U17 World cup in 6 years. This is still impressive for Mexico eve though they are the host country.

  18. I can’t believe that Germany is not trying to put pressure on to take advantage of being a man up. That Mexican kid who got hurt has got heart, though.

  19. stunning, beautiful goal. from the kid whose head was bleeding profusely after slamming his head directly into a defender’s on the previous goal. hope mexico holds on.

  20. Emre Can looked really impressive. Think he will be a big player, announcer said he’s already training with Bayern first team.

  21. If I was a goal scorer for Portland, I’d totally have someone turn those discs of wood into shingles for my roof and call it “The house that goals built”……unfortunately no one on the current roster is scoring enough goals to shingle an entire roof.

  22. Typical Mexico so far. Germany breathes on them and they fall down to the ground. The ref is awarding far too many undeserved free kicks.

  23. hope to see a lot of sawdust tonight!

    nothing more that an MLS supporter and “Anti-Americanista” would like to see than a few ruffled feathers!


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