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Transfer Ticker: Barca sign Sanchez, Man City to hold talks over Aguero and more

Alexis Sanchez 1 (Reuters)


The Barcelona-Alexis Sanchez ordeal has come to a close, and Barcelona has gotten its man.

Barcelona officially signed Sanchez from Udinese, the Spanish club announced on its website on Thursday. The deal is for five years and the transfer fee was worth an estimated $42.3 million plus another $18.7 million in variables.

Sanchez, who was just a part of Chile's team in the Copa America, spent the last three seasons with Udinese. He was voted best player in Serie A last year, having scored 12 goals in 31 games.

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Sergio Aguero has made no secret about his ambitions to want to go and play at a bigger club, and those desires could soon see him playing for Manchester City.

City are ready to enter formal talks with Atletico Madrid to work out a deal for Aguero, who is fresh off of scoring three goals for Argentina in the Copa America. Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini also said earlier in the week that he expects City to bid for Aguero in the coming days.

Aguero was seen as a potential replacement for international teammate Carlos Tevez, who looked to be on his way to Corinthians before the deal fell through. But Aguero could now team up with Tevez at Manchester City if the former's potential transfer is completed and the latter stays.


Gabriel Heinze might not be a free agent for much longer. AS Roma are closing in on the capture of Heinze, who is reportedly going to sign a one-year deal with the club. The deal will include an option for another season. The 33-year-old defender most recently played for Olympique de Marseille before leaving the club earlier this year.


Benfica has found their replacement for Fabio Coentrao. The Portuguese heavyweight has signed Villarreal defender Joan Capdevila to a two-year deal, one that includes a $28.7 million release clause. Capdevila's switch to Benfica ends his four-year stay with Villarreal.


It looks like Arsenal might go two consecutive summers without signing one player Arsene Wenger clearly rates. Just as it did last summer, Arsenal has made a bid for Everton defender Phil Jagielka. But like last year, Everton has rejected the bid, worth a reported $16.3 million. Jagielka signed a new four-year deal with the Toffees in March.


AC Milan has denied interest in Fiorentina midfielder Ricardo Montolivo and Brazil international Ganso. Both players were reportedly on AC Milan's list of potential transfer targets, but club vice president Adriano Galliani has stated that neither is currently a priority. Galliani also said there are no current negotiations in place.


What do you think of Sanchez (finally) joining Barcelona? How do you see Heinze faring with Roma? Do you see Aguero signing with Man City?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. No I know, I’m just saying that despite the main focus of Barca B being player development to earn time or promotion to the Senior squad, they were still very competitive at the 2nd Division level. If they really tried to and wanted to I think they could of EASILY gotten to the 2nd place on the table which gives a team promotion, I think they could of beaten whomever for the promotion in the playoff spot they earned. I know they can’t get promoted, but it does speak to the quality of the team and how guys like Bartra, Muniesa & Montoya might be ready to help Barca in all of the Copa Del Rey & start to get ready for La Liga action

  2. There’s no way Barca let go of Jeffren for 5 million. Kid had a great summer, and in a couple of years I could see him going for 20 million plus.

  3. You realize the B teams in Spain can’t be promoted…right?

    After Barca B played Barca A in the Copa Del Rey, they implemented the rule.

  4. Hey I won’t go to a game and spend a dime on the Dodgers right now until they get rid of this owner, but how does being a Dodger fan make you lose respect for someone you don’t even know? I am a true fan, I don’t change my allegiances for anything. How is that a bad thing? I know most people think that all the FCB fans out there are fair weather fans or fans that only became followers after the magical 08-09 season, but some us have been fans since for as long as we could remember. In fact when I became a fan Madrid was the dominant team!

  5. You’ll know the answer as soon as you look at the front of their jersey this season.

    dollar dollar bill y’all

  6. first of all, it’s pretty ignorant to assume anything about anyone on an internet comment board.

    I’ve been a fan of Barcelona since I could remember when I was 7 or 8 days old when Madrid won their 5 titles in a row.

    Right before Cruyff took over as manager.

    2nd of all, have you even been to LA? All the things people always criticize LA for are because of people from OTHER places that come here for work, whether it’s the Industry of Hollywood or not, and THEY are so miserable of being here for some reason. True Angelinos are nothing like what most people stereotype LA fans to be or LA residents at all. I was born in LA, and although I didn’t live here past my 2nd B-Day, I came back regularly, and now lived here for 9+ years. But been a FCB fan for about 26 years!

    I’m also a diehard Dodgers fan, can’t blame for being a fair weather fan there can you? Diehard Galaxy fan since 96, oh and the greatest one….Raiders fan, there’s how’s that for original?

  7. yes, I was also happy to hear that Qatari royal family made several more billion dollars today. In an economy such as this though, and with all this renewable energy talk, I hope they can do something to force the price of oil even higher. Otherwise the Barca shirt sponsorship and brown envelopes to FIFA might be affected.

  8. I heard a rumor that Jeffren is going to Bolton. Makes things interesting or the EPL if Jeffren continues to grow as a player (and if the rumors are true).

  9. Who polices the legality of allegiances to teams in leagues overseas?

    What makes somebody a criminal for being a Barca fan?

    And why be such a jerk about it?

    I don’t like Yankees fans in my hometown (Miami FL), but that’s because we have a team in the same general competition as the Yankees.

    Should he ONLY like the Galaxy??

    Oh, and why be such a jerk about it???

  10. He’s a superstar and sure to be a fan favorite because his work rate is OUTRAGEOUS.
    Barca’s attacking talent is really embarrasingly rich. Bojan and Jeffren should be sold and Pedro, Affelay and Sanchez rotated depending on the competition. For my money, I think Sanchez is a better player than Pedro because he’s more complete, but what a problem for Pep to have. Villa and Messi are the only 2 whose spots I would say are guaranteed amongst the front 3, and I can see Pep experimenting with different variations amongst the 5.
    Barca need to sign a couple of defensive reinforcements, and that’s it. Barring injury, this could be another record breaking year for the blaugrana.

  11. I’m just kidding with you really. Although if Sanchez is expected to be starting on the bench, then that’s an insane amount of money to spend on a sub…

  12. 12 goals in 31 games? And this was enough to win the vote for best player in Serie A? That’s awfully expensive….

  13. So what can’t a guy be happy for the team he roots for? Is not as if they didn’t have struggles last year in fielding a solid back line. Remember Puyol was often injured after he picked up the injury in a friendly between Honduras and Catalunya, then for some reason every and their mother picked up some short term injuries. Alves, Adriano, Maxwell, Abidal had a Liver tumor for crying out loud. They could of easily lost in CL or the La Liga title to Madrid. But Madrid lost or tied some crazy games.

    Jeffren and Bojan are rumored to want out, I don’t know if it’s on loan or what, but is not as if they will be stacked if those 2 leave. Sanchez and Afellay is all they have for offensive options off the bench or if someone gets injured or suspended. Maybe Thiago but is still young?

  14. I know, it’s seriously a good thing they got Sanchez, they were in danger of letting other teams besides Real Madrid get within 30 points of them. If they don’t get a backup for Puyol they may even be at risk to tie a few more games than usual. Let’s hope they have some promising young talent! But who knows?

  15. Looks like Barcelona are set!

    I wish they would sing a new young tall and strong Center back to back up Puyol since he is getting up there in age, and Barcelona will play a ton of games starting with the Spanish Super Cup which will give us 2 Clasicos to start the year.

    Maybe some of the guys from the Barcelona B squad, which was within grasps of actually being in the top 2 or 3 which would earn them promotion can step up and start to prepare thru Copa Del Rey performances and against some the weaker opposition in League play, I hope Pep does this and gets them reaady!


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