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Bradley is not Egypt’s manager just yet

BobBradley (Getty)

Just when you think Bob Bradley was ready to don a track suit with the Egyptian National Team logo on it, we come to find out yet again that th Egyptian Federation has issued another false alarm.

According to Bradley's agent, Ron Waxman, reports that Bradley has been hired as Egyptian National Team manager are false, as are claims that he has reached an agreement on a contract with Egypt.

"Reports Bob Bradley signed to be Egypt's new manager are premature," Waxman said on Twitter on Thursday afternoon, and confirmed via telephone.

Egyptian officials have repeatedly jumped the gun on a Bradley announcement, with the most recent case being a press release on the federation website claiming he had been hired.

Yes, Bradley is still in talks with Egypt, and has been offered the job, but no agreement has been reached yet for the former U.S. national team manager to take over the Egypt job.

At least not yet.


  1. Dude: the country’s FA posts something, that’s enough for *anyone.* If their weblackeys and PR guys aren’t currently pounding sand in a secret prison, I’ll eat my hat.

  2. Hey let’s post the same falsified Bradley quotes in every Bradley thread, despite the fact that it has been addressed a million times already!

  3. What’s funny is it’s the opposite: Egypt has had the offer on the table for weeks, waiting for him to accept, and they’re the ones who keep announcing that it’s final.
    But of course that doesn’t fit in with the image of Bradley as an unwanted commodity…

  4. When the quoted Bob as saying the team would be strong in defense, swift in attack and united in jihad, i kinda figured they were made up…

  5. Ives defense team to the rescue. He got burned. He would be the first to admit it. Getting the story out first is everything in journalism. Sometimes you go on a half-source and it is right, and everyone thinks you are a real insider. He probably wasn’t wrong to think he could trust the Egypt football federation webmaster, but might as well take it on the chin when you jump the gun prematurely.

  6. My money is on him coaching Chicago if he comes back to MLS. New York is possible, but I’m not totally convinced they’re ready to get rid of Backe yet.

  7. A press release on the official Egypt federation website isn’t enough for Ives to report? What is, a stone tablet that flew down from the sky?

    It’s pretty harsh, and if you actually read the posts you’d see that Ives has reported interest and talks in the past, but this is the first time he came out and reported it as fact.

    It’s not Ives’s fault that the Egyptian FA jumped the gun. But that kind of organization is something that will be new to BB, so fair warning. Maybe this is the kind of thing that is making BB take it slowly.

  8. I’m not trying to be a d*ck, but Ives maybe you should wait and post this until it’s actually official.

    It’s not just SBI but I swear I’ve heard he is the coach, oh wait he isn’t the coach yet, he’s the coach now, oh wait he still isn’t the coach yet, like 6 times.

  9. Yeah, Bob’s agent also said those quotes are false. After 5 years of being tight lipped can you imagine Bob saying anything like that?

    The FIFA web site attributed false quotes to Jozy either during the Confed cup or right after the Haiti earthquake, I think.

  10. This whole thing as been strange from the beginning. It has a bad feel and makes even less sense the BB coaching in Mexico. Schalke today became the second BL team to lose a coach after HSV a couple of days ago, and there are going to be openings popping up all over Europe in coming months. If BB is still collecting a big fat paycheck each month compliments of Sunil Gulati, he should be patient and wait for something better.

    The Fifa web site reported the Egypt job as a done deal, quoting BB saying: “I know that there’s a big difference between Egyptian and American players,” Bradley said in a recent interview with CNN Arabic. “The Americans are more professional than their Egyptian counterparts, but the Egyptians are more talented.”

  11. +1. Hope the federation provides adequate security. You gotta think though, that maybe this is a job that doesnt require him to live there fulltime. He flies in for camps and matches, and does the administrative stuff elsewhere.

  12. It sounds like the decision is in BB’s hands. Taking a job in Egypt right now would be a hard decision for any US citizen, especially one that will have such public exposure.

    All things soccer aside, this must be really challenging on a personal level. Without knowing what that means, I hope Bob choses wisely.


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