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Klinsmann set to be introduced as USMNT coach in New York City

Klinsmann (Reuters Pictures)

Jurgen Klinsmann's first meeting with the American media as U.S. men's national team coach is minutes away.

Klinsmann will be fielding questions from the press at Niketown in Manhattan at 10 a.m., where he will undoubtedly touch on a number of subjects in his first public comments since being hired on Friday.

There are plenty of questions that Klinsmann will likely see come his way: What changed between the last couple of times the job was offered to him? Who will his assistants be? Who will coach the U-23 and U-20 national teams going forward? What tactical and personnel changes does he plan to bring to the team?

Those are just a few of the unknowns that hope to be cleared up this morning, and SBI will be providing coverage from the press conference later today. Until then, what are the questions that you want to have answered? What do you hope to gather from Klinsmann's comments?

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  1. Ives, what’s your take the Bradley firing and Klinsman hiring? I’m still waiting to read an insightful column that points to the reasons Klinsman will succeed or fail

  2. In the memory of people who do very little research and base their opinions off fellow bloggers, it is.

    In reality, obviously it’s not. However, not all of us live in reality or take the time to read and formulate our own opinions.

    Nice stat, Theorg.

  3. Ives was too hung up on Bob Bradley, whether he knew him or just really believed in him after all that time. I hope he takes a real moderate tone with Klinsmann, as he has with most other subjects.

  4. All this talk about klinsmann not being a tactical genius makes makes me wonder, do people like Ives think his tactical acumen is actually worse than Bob’s?

  5. I’m not a huge fan of this move – I don’t think Klinsi is a good coach, in terms of tactics, in-game decisions, etc.

    However, if he hires a strong, tactically-minded #2, who can fill in his blanks (so to speak), this could work out.

    To me, that is the most important thing about this hire – who will be his #2. If not, the fruit of Klinsmann’s labor will not come in 2014, but in 2018/22.

  6. He needs to be in charged top down, Reyna stays in place… good assts are neeeded…he should be on side lines for olympics…he should bring in new players some uncapped or a few caps (chandler, gatt, young german kid from bayern, dykrsud, and from mls give davis from houston a chance)…sends a message that spots need to be earned we know what donavan, dempsey and the like can do. It is good to change coaches avery wc cycle keeps both coach and players honest…Bobs boys will have to prove their worth and Donavan will have to step up, the biggest questions is cb, Lb and F (right now Klinsmen is our best F)

  7. Ives, I would like to ask if he is going to make a total change in the USNMT and he is been following the the U20 all the way to U17 and is he planning to corporate new players from the U20 to the Senior Team. And will he be talking ever Germany/American born in Germany to be switching to play for the USA. I just hope he pick the right assistant some like Kreis, Sigi or even Perki but please do not pick the Ex Chivas Coach Martinez.

  8. Forget all this stuff, who is in charge of player development going forward and who organizes all that goes into it moving forward?

    Thats the $1 billion question.

  9. Yes, assistants are extremely important. I think you touched on all the important points, Ives. I would like to know, though, how much he’ll be working with Claudio Reyna as far as youth development goes, if that’s going to fall under his responsibility. If he’s going to incorporate Reyna and/or his plan at all.

  10. I’m curious to hear his summation of the current US player pool and talent level. What does he think our strengths and weaknesses are? Where do we have untapped potential? What style of play does he think we can play well now?

  11. Since it’s in New York, we at least can rest easy knowing Hans Backe will actually show up.

    Oh, wait. Wrong thread…..


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