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Bocanegra, Edu score in Rangers rout

MauriceEdu (Getty)

There was a decidedly American flavor to Glasgow Rangers' 4-0 rout of Motherwell on Saturday, as U.S. teammates Carlos Bocanegra and Maurice Edu both scored goals for the Scottish champions.

Bocanegra opened the scoring in the ninth minute on a powerful header, while Edu blasted a long-range left-footed shot in the 17th minute.

Here are the goals:


What did you think of the goals? Think we'll Alejandro Bedoya on the scoresheet soon?

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  1. List of Catholics to play for Rangers BEFORE Maurice Johnston, the list goes way back to 1891… but don’t let the facts in the way of a good story huh

    Archie Kyle
    Willie Kivlichan (Who, like Johnston, was an Ex-Celtic player)
    Colin Mainds
    Tom Murray
    Pat Lafferty
    Johnny Jackson
    James Tutty
    Tom Dunbar
    Joe Donnachie
    Hugh O’Neill
    Constantine McGhie
    Don Kichenbrand
    Laurie Blyth
    John Spencer
    John Clare
    Johnny Kennedy
    Charles McCafferty (Never made a first team appearance)
    Daniel Divers
    Chris Houston
    John Manners
    Bob Cleary
    George Banciewicz
    Eddie Devenney
    Terry Sloan
    Brian Grubb
    Edward Devlin
    Andy Casey
    Tom Cassidy
    Bob Dunn
    Peter Mone
    Starry McLachlan

    Just delighted my fellow Americans know what team rules Glasgow… Reyna, Beasley, Edu, Bocanegra, Bedoya – USA USA USA!!!

  2. You and Mark are both wrong, sort of, if you want to get really picky.

    You are right about Herron but Mark is right in that the Rangers did sign a black player before any other Scottish club did. It just wasn’t Walters and this player never actually played for Rangers.

    Walter Tull signed for Rangers during the First World War but was killed in the conflict before he could play.

    From Wikipedia

    “Walter Daniel John Tull (28 April 1888 – 25 March 1918) was an English professional footballer who played as an inside forward for Tottenham Hotspur and Northampton Town. He was the second person of Afro-Caribbean/mixed heritage to play in the top division of the Football League, the first Afro-Caribbean/mixed heritage outfield player in the top division of English football, and the first to be commissioned as an infantry officer in the British Army. His professional football career began after he was spotted whilst playing for his local amateur club, Clapton…It was reported in the Glasgow Evening Times in 1940, in an article about Tull being the first black infantry officer in the British Army, that he had signed to play for Rangers once the war was over.”

  3. Gil Scott Heron’s father, a Jamacian, played for Celtic in the 1950’s, so Rangers certainly could not have signed the first black player to play in Scotland. perhaps you are confusing black with Catholic, as Rangers did sign their first Catholic, Mo Johnson, in the 80’s.

  4. It was Celtic fans who set Beasleys car on fire btw… So we “hate” Edu, yeah we hated him when he scored a last minute winner against Celtic, we hate him when we chant his name every match, Some people on here are either clueless or Celtic fans talking nonsense about the Champions.

    I seem to remember back in 1988, Rangers signed the first black player to play in Scotland, a fantastic winger called Mark Walters…. Cue his debut match, monkey noises, bananas getting thrown onto the pitch, the most disgusting act of racism I’ve ever witnessed, and who was it by?? Thats right the fantastic, wholesome, friendly Celtic fans… go watch the embarassing charade on Youtube

    The same Celtic fans who during an Old Firm at Ibrox made gestures of flying planes to Claudio Reyna 5 days after 9/11…. but oh no, the Celtic fans are great

    If you only knew the half of it

  5. Strange that the video was pulled down due to a copyright claim by UEFA. That footage should only be subject to claims by the SPL, not UEFA.

  6. that’s a little low…those weak teams in SPL would kill pdl clubs…pdl clubs are college level at best…which is still pretty weak

  7. Who cares?

    When Rangers are playing against (who they’d play again?) “DunderMifflin Scranton FC”, he might as well just be in MLS when they’re playing against PDL quality clubs.

    That league is a joke and provides more laughs than The Office.

  8. USA alot of hardworking, smart, athletic players that may be effective but have poor passing and bad first touch on the ball. Some see the good stuff done off the ball while some only pay attention when the player has the ball which some fans to not like these less skilled players like Edu.

  9. Just see Russia if you wnat to see equal racial discrimination they have some Bulls**t remarks for any kind of foreigner jhust look at how they treated the Brazilian players, What a shame!

  10. Bedoya won’t get any racism from the fans for being hispanic… its Asian and Black players that get most of the racial discrimination.

    I could be wrong, i’m just going by what i’ve seen in the news when it comes to fans in the SPL(the korean who made the monkey face after scoring a PK against Japan said he was directing it towards SPL fans calling him a monkey and other things)

    from Wiki “Ki then claimed that the celebration was a reference to alleged racist abuse he had received during Scottish Premier League games from opposition fans”

  11. Judging by the BS Edu has to endure when he’s one of their most talented players period, I wonder how much Bedoya is suffering from racial discrimination. A hispanic American can’t be much better in their eyes than an African American.

    I think Edu could play for a better club, but Bedoya could learn a lot from this physical league, I feel. Hope he plays soon.

  12. 1.) Edu went through a very noticeable slump for the middle of last season

    2.) Rangers fans are some of the most ignorant, racist, mean-spirited and nasty fans in the game…period. They regularly boo their own team (even though I know this isn’t exclusive to them).

  13. Google Rangers fans forums and look at the comments. I found one with a thread called “It’s all Edu’s fault”. Mind you it was mostly in jest, but a good portion of their fans don’t rate him highly at all. Rangers are a bunch of louts anyhow, bigger and better things for him eventually.

    Helluva a strike from that distance.

  14. Yeah I have no idea why he would say Edu isn’t the most popular player at Rangers? He’s been a solid starter for like two years. There was that Champions League game I think where he scored and then scored an own goal. That’s the only thing I can think of.


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