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Conrad retiring after 13-year career

Conrad (Getty Images)

After 13 seasons, Jimmy Conrad is hanging up his cleats.

Conrad is scheduled to announce his retirement at a press conference at the Home Depot Center on Thursday, signaling the end to a standout career.

Known mostly for his play in San Jose, Kansas City and with the U.S. national team and his outgoing personality, the 34-year-old centerback played just two games for Chivas USA before suffering a concussion that ultimately ended his career. Conrad was selected in the Re-Entry Draft by the Goats and scored in his debut with the club, doing so against his former team, Kansas City.

In addition to his MLS exploits, which include four MLS Best XI nods and the 2005 MLS Defender of the Year award, Conrad participated in the 2006 World Cup for the national team, where he started the United States' match against Ghana.

What do you think of this development? What moments from Conrad's career stick out for you?

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  1. One of my all-time favorite players. Such an important part of the Wizards when he was here. As others have said, always a class act, always willing to go above and beyond for fans, particularly kids. He is and will continue to be an example I point to when talking to my kids about what you can achieve through hard work, determination and self-confidence. I wish Sporting could do like they do in the NFL and resign him so he could retire as part of the KC franchise he represented so well. Agree he should have gotten more time with the USMNT. Surprised he is going to be an assistant with Chivas and not go into broadcasting, but then again think of the wealth of experience he has to pass on.

  2. One of my all time favorite players. The way he came on against Italy and held everything together was great. His personality is great too.

    Ives, hire Jimmy as a writer.

  3. Does anyone remember that match at noon in Giants Stadium in 2003 vs Kansas City, where Conrad (I think it was him) had to be taken off the field due to dehydration!

    It was a bad idea to play in 100-plus degrees and with the humidity above 90%! Thank God, it never happened again!

  4. What impressed me most about Jimmy is how he improved over the course of his career. I remember when he played for San Jose and was always a red card waiting to happen. But he learned how to avoid those mistakes and became a really smart and consistent defender.

  5. Agreed that he should get into broadcasting. The former MLS players they’re using now (Twellman, Martino, etc.) are all fine, but I think Jimmy would be outstanding as a color commentator for games, or as an anchor.

    Like others have said, the World Cup games were fantastic. I liked his MLS play but wasn’t sure he could hang with teams like Ghana and Italy, but man did he prove me wrong.

    Good luck Jimmmy, you had a great career as a player.

  6. I hope NBC Sports hires him as a color guy or that he continues with his burgeoning broadcast career. He is funny, smart, has great stories, knows the game and has a lot of interesting insight.

  7. Follow this Jimmy on twitter. Best 140 character 1-liners. And my favorite Conrad moment was the Michael Lahoud commercial he cameo’d in. I was dying.

    His goal against Mexico was very nice too

  8. Besides all the positive stuff above, I’ve emailed him a couple times as a fan and he’s kindly responded even though I am nobody to him. He certainly is a class act. All the best to you Jimmy!

  9. Good player with great personality. Had the pleasure to meet him in person several times in youth coach clinics in KC.

    Always impressed me how tough he was considering that he was tall but really a skinny guy compared to world class center backs…

  10. Great guy…solid defender, I agree he should stay with the sport in some form, he’s actually a decent writer but I’d be happy to see him kick start the Versus era.

  11. I’ll always remember him for his time in KC. Anytime he’d get a red card, he’d spend his next game’s suspension in the supporters section.

    Loved that guy.

  12. Favorite moment was when Conrad tricked Michael Harrington into dressing up like a cat for a hypothetical fashion photo shoot.

  13. Perhaps but the worst concussion I saw him suffer was playing for the USA. I cant remember what match, but it was awful. He was completely dazed and couldnt stand up. I think MLS is taking concussions more seriously than other leagues.

  14. Class through and through and a true gentleman and always upstanding with fans after games and in public. I hope he chooses to stay in the game in some area. Would be nice to see him on Versus or ESPN commenting on MLS in 2012 and beyond.

    Finally concussions have started to become a real issue in MLS ending a few careers. I hope the league and players association will take this issue onand work to minimize it as much as possible.

  15. One of my favorite players. His play was both smart and physical, and he had a great World Cup in 2006, especially when he was thrown on to hold the fort against Italy. His career is exhibit A when arguing for the ability of MLS to produce and develop quality players for our national team pool.

    Off the field he was a model professional and the funniest player in MLS by a country mile. I hope he continues to be involved in the game, especially as a writer.

  16. Conrad is a true professional, and will be missed. Enjoys the game, plays hard and smart.

    My best memory of him is when he came in against Italy in 2006. He hadn’t been tested at that level yet in his career, and he held his own and then some.

    Surely his personality will get him a gig with FOX Soccer or ESPN in the near future.


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