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USA vs. Japan: Match Day Commentary

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The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team will complete their World Cup run today, and will either provide the perfect finish to a dream tournament, or will fall just short in their quest for a third World Cup title when the ladies take on Japan in today's Women's World Cup Final (2:45pm, ESPN/Galavision/

Standing in the way is the skillful and motivated Japanese squad, which is playing for a nation recovering from a terrible disaster and looking like a team of destiny. The United States has defeated Japan three times this year, but nobody would call this a mismatch considering how Japan has looked in this World Cup.

SBI will be providing live commentary on today's World Cup Final so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):




  1. they are 4 feet tall … how the f**k do you let them score on a corner. absolute disgraceful defending … what a clusterf**k

  2. Ives: Remember the game ends at the 120 mark (plus stoppage time). I know some folks have had trouble with that.

    Ha, nicely done

    WOW. “just under 6 minutes… 16…”


  3. It’s getting harder and harder to imagine an argument for starting Rodriguez and leaving Morgan on the bench. I mean, how much evidence do you need?

  4. So what is the best plotline to end this game?

    Does Abby do it again? or Does Lloyd, by far the worst player on the field redeem herself? Can Morgan do it again? Does Shannon Box, the unsung rock in the middle of the field show she is the class of this team? Lepeilbet redeems her first two games and scores the game winner?

    Or, Do we have our hearts ripped out because…

    our defense stinks? Hope Solo makes her first mistake? Lloyd or Rampone make another dreadful turnover and we lose?

  5. worthy final. what a display for soccer.

    honor that, come out with your best 30 minutes ever ever ever, together as a team, and see what that accomplishes, and own whatever that is, own it


  6. So it can ping pong off your center D partner to the foot of the opposing player running into the box. why else? 🙂

  7. How many dumb things can one defense do in less than five seconds, turn ball over in back 3rd, two misclears. The answer at least 4.


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