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Soccer Wednesday: Your Running Commentary


LionelMessi (Reuters)

We haven't even hit September yet, but we're already getting mid-week soccer schedules loaded with incredible match-ups. Today is one of those special days.

FC Barcelona takes on Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup second leg today (5pm, GolTV), with Barcelona having earned a 2-2 draw in the first leg in Madrid.

There is also UEFA Champions League playoff action, with Bayern Munich and Villarreal in action. 

If you're interested in seeing some future stars go at it, you'll want to see the Under-20 World Cup semifinals, with Brazil/Mexico promising to be one of the most exciting matches of the day.

MLS fans will be interested to see how the Colorado Rapids and FC Dallas do in CONCACAF Champions League action tonight. The Los Angeles Galaxy and Seattle Sounders both posted impressive Champions League wins on Tuesday but the Rapids and Dallas will have tough tests awaiting.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV Schedule is after the jump):


2:45pm- Fox Soccer Channel- Bayern Munich vs. FC Zurich (UEFA Champions League)

2:45pm- Fox Soccer Plus-  Dinamo Zagreb vs. Malmo (UEFA Champions League)

2:45pm- DirecTV- Maccabi Haifa vs. Racing Genk (UEFA Champions League)

2:45pm- OB Odense vs. Villarreal (UEFA Champions League)

5pm- GolTV- FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid (Spanish Super Cup)

6pm- ESPNU/ France vs. Portugal (Under-20 World Cup semifinal)

7:30pm- MLS Direct Kick- New England Revolution vs. Houston Dynamo

7:30pm- Fox Soccer Channel- magicJack vs. Boston Breakers

8:30pm- MLS Direct Kick- Sporting Kansas City vs. Portland Timbers

9pm- ESPNU/ Brazil vs. Mexico (Under-20 World Cup semifinal)

10pm- Fox Soccer Channel- Colorado Rapids vs. Isidro Metapan (CONCACAF Champions League)

10pm- Galavision- UNAM Pumas vs. FC Dallas (CONCACAF Champions League)

12:30am- Fox Soccer Channel- UNAM Pumas vs. FC Dallas (CONCACAF Champions League, Delayed)


  1. I’m sure he won’t mind collecting a huge paycheck while playing for the best team in the world in probably the best league in the world, despite your disapproval.

  2. I sure hope Pepe and Marcello get long suspensions sometime this year, both are thugs out to injure. If someone accidentally took them out for a few months I wouldn’t mind at all. Where’s Shawcross when you need him.

  3. How do you figure? They qualified for the playoffs and beat their opponents, incl. FC Dallas. Sure they deserved the championship!

  4. They had a few, I think Bravo is a starter or at least was up until recently.

    Is not like they played a bad game? They could of easily tied or won this game, but Hartman is a beast!

    Toronto needs to finish off the great start for MLS, I hate when MLS teams have to play in Panama, those teams have crappy situations happen all the time. I remember a Dynamo game against some team, not sure if it was Tauro where the lights went out? WTF?

    I hope Ryan Johnson, Joao Plata and Frings put a whooping tomorrow on the road!

  5. That will teach pumas not to use u-17 and u-20 againts a starter Dallas. They didn’t even bother having the starters in the bench that’s how cocky they were.

  6. Well, I thought Dallas looked pretty decent when they passed the ball and tried to play through Brek Shea, which you would think they would do often. Tonight, however, they seemed to want to play down the right and dribble past everyone, often failing.

  7. So FC Dallas makes history tonight! Great way to start, now beat Tauro and TFC at home and maybe Tauro in Panama and they should be fine!

  8. WHOA! I missed a lot in the Dallas game? lol

    Pumas was up 1-0, then Benitez hit a long shot that hit the right post and Chavez put in the rebound.

    Pumas already made all their subs, I hope they can hold on to the tie or get a winner, would be the 1st MLS team to win Mexico?

  9. I’m going to guess you’re a Mexico fan?

    Messi has not played as great as he does for Barca but he basically engineered 90 of Argentina’s goal in the Copa America and World Cup, not exactly sucking, and if it wasn’t for the out this world performance from the Nigeria keeper and the Greek Keeper, he probably would of had 4 or 5 goals in South Africa, for sure the Nigerian keeper took away a hat trick from Messi!

    Messi is money, but Argentina is a mess with no defense and foundation in the middle. I hope the new coach can get the team playing like one, is hard to see a team with Mascherano, Messi, Aguero, Tevez, Di Maria etc etc under perform so much

  10. Well again not a lot of common ground between your take on things in that disparaging description there and the reality of the team’s play, even despite the high profile of the team’s recent performances. So…

  11. Its easy to win when you bunker down, score on set pieces or launch the ball towards the forwards. Winning isnt everything and i have no respect for any MLS team that acts like they are playing Man U. A bunch slow @ss untechnical thugs

  12. Keeping up your level of insight and analysis, I see. 🙂

    Meanwhile, Kandji the thug and Thompson another thug fed Akpan a third thug and the Rapids have a third goal.

  13. I’m sure it’s the 2nd one. But seriously that’s their fault for fielding back ups, our teams are not good enough to be fielding back ups and win comfortably, this isn’t Mexico and deep talented teams with great academy funds.

    This Metapan has 2 guys who played a good amount of games in MLS, Pacheco played for NYRB and I believe Sanchez is the one that use to play with San Jose for about 2 or 3 seasons.

    They gave up a PK in less than a minute, if the ref wasn’t so blind he would of ejected Moor and awarded a PK and it might be around 2-1 or 3-1 with Colorado having the man down?

  14. You and Chris, man. Almost a year later and you still just can’t come to terms with the fact that the Rapids’ MLS Cup win was not just a fluke, as evidenced if nothing else by their injury-plagued yet strong performance this season.

    You guys don’t feel embarrassed by the gaping distance between your take on the point and simple, observable reality?

  15. Is it the being tied at half time in Mexico City or the other champions league game where a team is tied while fielding a squad of backups?

  16. how does he go for the ball when he put his shoulder right on the guys back and shoulder? How is that going for the ball? Get your blinders off man!

    Not with this team, Weaver just pulled an Oduro, all the Dynamo ever do is score off of Set pieces. They beat a very tired Seattle team but they can’t win on the road, that will not get them in the playoffs. SKC is ahead of them now, not even fully healthy. NY also has some players coming back, DC is in a streak hell I won’t be surprised to see Chivas pass them with Angel and the other 2 new guys

  17. We gave them a lot of heat for that $hit last year! It was awful and very unprofessional, it’s one thing if Puerto Rico had beaten them with pure hustle and grit and hard work, they got spanked 4-1 at home, not even close!

    This year they seem to be taking it seriously!

  18. Completely disagree. Moffat was going for the ball and well within his rights do to so. Unfortunate the Revs player got sandwiched between him and Matt Reis. I thought Reis was out of line in his reaction, and Moffat actually kept a cool head with Reis trying to provoke him.

    I think Dynamo will sneak into the playoffs where they will be a dangerous out. We shall see….

  19. Wells Thompson sucks. And I think he’s going to get red carded tonight.

    Oh, and this ref is interesting. Not too often that a line ref and center ref both call a penalty, then decide that it’s actually offside 10 seconds after the center ref points to the spot.


  20. They can get out of the group stage and win it, not sure how they would fare against Pumas and Santos and Monterrey who will be the toughest opponent from Mexico.

    They might be good with Keane in the knock stages after he has about 6 months to gel and a preseason with the team?

    Also they will have Leonardo back so they’ll have some depth

  21. God Damn you Rapids, at least is going to be an exciting game with plenty of goals, 3-2 Colorado hopefully? They can’t afford to lose points at home?

    Santos beat Real España yesterday and only 1 goal in the difference stat, they can stay right with the Mexico team and jump ahead of the Salvadorian and Honduran teams!

    They need to win this, and needed to win big!

  22. Ugh I’m over colorado. And their style of play. And their organization. I like cummings and I think that’s it. That said, I hope Dallas is this year’s RSL in concacaf, but this time to win it all. (I’m a galaxy fan, but come on, everyone. We know they’re not capable lol)

  23. Yeah it started already, go to the site I typed, I put spaces in between letters because sometimes there’s bots who look for the links to block and report them?

  24. That push by Moffat was very dirty and unnecessary, and ironically enough, something Phelan would do not most Dynamo players Brent!

    I know you’ve seen me in Glenn’s blog and heard me calling in, I keep up with the Dynamo mainly because I enjoy taking with my friends back in Houston about it and Glenn is among the best in the nation to listen to. Moffat should be suspended for that, 1 game only.

    This Houston team is not going to make the playoffs, no creativity and no energy, they got RSL, LA among others coming at home soon? They should focus on having a good team in 2012, and cut the extra weight. Costly is not even being used all that much or well? Hopefully we see Camargo, Costly and Ching in the starting line up with Davis and Clark and Cameron in the defense?


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