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Loyd replaces Chandler on USMNT roster

Loyd (Reuters Pictures)

FC Dallas defender Zach Loyd has been called into the U.S. national team to replace Timmy Chandler, who suffered an injury in training and is working his way back to full fitness ahead of the upcoming Bundesliga season, according to a U.S. Soccer press release.

Loyd, who was part of the national team's January camp and appeared in a friendly against Chile, has been a consistent contributor along FC Dallas' back line and will be an option at either fullback position for new U.S. manager Jurgen Klinsmann.

What do you think of this development? Disappointed Chandler won't get to play against Mexico?

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  1. You all do know that Chandler played for Nurnberg today. I guess he was only injured for next weeks game against Mexico. This boy is a flake.

  2. “With that said I think it would have made alot of people feel better about his committment if he’d played this friendly. ”

    That is your priority.

    Nuremberg’s is their season and risking Chandler in a badly timed far away pointless friendly is lower on their priority list.

    These kind of manuevers are SOP for many clubs and US fans just need to get over it.

    Chandler is paid by Nuremberg not the US. The US just borrows him for games.

  3. The likelihood of Loew coming over the top of Klinsmann to get Chandler is about the same as myself getting a date with olivia wilde

  4. How is your post anywhere close to a decent reply?

    Where did jonk call him a savior? Or even speculate that he was anything close to it?

    There is absolutely nothing unreasonable about hoping Chandler recovers.

  5. I guess I have no issue with Loyd, but there is a LONG list of MLS products that got their USMNT shot in camp and go tossed/toasted. The DMB/LD type list is short. There’s no evidence for your argument (either).

  6. Yea I saw Eddie Pope smoked repeatedly and then have two goals scored directly on him with my own eyes against England at Soldier Field.

  7. We are all entitled to our opinions, dude, whatevs. You see what you want you want and that’s cool, as the game of soccer is all about speed for you. Name one MLS player who held his own against legends? Well, there’s Eddie Pope. Ever hear of him?

  8. everyone’s in an uproar about loyed not up to snuff. Relax and take a deep breadth. He isnt even going to play. This is smile and a hand shake to Shelles and what he has been able to do. Personally, I thought Franklin or G john would be called in before loyd.

  9. He’s already played a couple of EL games and the season starts next week, plus obviously we know what he can do so there’s no need for him to play

  10. Lloyd is a good defensive player and provides some coming forward. Disappointed obviously that Chandler couldn’t make it because he really looks like a star in the making.

  11. And he’s been stellar this season. I think his ceiling is miles higher than Franklin. Was baffled that he wasn’t an All-Star (though I saw he was third choice in the player voting). I think it may take another season before MLS fans figure out how good he is.

  12. Are you trying get people to see reason, when they want to over-react? C’mon now, this has to be a super scary story.

    Anyone who follows European soccer knows that clubs love having players taken away for midweek games on far away continents, and they never pull players out of a pretty much meaningless friendly for what’s probably a minor injury, if much of an injury at all. (This game admittedly has a bit more meaning than the usual, seeing as it’s the new manager’s first game, but it’s still meaningless to anyone but Americans.)

    TBH, I love international matches as much as the next guy, but I do agree with the clubs that a match the Wednesday before/after the first league match of the season is a bit silly. If we were to hear that this was a serious injury, I could see having a reason to worry, but otherwise I’d think this is just a typical club not wanting to risk a player type of deal.

  13. There are news stories in the German sports press saying that Nuremberg is being plagued with injuries before its season opener on Saturday, with one key player definitely out and three (including Chandler) questionable. The link below is to a story that says Chandler recently had a “twisted knee” and now has a calf injury. I worried about losing Chandler when he sat out the Gold Cup, but I have no doubt now that Chandler is eager to play for Klinsmann. Probably will happen in Brussels.

  14. Committing to come, then faking injury seems like a great length to go to in order to avoid a non-cap-tying friendly…

  15. Lloyd doesn’t seem to have special speed. Chandler does…so does Gio Barrerra and Guardado

    Drew Moor, Jeff Agoos, Tim Ream, Conrad are examples of MLS defenders who went from MLS to natl team and had embarrassing performances. The fact that some had some success against lower natl teams doesn’t excuse the poor performances they had against bigger teams ….and of course BORNSTEIN.

    I can’t name one MLS defender who walked in and had a good perf against a top level team.

    DMB and Landon were not products of MLS when they joined the team oh yeah exhibit 6 Omar Gonzalez.

    John George I suspect will be the same.

    If reading the blog ruins their confidence then they are truly mentally weak and won’t make it anyway

  16. “I don’t consider him a lock until I see him in a WC Qualifier.”

    exactly; this is the only thing that will quash the concerns once and for all

    until he’s officially cap-tied, it’s perfectly legitimate to be uneasy, despite the verbal reassurances

    “having said that”, I’d be stunned if was not a key part of the USMNT going forward

    happy for Loyd too; he impressed me in the Chile game

  17. I agree… Gomez is in better form and the trip is much shorter.

    Nevertheless, this might be a last chance for Buddle. Maybe Klinsi has Gomez penciled in for Costa Rica.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Findley get a look (as a sub) at Belgium, just to see if he actually has any future with the team.

  18. Whatever happened to Ives’ interview with JOB? I remember him tweeting about that back in April like it was the get of the century.


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