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De Rosario not being disciplined for dive

De Rosario (Getty Images)


When Dwayne De Rosario fell to the ground flailing after hardly being contacted by Juan Pablo Angel on a cross and flicked-on header into the Chivas USA box in second-half stoppage time of a crucial game on Wednesday night, most figured the D.C. United star would hear from the league office for his blatant dive and embellishment.

That call isn't coming.

According to a league source, the MLS disciplinary committee reviewed the play, and De Rosario will not be fined or suspended for the dive that nearly netted D.C. three points in the heart of a playoff race. De Rosario went on to have his penalty kick, which was awarded by referee Chris Penso, saved by Dan Kennedy, preserving a 2-2 draw. 

While Angel refused to comment on the incident after the game, Kennedy said, "I thought it was a rather soft call to begin with. De Ro sold it pretty well."

MLS has been trying to take a stance against dives as this season has unfolded. The league fined United's Charlie Davies $1,000 for a dive in a game against Real Salt Lake on June 18 that resulted in a game-tying penalty kick.

MLS promised harsher punishments for future offenders, and the league backed up that talk by suspending RSL striker Alvaro Saborio one game and fining him $1,000 for a dive against San Jose that resulted in a red card to Bobby Burling and the first goal of a 4-0 RSL rout on July 23.

"As previously stated, all instances of obvious simulation and/or embellishment that directly impact the game will be subject to severe discipline, including fine, suspension or both," MLS Executive Vice President Nelson Rodríguez said in a league statement that announced the Saborio suspension. "We will continue to impose sanctions, and even increase their level, if necessary, in an attempt to eliminate this type of behavior."

The lack of a punishment for De Rosario certainly sends an inconsistent message after he appeared to undoubtedly exaggerate the contact in an attempt to directly impact D.C.'s result against Chivas.

Video of the Angel-De Rosario play can be seen here.


What do you think of this development? Does it matter that De Rosario missed his penalty? Do you think the league is sending mixed messages? Do you think De Rosario should have been disciplined?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Joe k read most match reports and you will see where the home crowd can help sway the decisions of a referee or create a home field advantage. So I’m not suggesting anything but stating a simple fact that most teams have a home field advantage in about any sport in the world.

    And you obviously did not watch the replay or just enjoying being ignorant. You clearly see Angel put a hand on him. He embellished it but stated that it was a clear shove and you can see and say what you want but a replay doesn’t give you a feel for how much pressure that hand put on him or caused him to lose his balance. So for you to assume is pretty ignorant.

  2. “unless you are the defender(Angel) or eRo then you don’t know how hard he was hit”.
    or, you have access to a video replay, which we all happen to have! take a look, use the rational side of your brain and admit that he dove.

    and are you seriously suggesting that the home team should get bogus calls? you’re an idiot. though i’m not too surprised from a DC fan.

  3. This is a jk. People are in denial about Dero not diving. I’m sure if it was against the Galaxy or Sounders the mls jk committee would have taken action.

  4. DeRo said he was pushed and they missed a sove on him earlier in the box and unless you are the defender(Angel) or eRo then you don’t know how hard he was hit so who are you to judge the MLS or him. The MLS is obviously agreeing that this didn’t deserve to be fined. Was it a soft call? Perhaps. Was DC at home and such should deserve benefit of the doubt on any call? Yes just as any team in the league should. It is called home field advantage. And Kennedy did what a pro should do which is forget about the call and save the shot which did and the game ended as it should have probably at 2-2.


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