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CONCACAF Champions League: Match Night Commentary


Major League Soccer teams already have two wins in Mexico in the last few weeks, but the Los Angeles Galaxy will look to make it a third when it defends its place atop Group A at Morelia in a CONCACAF Champions League group stage match (8pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

The Colorado Rapids also hope to maintain their grip atop their group as they welcome Santos Laguna to their home turf for a Group B tilt (10pm, Fox Soccer Channel) after starting their CCL group run with a 1-0-1 record.

SBI will be providing commentary on tonight's matches, so please feel free to join us. As always, please feel free to share any thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):



  1. I was disappointed LA lost. In their own counter-attacking way, they played very well – and should have won, or at least tied this game. They were composed and passed well. Yes, Morelia possessed the ball, but they had little in their final third. LA shoulda/woulda/coulda….

  2. In all fairness, LA has a lot of games with little rest between them and they are playing at altitude. Arena is trying to manage his roster. As much as I hate his bunker style and prefer the team to have a bigger lead if they decide to try it, I can see where he is coming from and it would have worked if the refs had done their job.

  3. This is the difference between the Mexican league and MLS: Santos scored on goal and kept attacking. LA scored one goal and defended with 10. Not surprisingly, Mexican teams won both games

  4. Colorado has a team full of hustle players, the only players with skill are the strikers but they cant go 2v4 and expect to have a lot of scoring opportunities.

    I hope this year a team like Dallas, Seattle or RSL win the cup. Hustle can only take you so far vs teams with skill.

  5. Did the Rapids really expect a good result playing their 2nd choice goalkeeper? Its one thing to play your 2nd GK on the road but at home when you need the 3 points you would hope they would put Pickens out there. Another thing is never ever expect a fair officiated game from Roberto Moreno of Panama. Swear that guy has something against US teams MNT or MLS and yet Concacaf acts like he is one of the best refs in all of the region.

  6. You are right. I was waiting for Cardoso to come in and Galaxy to start conrtolling the ball and the game.

    What american coaches dont understand is that you dont need to play counterattacking football all game long.

    A mexican media member said that Arena always plays this style no matter what. That is why the galaxy can win the Supporters Shield but I would bet against them to win the Cup.

    Arena´s style is not made to win in the Playoffs. Sure he won before but teams didnt control or moved the ball like Dallas, Seattle and RSL can.

  7. Not sure how you get to “racism” from that game but hey, whatevs.

    First Morelia goal? There was an offside – bad call

    Gals goal called back? Keane was offside – good call.

    Frankie foul? Meh, when your on the road you’ve gotta watch out, especially that late in the game. – I’ll give the ref that one, especially I bet we would not be complaining if that happened States side.

    Considering the history of this competition? I’d say the ref had a pretty decent game actually. Bottom line? Barret has to show more b@lls when you come on late with only 30 min to go. You can’t be that guy who gets beat at the end.

  8. Very disappointing. Questionable player selection from Arena. To me, Stephens is not a starter in any tourney/MLS game. Why not give Cardozo or Lopez the nod? Creativity much? When has playing ten behind the ball ever worked for US teams against Mexican attack? Especially 1-0? I think you go with Ricketts as well.

  9. The player that you say is offsides had nothing to do with the ball. The ball was in Saunders hands when he started running, Saunders was the one that let the ball slip by him.

    But the stolen Galaxy goal was a disgrace.

  10. Looks like MLS is going to get the business tonight. LA will beat Morelia on the return leg though. They played well and deserved a point from that game. Rapids on the other hand? Well…

  11. Concacaf champions league is the most ridiculously racist competition I have ever seen. Clearly offside player rushing Saunders to cause the first goal. Clearly onside goal disallowed by a bit of attrocious reffing. And not to mention the insanely soft foul called against Hejduk that led to the last goal. Disgraceful.

  12. Saunders stopped a lot of good shots and played great but when you allow those shots to keep coming in, one’s gonna get in. Ref blew it on our second goal when it was called offside.

    Where did the 4 Min’s come from , seemed like a little too much, maybe 2 Min’s at the most.

    Maybe they should bring in refs from other regions to ref CONCACAF matches to be bias free, or closer to it!

  13. Good the USA got a manager from abroad. How many times they allowed morelia to shot? and the forward was so tired a the end, why did you keep him in? Even if this guy got you a goal, you most recognize that he was tired and replace him with someone really fast.
    When USA managers are going to learn that a single goal is not a guarantee?


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