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USWNT vs. Sweden: Your Running Commentary

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The U.S. women's national team has already cemented its place in the FIFA Women's World Cup quarterfinals, but a win or a draw is still needed in its final group game on Wednesday (2:30 p.m., ESPN/ if the team is to avoid an encounter with Marta-led Brazil in the first knockout round.

Its opponent in the final group game, Sweden, is also looking to avoid that fate. The two teams are tied on points, but the United States has a better goal differential, so the Swedes, who defeated the U.S. women in the Four Nations Tournament in January, need a victory to top Group C.

Forward Abby Wambach (Achilles, sitting on a yellow card) is in the U.S. starting lineup, but right winger Heather O'Reilly (groin) has been left out of the starting XI in favor of Megan Rapinoe, who came off the bench to score against Colombia.

If you will be watching the USWNT-Sweden match, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action.


  1. Uh, you’re welcome?

    I guess I should have elaborated. I meant this in response to the notion that was being expressed on TV at the time that this team would necessarily respond in a big way to this loss. They’ve done nothing, not just in this World Cup but for some time now, to make me think they’re capable of making a statement against Brazil. Especially not with this total lack of finishing. They look 2nd tier, not elite. I’m hoping I’m wrong, but I don’t see Brazil losing.

  2. 1. “I am female so am not concentrating on her looks” – so the implication is that if you are female, you therefore cannot be concentrating on another woman’s looks? I know some females – some members of this team, actually – who might take issue with that sentence.

    2. On the other hand, being a male does not make a soccer fan incapable of assessing a female soccer player’s performance.

    3. I thought she showed good skill and creativity. Rodriguez hasn’t been getting it done, and Morgan might fit within the flow of the offense better.

    4. Fanatico is masculine. If you’re female, you might be looking for fanatica.

  3. Well, I imagine for one because a college education provides these girls with resources that a stint in the unstable world of womens’ soccer cannot, like the prospect of a career and financial stability. It’s not like these girls go pro and “make it” like the top men do. So they go to college.

  4. I think she looked sharp, like she could provide a spark. Pia Sundhage definitely seems to think she’s a fewer minutes/greater impact sort of player, so I understand her role within the team and don’t disagree with it.

    I think the main problem is our defense and defensive midfield, and particularly that left side — Krieger on the right has quietly been one of our most consistent players this World Cup — with LePeilbet (who is NOT a left back) and Buehler just getting schooled on a regular basis. I would, for one, like to see Lindsey start the next match in place of Boxx to hold things down in defensive midfield and provide some cover for our centerbacks, who are constantly being caught flat. I for one did like the combination of Cox and Rampinoe on the left, at least in comparison to the LePeilbet/Cheney tandem, which just leaves acres of space on the opposition right wing. It’s not a long term solution, for sure, but we clearly can’t trot out that same lineup against Brazil or it’ll be a short tournament for us.

    And geez, finishing. I don’t know what this team can do about finishing.

  5. The league is dead anyway. Puma has pulled out for next season. There are only 6 teams left. And SUM Marketing / US Soccer won’t provide assistance to prop it up like they did for MLS at the beginning.

    Our women should head overseas to Germany or Sweden for professional opportunities. The best ones should skip the NCAA system as it is hindering their development. Why not have a Bradenton type Academy for women so they can bypass the NCAA and play regular first team soccer in a good overseas league?

  6. Was at the office and had to follow it on FIFA gamecast, but couldn’t see the video. Sounds like we missed several good chances. Looks like we outshot Sweden handily. Finishing will have to improve against Brazil, because if Marta gets a good chance, she surely will finish it.

    One thing I will say is that I was not particularly impressed by Brazil against Norway, at least in the first half. They are VERY dependent on pushing the ball high to Marta, and don’t develop a lot of play out of their midfield. This seems strange, as they certainly have the players with the individual skill to do so.

    A win today would have been nice, as Australia would have been a weaker opponent with which to begin the knockout stages. However, the winner of Sweden/Australia will likely face Germany, so that’s not necessarily an easy path either. If the U.S. can get past Brazil, they will face the winner of England/France. I would give the edge there to France. From here, it gets very interesting…

  7. It’s hard to come back when a player gifts two goals to your opponent. Sweden really aren’t that great of a team, but USA played like garbage. I seriously doubt that they have a chance in hell against Brazil.

  8. The best 4 teams in the tournament are Germany, Brasil, US and Sweden. I think whoever wins the US vs. Brazil game will have an easy ride to the Final.

  9. Yeah, Le Pelbeit was no good, Boxx was slow and couldn’t make the right linking passes, Rapinoe also with some real sloppy passing in the final third. I was hoping Morgan would come in for Wambach, but Wambach did get us that first goal. Sloppy defending, too much route 1 passing over the top and no composure in the final third. Girls better bring it against Brazil.

  10. That was an extremely underwhelming performance. The two central midfielders were really bad; they lacked any kind of creativity in the final third and resorted to launching awful long distant shots. The defense was pretty disorganized. Just a really lethargic performance. There should be multiple changes before the Brazil. Also, I hate the empty bucket formation in the men’s game, and this proved that it does not look much better in the women’s game. Total lack of creativity by both the players and coaching staff.

  11. yeah, we play brazil. which is terrible news. will be bad for women’s soccer either way. if brazil loses, the most exciting women’s soccer team in the world is out, and if usa loses, we’re not exactly mustering attention for the league.

  12. Rapinoe and Boxx must do better. whether linking up or final balls.

    Hope Abby’s healthy; worried about all the minutes she’s already played. we’ve got some pace issues in the backline, too

  13. The US dominated that second half. It is a shame they didn’t get at least a point from this game. Although Brazil looks tough, I think these ladies will regroup and send Marta and Brazil packing. Credit to Sweeden though, they defended will and fouled when they needed to. I still think that PK call was outside the box. GO USA!

  14. playing brasil now might be a better option than having germany in the semifinal (which would have been the case I believe, assuming we won and beat Aus).


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