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Barcelona 2, AC Milan 2: Match Highlights


  1. I’m not a fan of Route One football. But when the entire game – save the first and last minute – is played in the area between Milan’s 18-yard and 35-yard lines, with Barca just passing the ball back and forth looking for a cutter that never appeared – sorry, I don’t find that interesting either. I realize I’m in a distinct minority with that opinion. I simply like games that go back and forth, with both teams attacking and defending the entire field. For example, the Copa del Rey final last year.

  2. Actually, I found the match quite entertaining. You got to see great offence and defense cancelling each other out. Barca pelleted Milan’s goal with shots from everywhere while Milan shut down and blocked a ton of the shots.
    I take it you’re an EPL follower who enjoys longs balls and runs instead? The match between ACM and FCB was all technical skills on both sides of the ball.
    Villa and Pato’s goals were magic. both Pedro and Silva’s goals exposed a moment the defense fell asleep. Nesta’s sweeping clean tackle on Messi in the box was also magic (note how Messi was so upset at himself that he didn’t shoot earlier!)

    Matches like this may be boring for the scoreboard but for a fan that likes to see the technical skills and tactics on display, I was happy with it. Result was valid.

  3. Second sentence should read: *The highlights above have Milan’s goals in the first and last minute of the game – they are the only things you need to see.*

    Not sure why the line got cut off…

  4. For anyone who didn’t already watch the match – my advice is don’t bother.

    The highlights above have Milan’s goals in the first only things you need to see. The entire remainder of the game was Barca’s typical boring tiki-taki between Milan’s 18-yard and 35-yard lines, with Milan and last minute of the game. Those are really the defending same. Like most Barca games there was no ebb and flow, and there were hardly any interesting Barca runs to try to unlock the Milan defense. Boring, boring, boring.

  5. Pato’s goal was just pure speed. As soon as he kicked that ball ahead of him between two Barca defenders he was gone…it was Messi-like I have to admit.

  6. Pato’s goal reminded me of what happens when a quarterback picks up a corner blitz and the saftey misses his assignment. He just toasted Barca’s high back line. His countryman Ronaldo would be proud.


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