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Midnight Ticker: Holden returns to practice, Bruin to have surgery and more


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Stuart Holden took the next step in his recovery process on Monday, returning to the practice field for Bolton Wanderers for the first time since March.

Having been unable to train for the past five months due to a knee injury, Holden returned to training on the day of his 26th birthday. Holden did not participate in full training, but he was able to run on the field and do some ball drills.

Holden's full return is still projected to be sometime in the fall.

Here are more stories to wrap up Monday:


The injury bug wasn't kind to the Houston Dynamo this past weekend. Will Bruin is set to undergo left knee surgery on Tuesday, the rookie announced on his Twitter. Bruin, who is is tied for a team-best with four goals scored, suffered the injury in the Dynamo's 3-1 win versus the Seattle Sounders on Saturday. The Dynamo will also be without midfielder Danny Cruz for the foreseeable future. Cruz is going to miss four to six weeks with a torn left quad muscle. Cruz was injured during finishing drills last Friday.


Australia national team coach Holger Osieck has omitted Harry Kewell from the Socceroos team that will face Wales in a friendly next week. Osieck left Kewell off the roster due to the midfielder being unfit as a result of being a free agent. Kewell, who is linked with a move to Melbourne Victory, has been without a club since being released by Galatasary at the end of last season.


What do you think of Holden returning to practice? How do you see Houston coping with Bruin and Cruz? Surprised Kewell was left off Australia's roster?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Yeah, I remember that the true diagnosis (the anatomic injury) was never disclosed. I have seen the incident many times and from several angles and I immediately thought that Holden had sustained a tibial plateau fracture. I do this stuff for a living and the way that Evans hit Holden…well, that is exactly how a tibial plateau fracture occurs. Still, without a look at the MRI none of us will truly ever know.

  2. Twenty-some stitches is an injury, but it is not one that takes 6 months to recover. If that’s all it was it wouldn’t have even taken six weeks to get back, and no one calls stitches “surgery.”

    With that timeframe it was probably ligament damage or perhaps meniscus.

  3. This Thread has gone into “Fantasy Land”. All these line ups would get D E S T R O Y E D on the international stage. Only a few of the guys in these line ups are ready for “Prime Time”.

  4. I love Stuey, but my big question is can he stay healthy playing the style he currently plays. He reminds me so much of JOB it’s scary. He seems to get a major injury once per year. I think he needs to pick his spots better and play to cut guys off, stay in front and force the pass rather than tackling everything that moves. He’s not sturdy enough to play that way. Can he modify his style yet still be just as intense and effective?

  5. So when is twenty-some stitches in the knee NOT a knee injury?

    And why are you two getting all worked up about it?

    You both should know (along with everyone else) that Bolton will NEVER tell you what the exact injury is.

    Give it a rest.

  6. Why do you people hate Goodson so much?

    Also, I don’t know what’s more funny, Chandler on the left side, or “Lihai”….

  7. Tim Ream has passing ability, defending ability? Not so much… Small detail for a defender I guess, you know, too defender… Our centerback pool is shallow to dried up, outside of Goodson I cant come up with a starter

  8. He had knee surgery…your the one that needs to get out more…know your facts before posting next time…

    From June:

    American midfielder Stuart Holden will miss June’s CONCACAF Gold Cup because of a knee injury that required surgery and will sideline him six months.

  9. I answered the question with facts. You simply are making implications and asking questions.

    Getting out more implies that if the readers above were following the sport more closely then they would know all of this – its not rocket science to Google “Holden Injury”. There only must have been twenty articles on it.

    That’s what the hell it means fischy.

    Stop looking for an argument.

  10. Look there is no guarantee that Ream will imporve his defending enough to be on the National team, passing is great but you have to defend first and foremost. John, whitbeard, Gonzalez should be the 3 in consideration right now for the CB spots with goodsen and even pierce as candidates to give depth.

    My line up in a world of full health:



    Donavan Holden Dempsey


    Lihai John Whitbeard Chandler


    I’m also ok using Donavan as s super sub with bedoya starting, And having Jones and EDU come in to hold leads, Aguedelo can be the sub for Altidore in 2nd half if level or down.

  11. Yes, Gooch looked great for Sporting in a friendly against Juventus. Not only he assisted on the first goal, but also won every ball in his vicinity and showed good positioning and confidence on the ball distributing it out of the back. Given his post-injury struggles, I was pleasantly surprised by such a strong performance.

  12. Well, actually, you don’t know that he didn’t have a torn ACL…anymore than the other guy knows he did. All we really know is that he had an MRI done after the incident and then had to have surgery. Torn patellar tendon a possibility, Torn ligament(s) also a possibility. Perhaps a muscle needed to be reattached. It was very odd, but neither Stu nor the team ever said what the injury was.

    DId he have a big gash that needed stitches to close? Yes. Did he also have surgery a day later for something else? Yes. You need to get out more, whatever the hell that means.

  13. Yup I like this… Adu slightly withdrawn behind Duece, almost looking like a 4-5-1. You don’t think Klinsmann will utilize Adu’s skill? Do you want to put Adu in the wing where he will be exposed, or would rather put him in the middle where he is out paced and outsized? He is no Messi…

    Ream will be fine with time, he has the passing ability needed, and you can switch sides Chandler and Lichaj…. Both are probably both better suited for the right side anyway.

  14. WHAAAATTT!!???

    Its was all over the news. He had a collision with Jonny Evans during the Man U game and came away with 26 stitches in his knee. NO torn ACL 1 my friend.

    You guys need to get out more…

  15. Who is the Ream you are referring to? The Ream in MLS is getting torched by every team that uses a striker with any pace.

  16. Damn I-phone spell check. I meant “Debt”. I must correct myself before I get 20 messages from SBI English 1301 professors.

  17. I heard Klinsman went to Stu and performed the Mr. Miyagi remedy. True story! Klinsman is also now figuring out how to get out of this dept. He suppose to have an answer tomorrow… In Klins we trust!

    Goods news in regards to Stu.

  18. Encouraging signs. A solid week for Americans abroad, Gooch reportedly playing well in preseason for Lisbon, Holden returning, even Beasley racking up stats. Hope this continutes.

  19. I feel so bad for Holden. He basically missed the WC because he wasn’t fully recovered, and missed the Gold Cup because of his new injury. He knows, and we all know, the team would have played much better had he been in tip top shape on both of those occasions.

    Get well, Stuart 🙂

  20. Me either. Why is this stuff so hard to uncover. As someone who goes to Dynamo games I don’t care the Bruin is undergoing knee surgery. I care why he needs the surgery and how long he will be out.

    Knee surgery could mean anywhere from two weeks to a year of recovery time depending on whether it is just a scope or an ACL.



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