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Crew, Dynamo play to wild 2-2 draw



The Houston Dynamo was in the driver's seat at halftime, leading 1-0 over the Columbus Crew with a man advantage after Emmanuel Ekpo was sent off for popping the Dynamo's Adam Moffat in the face with a high elbow in the 11th minute. 

The Dynamo, leading at halftime after Je-Vaughn Watson's impressive header off a service from Jermaine Taylor in the 34th minute — over big defender Chad Marshall, no less — was 45 minutes from picking up three big road points and strengthening their position in the chase for an MLS playoff wild card spot. But two penalties on Houston in the box gave the Crew the lead in the second half, and the Dynamo had to fight back with a late goal just to salvage a point in Wednesday's 2-2 draw at Crew Stadium.

Andres Mendoza converted two PKs and got into some minor scuffles with Dynamo defender-slash-enforcer Geoff Cameron, who assisted on the tying goal for Calen Carr in the 86th minute.

Watson missed a good chance to give the Dynamo a 2-0 lead in the 54th minute, his header off a pass from Corey Ashe missing wide right of the goal. 

In the 63rd minute, Houston's Cam Weaver appeared to get his right forearm on a ball in the box inadvertently, and referee Chris Penso pointed to the spot. Mendoza coolly beat goalkeeper Tally Hall with the shot to tie it at 1.

Both teams traded good chances, for the Dynamo a shot by Ashe off the side of the net in the 70th minute and Tommy Heinemann's 73rd-minute try saved beautifully by a diving Hall.

Watson, who'd been key to the Dynamo attack, made a key mistake in the 74th minute, bringing his right foot up too high as he lost containment of the Crew's Dilly Duka on the far side as a high cross came over to that end of the box. The kick hit Duka in the sternum, Penso called the penalty and Mendoza stepped up and scored again.

By that time, Cameron had started picking squabbles with Crew players, but the MLS All-Star was never carded or called for a foul. At one point late in the match he appeared to strike the Crew's Danny O'Rourke in the face with an open-handed shove. 

The Dynamo kept attacking, and Cameron made a huge play in the 86th minute. He took two defendersi into the corner before sending in a low diagonal cross that Carr hit in for the goal. 

Columbus (11-10-7), the current East leaders with 41 points, replaced Marshall at halftime with an apparent injury. Houston (8-9-12, 36 points) was without forward Brian Ching due to a groin injury.



  1. I spent last night re-watching the Dynamo v Columbus game specifically to watch Carmargo. Previously I said he didn’t impress me, but so many comments indicate I’m nuts. Well, I must be watching the wrong game or not have my rose colored 3D glasses cuz I really don’t see it. He quickly lays off the balls, gets knocked off the ball, doesn’t move the ball forward threatingly, makes uneventful passes, and shuffles around the mid looking for something to happen.
    Folks keep saying he needs the ball more, but he’s standing next to his defender or near another Dyanmo player quite often. Davis, Moffat, Je-Vaugn and Jeff call for the ball and take off forward (usually) and try to make something happen. Camargo lays off a pass to one of them often times. He seems to be no threat to me.
    I just don’t see how I’m missing his diamond in the rough skills. Don’t get me wrong. I WANT him to excel and he rest of the Dynamo as well, but I don’t see it in this guy. Give me Watson and keep barking at him to watch his MARK!

    My Wished For Line Up Saturday (if everybody healthy to play):

    Taylor Boswell Cameron Hainault

    Ashe Watson Davis

    Costly Ching

    Sub in Carr for Costly, Bruin for Ching, Cruz for Davis.

    Forever Orange and GOOOOOOO Dynamo. Win this sucker!

  2. Think Cameron was trying shove in the Columbus players chest while the Columbus player was doing the same thing back to Cameron. He hit Cameron’s hand up accidently into his own face. In that case I think the ref was there and made the right non call.

  3. The first PK was a joke the second was a foul in the box (freaking Watson; looks good one minute and horrible the next). Another clear handball (crew) not called in the box and Cameron’s shove not called.

  4. Of course the ref missed a second more blatant handball by a Crew player a few minutes later that should have been a penalty but wasn’t called. Gotta love the consistency.

  5. Columbus handled the ball in the box late in the game the same as Weaver did.. yet no call. You can argue either way on the call, BUT JUST CALL IT CONSISTENT. If you are going to call the lame penalty and give out the lame early red, why does Cameron go free? MLS refs are a joke, CONCACAF refs are worse.

  6. Not really complaining about Ekpo’s card, but clearly Cameron popped O’Rourke in the face and ref was looking right at it 3 yds away. Should have been straight red.

  7. I’m kind’a with you on the first PK, but I think there was a handball there.

    the second was a flat out PK. You just can’t kick out blindly like that in your own 18, on the road, in MLS. Your gonna get burnt.

  8. Man the East is so darn pathetic right now, its not even funny anymore. I just don’t see any of these teams being good enough to win MLS Cup this year – even when hot.

    My only hope is that DC makes the playoffs this year – to give the kids that taste and make them hungrier when we get better. If we can make the playoffs and the Red Bulls watch us there – even if for one series – then that would be buttah! 😉

  9. You cannot put your hands in someone’s face. It is an automatic red. I do not understand how every one says that the league is too rough and lets things go and then when there is a red card everyone thinks the refs over reacted.


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