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Bunbury explains his latest goal



  1. the guy who publicly said it would be wrong to play for the US…do you really want someone who thinks that playing for your national team?

  2. I think it’s absolutely refreshing to see an athlete convey charisma and a light-heartedness that’s entertaining and not taking himself too seriously.

    This video was priceless and I thought it wasn’t possible for me to like this kid anymore than I already did.

    I’d just love to see him with the Nats more often, in the future.

  3. Is this kid good enough to make it with the Nats? Sometimes I think yes…sometimes I think no. Is his upside better than Jozy’s?

    Think he gets called up tomorrow?

    Loved the “Bobblehead” celebration, but not as good as Levesque’s scuba diver…Classic!


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