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U.S. U-18s take third place at Milk Cup

U.S. Soccer Federation

Jordan McCrary and Jerome Kiesewetter each scored, as the United States Under-18 national team defeated Georgia, 2-1, to capture third place at the Milk Cup in Northern Ireland.

McCrary scored off of a Jose Villarreal free kick in the 39th minute, and Kiesewetter finished off an Omar Salgado cross in the 58th for the eventual game-winning tally.

The United States went 2-0-1 in the Milk Cup, defeating Israel and drawing with Mexico prior to Friday's victory. Kiesewetter was the team's leading scorer, notching two goals in the tournament. Salgado, McCrary and Victor Pineda scored the other goals for the United States.

Denmark took first place at the tournament, outlasting host Northern Ireland by a 1-0 scoreline in the final.

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  1. Ze team vwill be composed of ze Timmy Chandler, Bobby Wood, Steven Cherundelo, Jermaine Jones, Edison Buddle, Michael Braduley, Danny the Williams, Jerome Keisewetter, Joey Gyua, and ze other good players from the Bundesliga.

  2. Sorry guys, I just can’t stand the negativity on these boards sometimes. It was a good tournament for our boys and there’s no reason to be cutting them down.

  3. Actually Alex, you are the troll for wasting space on the board with nonsense rants over some post. 99.99% of the people on this board who use the word “troll” are usually the main trolls themselves. Martha at least kept his/her opinion about soccer,.. what you are doing is trolling on someone elses post… Massssss p$toooo. 😉

    Great tournament for our boys. This team move the ball around very well on the ground. We need more of it.

  4. Good cause I would point out that I’m typing on an IPhone and you miss a key now and then or autocorrect messes you up. Then I would have to call you an a$$ for nitpicking….

    …..But I won’t

  5. Keisrwetter? Good thing we got Klinsman cause it looks like out senior team will be all German born players…

    Another indictment at the lack of soccer development in the US oh theirs Salgado…oh wait he came up through Chicas de Guadalajara

  6. Good tournament, but where you place doesn’t mean much. As we see the US didn’t lose a game but yet didn’t qualify for the championship even though they had the same record as the top two teams, the only difference was goal differential.

  7. With these types of tournaments it is great that they got to play three games in which they performed well. The trophy is worth as much as the experience each of them recieved.


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