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Transfer Ticker: Tevez deal falls through, Muslera signs in Turkey and more

MusleraTevez (Reuters Pictures)

The Carlos Tevez transfer saga has taken an unexpected twist.

Corinthians has pulled its offer for the Manchester City striker, stating that it needs more time and wouldn't be able to complete the deal ahead of today's transfer deadline in Brazil.

In a statement, the club indicated that Tevez would be with Corinthians "in the near future," meaning that a potential move when the January transfer window opens would be an option should Tevez still be on the market. Earlier this week, it appeared that Corinthians and City had agreed on a £40 million pricetag for the striker, who is desperate for a move.

Here are a few more stories from around the soccer world:


Uruguayan goalkeeper Fernando Muslera, who saved Tevez' penalty in the shootout round of Uruguay's Copa America quarterfinal victory over Argentina, has signed with Galatasaray in Turkey.

Muslera, 25, had been at Lazio in Italy's Serie A, but he has signed a five-year deal with Galatasaray that will pay him $2.8 million per season.


First Neymar was headed to Chelsea. Then Real Madrid. Then he was staying at Santos for the long haul. Now it appears he'll wind up at Madrid after all, but it might not happen until the winter transfer window.

Neymar's agent has reportedly said that the player winding up at Real Madrid is all but a certainty, but that he wants to play in the FIFA Club World Cup. Santos, which won the Copa Libertadores, will be a participant at the Club World Cup this December, meaning that if Neymar is true to his word, then he wouldn't leave Brazil until January.


Emmanuel Adebayor could be the solution up top for Harry Redknapp and Tottenham.

The Spurs manager has expressed interest in bringing the former Arsenal striker to White Hart Lane. Adebayor's rights are owned by Manchester City, but he was loaned to Real Madrid last season and left off the team's travel roster for the World Football Challenge, indicating that he's not in the team's plans this season.


What do you think is next for Tevez? Where do you rank Muslera among the world's goalkeepers after his showing at Copa America? Do you think Neymar will eventually wind up at Madrid? Think Adebayor would be a good fit at Tottenham?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I was shocked too and was curious as to why no one questioned it. I thought he could definitely move to club in Spain or England, or just stay in Italy. Italy to Turkey seems like a big step back.

  2. I was thinking the same when I read this post. He is young and the big clubs will be waiting for him. But the chance to play in the Club WC is slim. He would have to win UEFA CL to get there again if he moves to Europe this year. And with 5-10 really good clubs that isn’t a given. Heck, Madrid haven’t been there since 2002.

    Play in the CWC then move to Europe.

  3. So he must have European parents/grandparents? Because there is no way he can get a work permit otherwise in the United Kingdom. Unless Liverpool loans him out to a Spanish club where he would be able to get a passport in 2 years (like Dos Santos and Vela). That is probably their intentions.

  4. He has a bad attitude and huge head that means he is a perfect fit for Real Madrid. I think that is literally in Madrid’s job description.

  5. As a Madrid fan, I don’t know what I think of Neymar coming in the winter. The kid has a bad attitude and a huge head. I think it’s safe to say we have plenty of midfielders. So CR can be counted as a striker. That’s 3 solid strikers and I think adding Ade as the 4th isn’t a terrible idea. He’s cheap and willing to work hard. I would rather wait another year for Neymar, see how he matures. The best situation is the one Barca offered…which was to sign him, but let him stay in Brasil for another season.

  6. Saw this on Liverpool’s site today. Had the Pachuca VP Andres Fassi stating negotiations were practically closed and that it’d be, as you said, 5-year deal.

    “Liverpool are offering Mexican wonderkid Marco Bueno a five-year deal in the hope he’s the next Javier Hernandez.”

  7. Kids have: Cartoons
    Women have: Reality t.v./Soap Opera’s & Hope Solo
    Men have: Transfer Gossip (….& Hope Solo)

    This is the way of the world. Learn it, love it, live it…

  8. Financial Fair Play Rules…hence wanting the funds sooner rather than later.

    Also, I’ve heard it speculated City wasn’t sure Corinthians would even be able to raise the funds in a prompt manner (2 or 4 years).

  9. I prefer definitive reports such as this versus all the transfer rumors we hear. I’m not really interested until a deal is done, or it’s formally announced that a deal won’t happen. Why waste everybody’s time writing articles on rumors? Hasn’t history shown us that these rumors are not to be believed until they are signed??

  10. Good on Neymar staying for the World Club Championship. Similar situation with Sandro and Spurs last season. Or this could mean, Santos will hold off until then and if he does well they jack the price up 10 million. Surely Neymar did nothing to increase his value at Copa America, so this seems like a win-win. I heard on 5 live that the Tevez deal fell thru because Timao wanted to pay 40 million across 4 years whereas City wanted it over 2 years. My thing is City certainly don’t need the money, Tevez doesn’t want to stay, why not just take any deal. especially with Aguero coming in? Doesnt make sense. Surely the other players have got to be sick of this staying/going talk that has lasted across 2 seasons.

  11. Don’t forget about Liverpool bringing in Mexico U-17 international Marco Bueno for a 10 day trial. Rumors that a 5 year deal is already being offered. Kid has massive potential, King Kenny will bring the best out of him!

  12. Not surprising when Corinthians offered a “hood-rich” deal to City. More like City blankly staring at them than Corinthians pulling the offer.

    Joy to the World.

    I love the Transfer Window drama/theatrics but the Tevez & Cesc gossip has become Brett Favre 2.0


  13. I really like the Club World Cup. Good for Neymar to stay with his team for that tournament. Its going to be fun to watch him and Santos take on (likely) Monterrey and (likely) Barcelona.


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