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Real Madrid set to kick off summer U.S. tour with match against Galaxy

OmarCR (Getty Images)


Spanish giant Real Madrid has arrived in the United States eager to make waves.

The star-studded Madrid, led by head coach Jose Mourinho and stars Cristiano Ronaldo, Iker Casillas and Kaka, among others, start their U.S. sojurn against the Los Angeles Galaxy Saturday night. The journey to Los Angeles is somewhat of a tradition for Mourinho, who has taken three teams — Madrid, Chelsea and Inter Milan — to train in Southern California.

While speaking to a group of reporters on Tuesday, Mourinho said that participating in the World Football Challenge will help the team as Los Blancos look to dethrone FC Barcelona in La Liga. 

"In relation to the tournament, this is exactly what we need, this is exactly what we want," Mourinho said. "I don't like preseason matches to end nil-nil. I want preseason to have some fun, and I like serious matches and they always give us that."

Madrid will face off against three teams during its tour of the United States. After the match at the L.A. Coliseum against the Galaxy, Real will hit the road, traveling to San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium on July 20 to take on Chivas de Guadalajara, then heading across the country to take on the Philadelphia Union at Lincoln Financial Field on July 23.

The Blancos begin the tournament against the Galaxy for the second straight year. Last year, a Galaxy team led by Landon Donovan took a 2-0 lead at halftime before falling, 3-2, in front of a crowd of more than 90,000 at the Rose Bowl. After Madrid got a competitive game from the Galaxy last year, star Cristiano Ronaldo was full of praise for his opponent ahead of this weekend's matchup. 

"It will be amazing for us to play against Galaxy," Ronaldo told reporters on Tuesday. "It will be great, and it will be exciting for us. I always like to play, and if you play against good teams, it's better for us. You feel more motivated."

The game will also provide Los Angeles midfielder David Beckham a chance to play against Madrid for the first time since joining the Galaxy from the Spanish club in 2007.


  1. Haha you obviously didn’t watch the game last year. Get out of here troll, this board has been getting worse and worse with people like you ruining it over the years, but everybody can have their own opinion.

  2. It wouldn’t really be fair to give so many games to any one MLS team when the European sides are only here for 3-4 games.

    Look at this year… Chicago, LA, Vancouver, Philadelphia, and New England are the only MLS teams who even play at least 1 game.

  3. I find it funny that the MLS teams are put into groups in this tourney, I find it insulting. MLS teams should not be put in groups, if we lose we lose theres no shame in that.

  4. Did anyone else notice Landycakes’s inferiority complex when he told the media he wasn’t expecting the first question during the press conference. He feels so threatened when bigger fish invade his little pond.

  5. I just hope they actually play a competitive match. Did anyone see the ManU vs. New England game? They were playing practice ball, both teams, no hustle. It was pathetic to watch.

  6. Some Real Madrid players ran over a fangirl that jumped in front of their golf cart while they were touring the campus.


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