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Toronto FC adds Viator

Viator (Getty Images)

Another day, another personnel move for Toronto FC.

The Reds signed Guadeloupe defender Eddy Viator on Wednesday, making him the latest in a recent spell of player moves.

Viator, 29, was on trial with Toronto for a week and was a starter for Guadeloupe during the CONCACAF Gold Cup. He can play either centrally or at right back.

Viator joins Danny Koevermans, Torsten Frings, Ryan Johnson, Terry Dunfield and Andy Iro as players who could make their TFC debuts as early as Wednesday night in the club's league match against FC Dallas.

What do you think of the signing? Did Viator stand out for you during the Gold Cup?

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  1. Klinsmann doesn’t manage the team!!!

    He was an advisor to help bring in a new coaching staff! He has no say in player signings.

    Mariner likely scouted out the Gold Cup and took notice of Viator.

  2. forgot these guys were in…but now they can definitely compete. complete 180 from the beginning of the year for this squad

  3. I’m getting paid to read the internet. You are posting trash about a USMNT player in a thread that has to do with TFC signing a player from Guadeloupe. Also, it looks like it took you 6 whole minutes to respond to my post which indicates that you have been sitting there waiting and refreshing a thread with 17 comments in it for some reason. Why? Do you need attention? A hug?

  4. id be willing to bet its Mariner before its Klinnsman, Klinnsman can be counted on for picking Management and the international big names but i highly doubt he picked this guy

  5. With all these recent signings, especially Frings anchoring the midfield, I don’t how TFC could not improve their form in the second half of the season.

  6. Guadeloupe is always under-rated but the fact is that they consistently have a good team with good players that cause problems in the Gold Cup.


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