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Sporting KC wins Saad lottery

Soony Saad (

Sporting Kansas City has one of the deepest and strongest collection of forwards in MLS, but will now have yet another forward after winning the weighted lottery for the rights to former Michigan striker Soony Saad.

Sporting KC beat out Chivas USA and the Chicago Fire, which had the best chances of landing Saad in the weighted lottery, held at MLS headquarters on Tuesday.

The 18-year-old Saad was the top freshman in college soccer last season, scoring 19 goals and helping Michigan win the Big Ten title and reach the NCAA Final Four.

What do you think of this development? Think Kansas City is a good destination for Saad?

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  1. You’re kidding about no young players at forward right? First, maybe Davies returns to Europe and maybe he doesn’t. But if he stays, that’s one big cog. Second, you can disparage Brettschneider but right now, DCU thinks more highly of Brettschneider than they do of Saad. Third, two of the U17 Academy forwards have been playing regularly in practice with the first team and even playing minutes in RESERVE matches (which is at the level that Saad would be at).

    What is it about this particular player that has you so excited that we’d give away draft picks (which provide young depth) or a player who contributes? Or we could have just entered in the lottery –but by doing so, lose the chance to compete for another lottery that comes up (and there’s been quite a few so far this year–either 5 or 6). And there may very well be a player in that lottery that the team values far more. What is evident about Saad is that most MLS teams just weren’t very excited about him and Goff said it’s b/c most MLS teams don’t think he’s going to become a worthy player. Maybe that’s not true. But signing someone just b/c they’re young doesn’t mean you’ve made a smart investment in your team’s future.

    Finally, here’s the problem with attempting to stockpile talent in MLS right now–there’s another expansion draft this year. And cheap, young players are generally the most attractive for expansion teams to pick. So academy players are particularly good depth and development resources b/c they’re expansion exempt and you have worked with that player over time so you have a really good idea of their potential.

  2. If DC had wanted him, they could have and would have entered the lottery…and they would have had the best odds of winning.

  3. lets not forget, Stuart Holden was making $35K in his 2009 season in MLS. Saad is only 18 and is unproven. A low paying salary would only make him work harder to get a better one.

  4. My main point being:

    MLS benches/reserve teams/guys who aren’t even in the show anymore, the lists are all littered with guys who had great college careers, all america’s etc . . . the leverage with the amateur eligibility seems to be key. Worst case scenario for him SHOULD HAVE BEEN, come back for another year, when you are being man marked, and you dont have Merman (right guy? who was the strke partner who lit it up this year too) running beside you, and do it again, play well, and learn some more of the subtles etc, how to effect a game when you cnat see the ball as much, things like that

    Now he’s getting paid like a gym teacher and is in the deep end of the pool

  5. I am kind of worried about Dzenan Catic who was the hs player of the year this year in Michigan. He verballed to Michigan State, but decided to make a go of it as a pro in europe. Haven’t heard anything lately which is not good for him. Hope he didn’t hire an agent if he doesn’t catch on in Europe. He could still lace ’em up for the green and white this fall.

  6. I think it seems like a series of a few decisions that maybe should have been thought through a little more . . . the truth of the situation is there are guys who do what Soony did for a few years in college, and they sometimes can’t even make the jump. Pro level is pro level, there isn’t a lot of room at the top of the pyramid!

    not being ready/offered a european spot right now isn’t the end of the world, he is still young, and niether is minimum contract in the MLS . . . just pull for the kid I guess?

  7. He might be sad because if the reports floating around are correct, he got offered an MLS minimum contract, and he could have done better for himself if he had kept his college eligibility — even if he wasn’t planning on going back to school, MLS would have offered him more to entice him to sign.

  8. Why would he be sad? I don’t know the full story.

    Isn’t this a case of a talented youngster taking it to the next level to be developed in a pro environment rather than college?

    Did he try to get signed in Germany but didn’t catch on?

    KC seems perfect. KC is an exciting MLS location right now and he has no immediate pressure. Just like QB going to a team with an established #1.

  9. He should be sorry he signed a representation contract with an agent that is why he is ineligible for college soccer.

    Recent rule changes allow college players to play with and against professionals as long as they are not being paid. Saad hired an agent to get him the trials in Germany.

  10. Because we have almost no depth at striker, and with Davies likely heading back to Europe after this season and Wolff in the twilight of his career, it could only benefit us to develop a young prospect (unless we plan to sign either Davies or some DP of Davies’ quality).

    Maybe this isn’t the right prospect to go after (and clearly, since we didn’t enter the lottery, Benny and the FO have little to no interest in the kid), but my point remains- going forward, we don’t have many options at forward. Pontius has settled in at LW and it would be unwise to move him, because he is perhaps one of the best wingers in MLS right now. BlakeBrett is good, but I don’t know if he’ll ever quite be MLS starter caliber (reminds me of Adam Cristman when he first started with the Revs; solid player, but the ceiling is pretty low). Ngwenya is gone after this year. And, as previously mentioned, Davies and Wolff aren’t long-term solutions.

    Maybe the FO isn’t thinking about this right now, or maybe they have something in mind, but going forward, we need some new players.

  11. Sorry if he sucked for you, but he’s been very serviceable in DC. No, he’s not a starter, but he’d be a very solid backup/utility guy/role player. Plus, KC needs more defense, not offense, and Morsink is a good defensive midfielder who can come into games late and help see them out.

    It was just an example; there are other guys we could trade. But since we don’t want to give up anyone from the core of our team, I was suggesting role players like King or Morsink and allocation money.

  12. Why would DCU trade for him when DCU didn’t even enter the lottery? Goff wrote that most MLS teams (correctly or not) didn’t see him as a meaningful prospect (which is why they didn’t enter the lottery).

    I think it was a mistake for him to not stay in school. He tried to do Europe but couldn’t get offers so he falls back on MLS and the majority of teams weren’t interested.

  13. Morsink? Do you really think we would take Morsink back in KC? He is the worst player to ever put on a KC jersey. He doesnt belong in our local rec leagues much less in the MLS.

  14. Send him to DC; we could use a development guy. Davies will probably be back in France next year, and Wolff doesn’t have all that much left in the tank. We have allocation money to spare in a trade, plus dispensable (but useful) guys like Morsink or King.

    It probably won’t happen, but that’d certainly be nice.

  15. I don’t know if we’d use some of our cash allotment on a backup forward when we’re searching for a (possibly DP) playmaking midfielder. With Ching back in the fold, we don’t really need another striker

  16. They can trade someone of their many forwards, teams like Houston might be interested in reinforcements.

  17. what reason could you possibley have that would write this guy off as a failure? Because an 18 yr old scored 19 goals in the NCAA as a freshman? At least give him a chance.

  18. Too many forwards, and not enough time. Kansas City would be wise to flip someone for some defensive reinforcements.


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