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Tuesday Kickoff: Chandler committed to USMNT, Real Madrid signs Coentrao, and more

Timmy Chandler (

There was plenty of speculation about whether Timmy Chandler's decision to skip the CONCACAF Gold Cup was evidence of the German-born player's potential desire to play for Germany and give up his recent allegiance to the United States.

Chandler shot that down in a recent interview, telling Yanks Abroad he has every intention of playing for the United States, and no desire to represent Germany, where he was born. 

The son of an American serviceman father and German mother, Chandler made his U.S. national team debut last March, thoroughly impressing with his speed and skill on the right flank. He passed on playing in the Gold Cup, citing injury concerns and fatigue from having just come off the busiest season of his young career, which led to some speculation that he might be holding out to play for Germany.

Chandler dismissed that notion.

"No. That is absolutely not the reason why I missed the Gold Cup," Chandler told Yanks Abroad after being asked whether a desire to play for Germany kept him out of the summer event. "It is my goal and dream to represent the United States at the 2014 World Cup. What I said in March is true. I will absolutely not play for Germany. There is no way that will happen."

Here are some other stories to get your Tuesday going:


Jose Mourinho's quest to build a team capable of beating Barcelona took another step forward on Monday, with Real Madrid announcing the signing of highly-rated Portuguese fullback Fabio Coentrao.

A star at Benfica who has rapidly become one of the best attacking fullbacks in the game, Coentrao joins on a 30 million Euro transfer, joining Nuri Sahin and Hamit Altintop as Real Madrid's top summer signings so far.


Mexico's young Copa America squad looked poised to pull off an upset when it took a 1-0 lead on highly-favored Chile, but the South Americans responded with a pair of goals to post a 2-1 win in their opening Copa America match.

Monday's Copa America action also saw Peru tie Uruguay, 1-1, with Paulo Guerrero and Luis Suarez scoring the goals.


What do you think of these developments? Glad to hear Chandler is sticking with the United States? Like the Coentrao signing for Real Madrid? Surprised Peru was able to tie Uruguay? Enjoy watching Mexico blow a lead?

Share your thoughts below. 


  1. Fabio Coentrao is actually a left midfielder who can play Fullback. He played midfield his entire career until last year when Benfica had injuries at that position and he moved there for a temp basis, he just excelled and stayed. So i wouldn’t be surprised to see some games in which he will be featured in the midfield with MArcelo and Sergio Ramos as outside defenders

  2. You are so dumb. If it went in slow the keeper would have stopped it and their would be no goal genius, duh! Please think next time you decide to post a dumb sarcastic question.

  3. Goodson is no where near as physical, disagree. I think Goodson is fine, but Boca can only do it so much longer and Gooch has never regained his form. DeMerit is a favorite, but on the wrong side og 30. Gonzo is 6’5″ and physical all over the field, an enforcer. Goodson is not an enforcer

  4. agreed! he could even play up higher in the midfield on that right side, but just get him out there somewhere rampaging on that right side. could have some interesting impact on how Landon is used too, and provides a depth that was brutally exposed vs. Mexico when Dolo went down

  5. Not really. Goodson has the same skill set. I’d like to see him get more opportunities, but I don’t think he’s gonna be a starter for the USMNT.

  6. Yes… frankly, Chile’s performance (lots of possession, horrendous finishing, and going down in the first half to a clearly inferior side before somehow clawing out a win) looks a lot more like what the US has been showing lately…

  7. “I saw the game the header that Chile scored went in very fast.”

    Does it matter how fast the header went in as long as it went in?

  8. Maybe when Williams proves he can actually actually do more than get garbage time minutes there will be serious consideration of him by the USMNT.

    Why do you want to see this guy? Just because he is a German-American?

    He never plays.

  9. To answer your questions:

    Parkhurst? Ehh who cares. Guy is a shorter and slower Tim Ream without as much potential. I’m sure he’ll see the occasional call up (friendlies, 2013 Gold Cup) but I don’t think he’ll be an important player for this cycle.

    Spector? We’ll see what happens with his club career first. He’s still got a future with the USMNT. I was a disappointed we didn’t get to see him at CM at all during the Gold Cup.

    Wynne? Surely you must be joking.

    Gonzalez will get some more shots.

    Edu isn’t a centerback. I’d like to see actual centerbacks get a shot there before he does.

    We’ll see if Clark continues to play at CB for Frankfurt. They got relegated to the 2nd division so things might be different this upcoming season. Maybe he’ll play at CM/DM

  10. Yeah it’s great news. I kind of expected this because A) I don’t think Germany would really want him, especially since now he’s played with the USMNT, and B) in reading articles and quotes about Chandler before & after his call up for the 2 friendlies, he seemed generally excited & proud about playing for the USMNT.

    At least for the immediate future, I think we should go with Lichaj on the left, Cherundolo on the right, & I guess Bocanegra & Goodson in the middle. Chandler can either play as a right winger or come in as a sub.

    Lichaj may be wrong footed but he showed he can hang, & there really are no other options. I’m not gonna talk about Bornstein, because I don’t think I need to. Bocanegra is too slow & should only be used at LB in emergencies. Zach Loyd can’t be considered a real option yet & Heath Pearce is just another retread & I feel the same about him as I do about Bornstein.

    Not sure how long Cherundolo is gonna hang around, especially since I heard some rumblings before the Gold Cup about him wanting to retire internationally, but that he told Bob that he would play as long as Bob needed him to. FWIW, I felt that he was easily our best player at the Gold Cup & the 4th best player at the World Cup (after Donovan, Dempsey & Bradley). As he showed in the Gold Cup Final, the primary concern with him is injuries. I’d like to see him stick around through World Cup qualifying and the World Cup, but I’m not so sure he will. If he doesn’t, I’ll miss him but I think we’ll be ok.

    As for CB, I say Boca & Goodson because there aren’t a whole lot of other choices. That said, Boca was terrible against Mexico & Goodson wasn’t that great either. I’d like to see both of them replaced as soon as someone is ready to take their spot. Boca is getting old & won’t be around in the World Cup. Goodson is alright, but he leaves a lot to be desired & I feel like he is a stop gap between the Boca/Gooch/DeMerit years & whoever the future CBs are.

    I’d really love to see Zak Whitbread integrated into the squad quickly. He’s going to be a starting CB in the EPL and I think he could replace Goodson or Boca. Ream isn’t quite ready yet & I’m not so sure Gooch will ever get back to his 2009 Confederation Cup form. I felt like we could have used DeMerit in the Gold Cup, but I don’t really see the point in calling up for friendlies & World Cup qualifying given his age, unless he is in really good form & there are injuries at the CB position. I’d also like to see George John and Omar Gonzalez given more opportunities.

  11. Well, don’t feel too bad about. “Ich bin ein Berliner” is actually correct German, despite the urban legend to the contrary! So “Ich bin ein Amerikaner” would be correct too, in this case.

  12. Ha, awesome if he did, lame if he didn’t. Hoping he did, if not it makes me sad how dumb we are.

  13. If the experience with “Adu time” is any indication, then Bradley will be fired in about a year and the USMNT will start getting excellent results.

  14. I don’t know though, they’re both lefties. I don’t doubt that one or the other is perfectly capable of playing on the opposite side, though. We’ll see.

  15. for sure. Pepe could easily move up to midfield w/ Sami and Xabi. Ramos moves over and Marcelo and Coentrao out wide.

  16. The day of Klinnsman, like slap bracelets, yo-yos, the Tamagotchi, parachute pants, Vanilla Ice, pet rocks, VHS, paper books and proper grammar, has passed.

  17. Coentrao made Portugal lose to Argentina. He needs to stay at Benfica he is not worth enough for Real M. Good to hear that Chandler is committed to use some of you all get freaked out easily and are gullible and speculate to much thinking cause he did not want to be in the gold cup he is playing for Germany. Also thanks Chile for whooping Mexico’s butt.I saw the game the header that Chile scored went in very fast.


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