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Agent shoots down rumor Chandler is considering playing for Germany

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Concerns over whether Timmy Chandler was really considering playing for the German national team were put to rest by Chandler's agent, who told there was nothing to the rumor that made the rounds earlier in the week.

Thomas Kroth, Chandler's agent, shot down the rumor, telling Chandler had not been contacted by the German national team or manager Joachim Loew.

"I can tell you that Löw neither phoned nor met with Timmy," Kroth said. "Nothing has changed, nothing at all. He's still very happy to play for the (United States)."

The rumors reached critical mass on Wednesday when former U.S. World Cup star Tony Sanneh wrote on his Twitter feed that Chandler was meeting with Loew and considering playing for Germany. Sanneh's status as a former national team player, and the fact he was the person who tipped U.S. Soccer to Chandler, gave the rumor some credibility. This was despite the fact Chandler had just spent the summer saying he had no intention of ever playing for Germany.

However, with the memories of American-born star Giuseppe Rossi's decision to play for Italy and Neven Subotic's switch from U.S. Under-17 national team player to Serbian National Team star, the Chandler rumor instantly raised fears of another player passing on the U.S. national team.

By all accounts, and based on everything Chandler has said this past summer, the German-born fullback has no plans to join that club and is intent on staying a part of the U.S. national team. With his agent putting the recent rumors to bed, U.S. fans can relax now, though some may not relax under Chandler is actually cap-tied to the United States, something that won't happen until next summer.


  1. We are getting played. If you guys wrap yourself in this situation, you will come out disappointed. Funny thing is that even if Loew wants Chandler, Chandler will never be the future RB for Germany, he will be for the US.

    Does the kid have enough smarts to see it? Who knows. But if he feels German, get him the hell off our team.

  2. “Sanneh wrote: “Rumor is chandler gonna play for germany. Lowe visits nberg today” with Lowe referring to German national team coach Joachim Loew (a former assistant of then Germany and now U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann) and nberg referring to FC Nurnberg, Chandler’s current club.”

    Basically all Sanneh said was he heard this rumour.

    The overreactions came from everyone else who did not bother to read Sanneh’s twitter carefully.

    He owes no one an apology.


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