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Yelldell named Leverkusen starter in Adler’s absence

David Yelldell 1 (Getty Images)

U.S. national team goalkeeper David Yelldell has reason to celebrate.

Yelldell has been named the starting goalkeeper for Bayer Leverkusen in the absence of incumbent Rene Adler, who is recovering from offseason knee surgery. Yelldell beat out Fabian Giefer and will start Leverkusen's season opener against Mainz on August 7.

If Adler remains sidelined until October as projected, the 29-year-old Yelldell could start in Leverkusen's Champions League opener.

Yelldell transfered to Leverkusen from MSV Duisburg earlier this summer.

What do you think of this development? How do you see Yelldell faring as Leverkusen's starting goalkeeper?

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  1. Where’s our depth in goalkeepers? 4 years ago Guzan was supposed to find a PL side and be a starter. But then AV signed Friedel and he was a defunct no2 for a while. How is Cervi doing? who else? We need our young goalkeepers playing in Europe. Scandinavia? Holland? Europe is a must

  2. A year ago he was a starter on an average 2 Bundesliga side and now he’s the no1 until Adler returns. No 1 on a top 4 German side. He’ll be playing in the CL. What an awesome story. He’s like 30 but I can see him getting a few call-ups now and maybe through qualifying. He won’t challenge Howard for no1 but he should be good enough to compete with Guzan for a while. Our young guys like Hamid, Johnson probably will be no3 at the next WC. But will Yelldell be the no2 or Guzan?

  3. Yelldell was brought to Leverkusen as an experienced back-up. He will not replace Adler on a permanent basis.

    Also, he’ll be playing this weekend against Dynamo Dresden in the the DFB Cup.

  4. He looks like he’s being accosted by those men in strange uniforms…is he gonna be ok for the next world cup?


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