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Toronto FC adds to MLS success with CCL win over Tauro

DeGuzman (Getty Images)

Style points not withstanding, Toronto FC made Major League Soccer a perfect 5-for-5 in the CONCACAF Champions League group stage Thursday night.

Ryan Johnson and Julian de Guzman took advantage of shoddy defending to score goals three minutes apart midway through the first half, and TFC held on to defeat Tauro FC in Panama City, 2-1, in a Group C matchup.

The win came at a bit of a cost, as TFC striker Danny Koevermans was forced to leave the match, one that was littered with fouls and sloppy play, with an injury.

Nevertheless, TFC is level with FC Dallas atop the Group C table after the first of six group games. Los Angeles, Seattle and Colorado all won their first group matches and either own or have a share of the top spot in their respective groups as well.

Here are highlights from the match:



What did you think of the game? Impressed at the early MLS success in this tournament? Think it will translate into long-term success?

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  1. I think you meant to say “Major Major Major Major, sir”, but yeah, that disallowed goal was definitely the most bizarro/bogus call I’ve ever seen. (+/-22 eternally for the Joseph Heller reference).

  2. I actually think the advantage is reveresed. MLS teams are starting to be worn down from the liong season and playoff push (for the teams that applies to) during the group stage. This gives a reason for teams to not take CCL seriously which LA used to do (seems like they might take it seriously this edition because I think the league/fans are pressuring them to do so). the mexican teams are fresh and ready to go because they are in season.
    In the knock out rounds the mexican teams are worn from their league grinds. MLS teams are then fresh. In the past there was quite a bit of turnover from season to season for MLS teams but with that starting to slow down I think freshness is more of a benefit than any disadvantage of intergrating new players.

  3. Hahaha seattle couldnt beat monterrey in there own house in lastima year edition. Just because dallas beat a c team pumas doesnt mean everyone could go down to México and beat them.

  4. Does anyone remember the officials that allowed a USA player back on the field without a number, than disallowed his goal because he had no number. Major/Major would love that ruling.

  5. The CA players and officials make the game very ugly. Pundits say MLS teams have to deal with it. That’s wrong, CONCACAF needs to change it, because this tournament, no matter who wins, is a disgrace.

  6. Anyone else feel a false sense of superiority right now? MLS teams have a distinct advantage in the group stage since our players are match fit and teams are jelling, while Mexican and Central American teams are all in their pre-/early seasons. Conversely, MLS is a disadvantage come the knock out rounds in winter, early spring.

  7. Will someone let me know the percentage of “B” Team and “C” Team players that Tauro played.

    I am trying to get a sense of where Sam in Springfield thinks a lower level MLS team ranks/compares to the Panama league.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. I’m having a Katt Williams like reaction to these CCL MLS results. “Are you sure I’m a tiger…er…MLS fan?”

  9. When RSL played in Panama it was just as bad if not worse. Than when the Panamanian team came here it was an absolute joke. People wanted their money back for the reffing and seeing the medics run on the field more than the players. Panamanian teams are a joke.

  10. They definitely have a CA bias down there, but we get the calls over here. I would not say its even close to even, but bias for home teams is just sadly part of the game in the Americas.

  11. I’ve come to the conclusion that Central American soccer combined with Central American officiating will be corrupt and/or biased. It’s a joke. I will now treat is as such from now on. Pretty sad if you ask me.

  12. The absense of Frings was acutely felt (yellow card suspension). Kocic was shaky in goal. As we have become accustomed to, the reffing was diabolical. Winter’s head coach De Klerk got tossed. The pitch was awful. So in other words, it was a typical Concacaf 3-ring circus. The game was ugly as sin but the fact is, in the past we would have dropped the points.


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