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Who do you want to see Klinsmann call up for the Mexico friendly?

USMNT (Getty Images)

Jurgen Klinsmann's first match as U.S. men's national team head coach is next week, and in his opening press conference as coach he said that he would likely unveil his roster for the game on Wednesday.

U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati suggested that fans should expect a familiar group of players, considering how new Klinsmann is to the job and how little time he'll have had to prepare for the match. Combine that with the game falling on a FIFA international fixture date, and the United States should boast an A-team squad with the likes of Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Tim Howard, etc.

There's still room for discussion, though, about how the United States should approach the match and which new players, if any, should get a chance to prove their worth with World Cup qualifiers 10 months away.

Which players do you want to see called in for the Mexico match? How do you think Klinsmann and the USMNT should approach the game?

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  1. Holden is not ready, just jogging around now. Woods? Tracey?? Doyle is about a half-time player at Derby, hardly ready for international team at the senior level. Gatt and Guay similarly have little pro experience, but they are good players and will get some time later.

  2. There is really no “camp” for this game. Most players will arrive Sunday or Monday so they might get a little work in on Monday (if they are not too jet-lagged) and something light the day before the match, then back on a plane to their respective Clubs on Thursday.

    This argues that Klinsmann will call in mostly players Bradley would have called in, but since Bradley has had over 100 players on game-day rosters in the last year that list is not as short as you might think. In any case it is unlikely to have more than one defender whom Bradley did not call up, no midfielders, but forwards might be another matter. Of Course if Klinsmann does not care whether the team takes a drubbing or not, he could call up a bunch of young players who don’t know each other and throw them to the lions to see who survives.

  3. Is the USMNT still fretting about lack of good CB’s? I know Ream isn’t the best cover but I have a player that can do a better job and will rivet you: Ike Opara. He’s plays for San Jose but is currently rehabing a broken foot. When he plays for the Quakes, he totally owns the backline. He was also with the Generation Adidas team and owned it there. Opara’s very underrated as well as very underviewed. If Klinsmann is a good spotter of talent then he’ll call up Opara in an instant.

  4. No, the senior environment is NOT a developmental system. Coaches are not suppose to developed players however, I never said they would be developing these players. The idea is to get these kids a taste of what international football is like at the top and if they can’t cut it then they know what they need to do to work on at their respective clubs. I am not implying that every young player get an opportunity at the highest level however, players that have excelled within their own age bracket should be introduced to the next level.

    You seem to state your opinions or what you believe to be “facts” without really bolstering your arguments with real substance. This leads me to believe that you are both really young and incapable of written expression, your communication skills are underdeveloped or you are seriously embarking on a career of Elite TROLLING. However, it is quite alright. The world needs its CEO’s and it also needs Check-out cashiers.

    In addition, I’ve read some of your posts on this forum and it seems as if you are adamant about people not acknowledging facts. Well Einstein, Ponce would be eligible to play for the US taking into consideration that COPA AMERICA does not cap tie you to the country that you represent. In addition, even if he was cap-tied to Mexico, he would be able to file a one-time switch with FIFA.

    So listen genius, we are all still waiting for you to enlighten us on how to groom a young prospect in order to introduce him to the senior team.


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