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Soccer Wednesday: Your Running Commentary


LionelMessi (Reuters)

We haven't even hit September yet, but we're already getting mid-week soccer schedules loaded with incredible match-ups. Today is one of those special days.

FC Barcelona takes on Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup second leg today (5pm, GolTV), with Barcelona having earned a 2-2 draw in the first leg in Madrid.

There is also UEFA Champions League playoff action, with Bayern Munich and Villarreal in action. 

If you're interested in seeing some future stars go at it, you'll want to see the Under-20 World Cup semifinals, with Brazil/Mexico promising to be one of the most exciting matches of the day.

MLS fans will be interested to see how the Colorado Rapids and FC Dallas do in CONCACAF Champions League action tonight. The Los Angeles Galaxy and Seattle Sounders both posted impressive Champions League wins on Tuesday but the Rapids and Dallas will have tough tests awaiting.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV Schedule is after the jump):


2:45pm- Fox Soccer Channel- Bayern Munich vs. FC Zurich (UEFA Champions League)

2:45pm- Fox Soccer Plus-  Dinamo Zagreb vs. Malmo (UEFA Champions League)

2:45pm- DirecTV- Maccabi Haifa vs. Racing Genk (UEFA Champions League)

2:45pm- OB Odense vs. Villarreal (UEFA Champions League)

5pm- GolTV- FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid (Spanish Super Cup)

6pm- ESPNU/ France vs. Portugal (Under-20 World Cup semifinal)

7:30pm- MLS Direct Kick- New England Revolution vs. Houston Dynamo

7:30pm- Fox Soccer Channel- magicJack vs. Boston Breakers

8:30pm- MLS Direct Kick- Sporting Kansas City vs. Portland Timbers

9pm- ESPNU/ Brazil vs. Mexico (Under-20 World Cup semifinal)

10pm- Fox Soccer Channel- Colorado Rapids vs. Isidro Metapan (CONCACAF Champions League)

10pm- Galavision- UNAM Pumas vs. FC Dallas (CONCACAF Champions League)

12:30am- Fox Soccer Channel- UNAM Pumas vs. FC Dallas (CONCACAF Champions League, Delayed)


  1. That’s harsh. They’ve had a good second half of the season and will be a playoff team that can make a run.

    They aren’t playing their best players (which may be a mistake).

  2. Late equalizer from Dynamo against the Revs. Matt Reis with an amazing game, or it would have been tied much earlier. Handbags at the end between Reis and Adam Moffat, who has been a great addition for Houston so far.

  3. Once again MLS teams not taking this tournament seriously not even when they don’t have to play in the playoffs for qualifying into the group stage and playing really weak Salvadorian or Guatemalan or even Caribbean teams?

    No Mastroeni, no Marshall, no Cummings, what tha hell? And Mullan on the bench? Kandji has barely played and Akpan hasn’t played in a while, really hope they show up! FC Dallas on the other hand is taking this serious, PUMAS is playing with nothing but youth this group phase but still have tons of talent and no MLS team has ever won in Mexico so lets see how they do?

  4. Not sure if this is a Mexico channel stream but try ESPN Deportes, I’m watching on at d e he DOT fm in case you can’t find it in ESPN Deportes, or if you don’t have that channel?

  5. Wow, I barely turned on to check score on Colorado match and Metapan is already winning 1-0? WTH, did they not learn from Seattle yesterday?

  6. not so fast. Pumas and Chivas have the best youth programs in Mexican soccer. And that is saying a lot, considering the country’s 2 U-17 world titles and U-20 final 4 appearancethis time.

  7. U-20 between Mexico and Brazil: whatever the FMF is doing to develop these young players, the US needs to emulate as much as possible. Those kids are skilled. Entertaining match.

  8. Don’t forget those fine upstanding citizens like Joey Barton and John Terry. For that matter, I seem to recall that Gerrard likes a bar brawl every now and then. Perhaps Madrid should add him to their stable of Galacticos!

  9. On The Madrid fans started it, and the Barca supporters are doing this in retaliation. Both groups are asinine for it. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  10. The media needs to end their love affair with Jose. Jose is a one trick pony, persistent, aggressive fouling, to steal a game. What is so sad, with Madrid he has the horses to win the game with honest performance, but his ego will not allow it. His one time success with Inter may have led copy cats to produce one of the worst WC finals in history. One had to watch the women WC to see soccer. The officials can end this love affair by calling the game according to the rules. They can’t be intimidated by Jose’s rants, and then maybe the media will have the courage to follow.

  11. In the two matches, Barca didn’t get their tiki taka on and still found a way to win. RM must really hate life right now.

    Oh. And Marcelo is awful. No excuse for that junk.

  12. Chris, do you have any evidence that Cesc is a racist? Or are you just generalizing about a whole nationality based on the actions of a few? What’s the word for that? Ah, yes: Racist.

  13. Go watch your Premier League and pat yourself on the back that it is the best league in the world. The Premier League employs potential murderers like Ryan Shawcross. Enough said. Go watch your “honest” footballers and keep asking yourself why England has never won the World Cup (the one back in 1476 doesn’t count; the ball did not cross the line).

    There is the right way of playing football, and Barcelona plays the “right” type of football. Cesk is a player of the best team in footballing history.

  14. nah. unfortunately his teams are starting to be known as thugs…..not the world class players they are. it’s all a reflection of the coach.

  15. That has to be the end of mourinho in la Liga. I want a lifetime ban for that pos human being. You never grab another team’s coach.

    He is gone.

  16. What an ending… what a deput for Fabs, what a sequence by Messi. The monkey chants really got into Marcelo’s head, a what a d* move! And did you see Mourinho pinching that one guy in the face? what the hell was that? Its unbelievable how much these two teams hate each other, I still have NO IDEA how they function so well on the national team. I understand the players fighting here don’t all play for Spain but there is some intense hatred between a few who do. Unreal.

  17. bundesliga starting LB!?! get Jurgen on the next plane to Deutschland and get him signed up with the U.S of A! while he is over there get Shawn Parker signed up as well. Who would have imagined a military base in Germany would have this kind of impact on our Soccer team>>


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