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Agent shoots down rumor Chandler is considering playing for Germany

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Concerns over whether Timmy Chandler was really considering playing for the German national team were put to rest by Chandler's agent, who told there was nothing to the rumor that made the rounds earlier in the week.

Thomas Kroth, Chandler's agent, shot down the rumor, telling Chandler had not been contacted by the German national team or manager Joachim Loew.

"I can tell you that Löw neither phoned nor met with Timmy," Kroth said. "Nothing has changed, nothing at all. He's still very happy to play for the (United States)."

The rumors reached critical mass on Wednesday when former U.S. World Cup star Tony Sanneh wrote on his Twitter feed that Chandler was meeting with Loew and considering playing for Germany. Sanneh's status as a former national team player, and the fact he was the person who tipped U.S. Soccer to Chandler, gave the rumor some credibility. This was despite the fact Chandler had just spent the summer saying he had no intention of ever playing for Germany.

However, with the memories of American-born star Giuseppe Rossi's decision to play for Italy and Neven Subotic's switch from U.S. Under-17 national team player to Serbian National Team star, the Chandler rumor instantly raised fears of another player passing on the U.S. national team.

By all accounts, and based on everything Chandler has said this past summer, the German-born fullback has no plans to join that club and is intent on staying a part of the U.S. national team. With his agent putting the recent rumors to bed, U.S. fans can relax now, though some may not relax under Chandler is actually cap-tied to the United States, something that won't happen until next summer.


  1. I am saddened by the stupidity of so many of these comments. Chandler has neither said nor done anything that should make anyone doubt his allegiance. As a matter of fact, he has repeatedly stated that he wants to play for the US, has always wanted to play for the US, and will never play for Germany. What is wrong with you people? I just hope he doesn’t see these comments, lest he get the impression that all US fans jealous, spurned little girls.

  2. First of all none of us know what the future holds.

    Your thesis is based on the notion that Chandler is not good enough to be a regular for Germany.

    I doubt he agrees with you. I don’t think he is as negative as you are.

    Chandler has the talent, if he applies himself, to be the right back for Germany.

    Any athlete who has the capability to go as far as he does needs to believe he can do just about anything.

    So getting and keeping the right back job for Deutschland is certainly possible. On the other hand becoming a star for the US is also possible.

    Chandler lives in Europe. If he continues to do well he will probably move to a bigger club either in Germany or elsewhere in Europe. So for the duration of his career his life will be in Europe.

    I’m not 100% positive but, you tell me, in terms of off the field business does being a star for the US mean a whole lot in Europe? Or would playing for Germany mean more?

    Now if Chandler were plannng to move to the Galaxy that would be another thing but I don’t see that.

  3. Kind of ridiculous thinking that you know what the best business decision is for Chandler. What if he plays like crap in two games for Germany (or just not up to their standards) and never plays for them again. Is that really the best business decision? On the other hand he plays for the US and has a long international career getting chances in multiple WCs to show himself on the world stage. I am not saying that this will happen — I don’t have a crystal ball. Just questioning how you are so sure that you know what is best for Chandler in a situation that is far from black and white…

  4. No, Germany’s Bild newspaper did not start this rumor, did not report that Chandler was considering switching to Germany or meeting with Low. The rumor was started solely by a vague tweet from Tony Sanneh, who has since kept his head down and has not commented publicly about it. On a tweet that became a national sports news story and caused turmoil on the Klinsmann-coached USMNT, he needs to issue a public statement explaining the basis for his tweet. As he has not done this yet, makes me wonder whether he actually heard this from someone in Nuremberg or not.

    If he publicly states that he truly heard from someone close to Chandler say that Chandler is reconsidering his commitment to the USMNT for a potential move to the German national team and that Chandler was meeting with Low, then the tweet is fully justified. But if he did not hear this from someone, then he needs to come clean and publicly admit his mistake and apologize to the USMNT in general and specifically to Timmy Chandler, who because of the tweet has had to suffer from deeply personal and cruel comments like the one above from VinceN.

  5. Maybe Sanneh was doing the US a favor…Germany has a hole at right back…by putting this out in the open Chandler and/or his people are forced to comment…might have been quite a smart move on Sanneh’s part.

  6. Fact is, this is going to keep happening until June 8, 2012… little to be gained by fidgeting over it. I’d be sorry to see him go, as he’s a dynamic offensive player for a right back (and dynamic players are something the team badly lacks right now). But, life will go on…

  7. In Germany, klinsmann has lost all credibility, unlike Lowe who is a star. The US have lost 3 games under their new coach, against weak to average opponents. And Germany also has euro 2012 qualifying in near-term as well as the tourney in Poland next summer. How is it not credible to think that TC would be attracted to a challenger for euro 2012 finals and 2014 brazil world cup finals….under a revered coach in Lowe who is certainly telling him that he will play a critical role on the team over coming years? Would you trade that to play under a Sunil Gulati led federation and a coach ridiculed in Germany? Of course his agent will deny. Until he confirms. stay tuned.

  8. People need to stop being “not worried” about guys and dismissing them as “not that good”… Hell some people were saying that about Chandler, which is nuts. Even John and Corona, maybe they’re not A team starters for us, but they are both good enough to be a relevant part of our player pool. Let’s remember that one of our bigger problems has been depth, look at what happens when we have an injury to Davies before the World Cup or Cherundolo in the middle of the Gold Cup final.

  9. On the contrary, right back is now a problem spot for Die Mannschaft.

    The reason this rumour had any traction at all is because Phillip Lahm is going back to left back after two years at right back.

    Träsch is a better midfielder. Höwedes has few offensive skills and Boateng is more of a central defender. So it turns our Chandler would have a pretty good shot at it.

    If you remember the reason Chandler wanted to play for the US was that he played for one of Germany’s Under-whatever teams and not like it. I assume that remains true so I would take him at his word.

    Still I think he’s making a very emotional decision to play for the US. It’s certainly not a good business decision.

  10. Enough already about Timmy (not saying for Ives not report, but more to the fact that the heck with this worrying) if he really wants to play for Germany, then go ahead, don’t let the door hit your big ass on the way out. I mean really brah, look this is like you being in love with a girl and she likes another dude, why even bother. Just let her walk and move on to the next broad. Good luck to you TImmy, you will regret it just like Rossi with the Italian team and not being an every game and World Cup starter. Rossi could have been bigger then Landon Donovan here, could have been what Hope Solo and Mia Hamm were to USWNT but he made his decision. I know Ives defends Rossi since he has ties to the NJ background but I still see it as a bad decision. Again, Rossi is a great player and will probably get called for Brazil in 2014 but he could have had 2 WC by now with the US. Same will happen to Chandler only as a defender.

  11. sometimes, children that have been abandoned seek for that love they are missing…by playing for the USA, Chandler hopes his father could recognize his ugly mug and reconcile and start a relationship…

  12. yeah. sure. hacked. that had to be what happened…

    I just read the SI article, hoping that the reporter would have telephoned Sanneh to put him on the spot and ask him where (and from whom) he heard the rumor. Unfortunately, the reporter did not contact Sanneh.

  13. Wait hol up bruh u srs bout neymar!? Dat wuld b so sick yo I cant beleve he gonna actully play 4 da usa. Bout to get a dope red usa jersey wit neymar #9 on da back cuz u kno mah dude gonna be are top scorer. Is he gon get call up 4 da hondras game!? Ima go tell er-one on mah indor team dey aint gonna belie dis newz!!

  14. Do not understand all this criticism about Timmy Chandler and his agent. Tony Sanneh’s ridiculous tweet is what started this, not Timmy Chandler or his agent. Sanneh tweets that Chandler is meeting with Low and considering moving to Germany and calls it a rumor. Sanneh is the one you should be angry with, not Chandler or his agent. His agent did the right thing to give a comment went contacted by SI. But that still leaves the question of why Sanneh would do something like this that would stir up trouble in the Klinsmann-coached USMNT. Anyone have any ideas why Sanneh might have done this?

  15. I’m really surprised Chander is interested in the U.S. at all. His American father apparently abandoned him and his mother, and he has never lived in the U.S.A.

    That said, still glad to have him.

  16. Neymar’s eligible for USA!?!?! Awesome!

    This is a great, great addition to the US squad. We’ve been needing a good forward for a while, so if Klinsmann doesn’t call him up for the October friendlies I’ll be furious.

    Can’t wait for the World Cup.

  17. All of this seems like his press for the sake of press. His agent in particular has some ulterior motives.

    Better for us, it could be his agent’s way of stirring up some interest among other teams. Just getting his name out and associating it with either national team could end in some transfer buzz. Euro clubs in debt look for cheap foreign internationals to draw up interest and potential revenue in untapped markets.

    Worse for us, it could be a “reaching out” attempt by Chandler and his representative to stoke the fire of Germany’s interest in him. “Hey, remember this guy, he would still switch if you ask!”

  18. This BS is probably just his club trying to increase the value of its asset. A German international is worth a lot more than a US Nat. Sanneh is connected to the club so that would be a good guess where this rumor started. I am really really disliking Nurenburg. That club is run by a bunch of dipwads.

  19. Not one to be picky about grammar, but life lesson time. Depth chart broski. The more you know!

    That said, I won’t be positive until Chandler is cap tied.

  20. OMG, you people are so GULLIBLE. If I told you that Neymar had an American maternal grandmother and could make a one time switch for USA a lot of people would believe me. I knew he was not going to play for Germany. Why would he when he is not a guaranteed starter for Germany. Every time Chandler is called up for the USA he is guaranteed to start also Germany dept chart at like every position is deep and huge.Their are a tons of people who are on the pecking order and dept chart for Chandler’s position.

  21. I’m not sure Chandler’s agent saying he’s not considering Germany really puts things to bed. Isn’t he always going to say that until a switch has been/is close to being made (not saying this is happening)?

    Personally, I don’t care much either way. I only want the US to be represented by players that actually want to represent the US. If he wants to play for us, great; if he’d rather play for Germany, so be it.

  22. I would worry more about guys like George John and really worry but hope we can use Joe Corona.

    I would of LOVED to have gotten Miguel Angel Ponce, if you ask me after his performances in the 2010 Copa Libertadores I would say he’s better than Chandler as this is his natural side and position, better than Castillo by MILES, better and faster and brings more forward than Dunnivant or even the 2 used in January camp Anthony Wallace and Zach Lloyd. And obviously right now a few miles ahead of Castillo, that kid needs to bulk up seriously. Not tons but like 20 pounds of good lean muscle would do wonders for his strength and improve his game on both ends when battling for position or protecting the ball.

    Back to Chandler, I think it’s a no brainer. He’s got very little chance to be a back up or reserve in Germany’s roster, with the US he’s looking at tons of games and 2 World Cups since he will only get better from here, as he grows older if he stays in shape and maintains his form while avoiding injuries he can easily play 3 Word Cups for US. Lets hope he along with others get cap tied in July or September 2012 or whenever 2nd round of group qualifying starts?


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