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U.S. Soccer clarifies Chandler situation


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When Timmy Chandler was replaced on the U.S. Soccer roster ahead of Wednesday's friendly against Mexico because of fitness issues, it disappointed plenty who wanted to see Chandler have the chance to go up against El Tri's speedy wingers, an asset that the United States did not have during this summer's CONCACAF Gold Cup final.

When Chandler went on to play 90 minutes in his club's season-opening game over the weekend after being replaced on the U.S. roster by FC Dallas defender Zach Loyd, it naturally raised some suspicions even though Chandler has repeated his allegiance to playing for the United States.

U.S. Soccer clarified the situation over the weekend, releasing the following statement through the men's national team blog on its website:

"In his first five days on the job, U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann had been speaking to as many players as possible prior to naming the squad and had not been able to reach Chandler. Following Thursday's roster announcement, Klinsmann spoke with Chandler and FC N├╝rnberg manager Dieter Hecking about Chandler's call-up for the Mexico game.

"After discussing Chandler's fitness following a minor injury and the importance of trying to earn a regular starting spot in his first full Bundesliga campaign, Klinsmann decided to allow Chandler to remain with his club rather than make the long trip to Philadelphia, and understood that he would likely play in the team's opening match of the season against Hertha Berlin. All agreed that Chandler would report to the USA's September friendlies against Costa Rica and Belgium."


What do you think of the explanation? Do you think this will finally put to rest any conspiracy theories that Chandler wants to play for Germany?

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  1. You’ve missed the point. The disrespect stems not from the fact that they didn’t want him to play for the US (obviously, clubs always would prefer that their players stay with them) but from the fact that there was deception involved in claiming that he was injured, and then playing him 90. If they were clear about what they wanted right from the start, if this story hadn’t come out after the fact, it would have been SOP. Letting them play with US Soccer like this does not set a good precedent for their future discussions about Chandler.

    Your analogy is not just imperfect, but is not even remotely analogous.

  2. If I had to guess, Chandler, Nurnberg, and Klinsmann all agreed to miss Mexico. USSF didn’t like the sound of that and put out the injury report instead.

  3. Non-story. Everyone has walked back from the conspiracy theory ledge since Bradley was fired, but not that much. Nothing is certain until it happens, just hang loose and don’t worry about what Timmy Chandler is gonna do. Honestly, who cares. He won’t make or break this team.

  4. Actually, you are kinda wrong in one respect, the national team calls a lot of the shots. It doesn’t matter to FIFA who pays him more or more regularly. If the national side calls him up and the club refuses to let him play, they can not use him and are docked pts or worse if they put him on the 18-man roster.

    Now a team can say he is too injured and not use him for 9 days after the call up (which usually means he misses 2 games or more which in itself discourages chicanery)

    So this is ultimately a Chandler decision as it is up to players to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a call up. I find it odd that he would duck out of it given that he just played 90 minutes but if he feels his position at the club is that tenuous then I can understand wanting to try to solidify his position to assure he gets more roster bonuses and goal and minutes bonuses etc that may be on offer to him.

  5. Look, if we’re going to bitch about playing guys who aren’t getting playing time with their clubs, then we can’t bitch about a guy staying back from a one-off game in part because he’s trying to keep his starting spot with his club. With what he’s said I have zero doubts that Chandler wants to play for the US. Given that, I want him in the best possible position with his club.

  6. GW Very aristotelian . if he was a candidate and a potential starter for Germany, the club would have released him. This is BS

  7. see the difference between Castle and Chandler, one wants to play and the other not, Klinsmann must call only players who want repesent our country with your heart, feel the need to soccer in our blood to be world champion someday.

  8. It seems Nurnberg is mainly worried about one of their players getting injured outside of club play, which is understandable to a degree. However, I think they’re starting to carry that too far. They used the same “he’s trying to establish himself in a starting role” excuse this summer with the Gold Cup. Nurnberg seems to be holding club playing time over Chandler’s head as a threat if he plays in an international match. I hope this pattern does not continue. I don’t care so much about the friendlies, but we SORELY missed a defender of Chandler’s quality in the Gold Cup final versus Mexico. I also worry that the German NT may be pulling some kind of strings in the background with Nurnberg…

  9. “this smacks of disrespect.”

    You are pretty thin skinned.

    This sort of thing happens all the time.

    It’s SOP.

    Chandler belongs to them. He is their player. They pay him. The US does not. The US occasionally borrows him.

    It’s an imperfect analogy but how would you feel if your brother-in-law (if you have one) was always borrowing your car, having parties at your house, and using your things and only asking you about half the time?

  10. Gonzo had a pretty rough outing last time. He reacted a second slow, which is dangerous when you have the agility of Gooch. I’m sure he will get better with more experience, but it’s not exactly our ideal group either.

  11. I agree. The travel length has little to do with the issue. This is U.S. Soccer’s way of conceding and stating that in Chandler’s case, and in several other players’ cases, club games and playing time are more important than friendlies, even ones against Mexicans.

    They should have announced this last week to avoid having to clear the situation now. I don’t think this will happen again. Coach just did get hired…

    Also, I think Chandler will rep the U.S. Although, we’ll see what happens.

  12. Yeah, I feel the same way. I’m not really worried about Chandler switching to Germany. But the way Nurnberg has been handling this smacks of disrespect.

  13. No matter how stupid I think Klinsmann is capable of being, there is no way he would put Chandler on the list without talking to him and the club. The roster announcement was pushed back a day so Klinsmann could have more time to do just that.

  14. we all know the truth chandler United States is their second choice. Would not play the Gold Cup is a tournament official dorporque is obvious there is more to say, no longer have to call it.

    sorry I’d like the situation was different but it is not.


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