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FC Dallas, Colorado Rapids lose home games in CCL

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On a day that saw MLS clubs go winless in CONCACAF Champions League Group Stage matches, the Colorado Rapids and FC Dallas lost crucial home games on Wednesday night.

The Rapids were defeated 2-1 at Dick's Sporting Goods Park by Honduran side Real Espana on a pair of goals from Carlos Pavon. The former Honduran international's first goal was negated by a finish from Andre Akpan, but a defensive miscue by Colorado allowed Pavon to break free on goal and finish clinically. Colorado is now in last place in Group B with four points in four games.

FC Dallas was also dealt a blow in its hopes to advance to the quarterfinals of the tournament, allowing Pumas UNAM to score two late goals in a 2-0 victory for the visitors. In a game that saw both teams reduced to 10 men late in the first half, Eduardo Herrera scored in the 84th minute and David Izazola doubled the lead a minute into stoppage time. The result at Pizza Hut Park put Pumas in first place of Group C and FC Dallas in second based on goal differential.

What do you think of FC Dallas and the Colorado Rapids' losses? Should the Rapids turn their full focus towards the MLS season? Still see FC Dallas making it through to the quarterfinals?

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  1. Wow that was alot of BS. So MLS is worse but Mexico and Central America is worse so it masks this. So what’s your point?

    This has got to be one of the dumbest statements ever written. BTW MLS teams are all back in contention this week and Seattle is the first team of the tournament to qualify.

    But keep making moronic posts, I like a good laugh.

  2. Another way to look at is…. the MLS teams were in mid season form when the CCL group stage began while the FMF & Central American teams were just starting their season… so the first few results were the exception and now we are seeing the norm of what has been the case for the previous three editions of CCL.

    The MLS participants still haven’t proven to be above average in the region in actual competition yet its fans continously overrate the league and assume a breakthrough is imminent.

    I actually think the MLS quality has gotten worse in the last 5 years not better… its backward evolution is masked by the reality that FMF & Central American club soccer have also gotten worse (Central American “giants” are no longer are as dominant in their leagues because they no longer have a bulk of their NT players who are now in Europe)…. with the FMF we have seen a clear backward evolution versus South American competition. Namely its recent inability to convincingly surpass Uruguayan, Paraguayan, Chilean, Ecuadorean teams etc.,

  3. It is ashamed that the Rapids are not taking this tourney seriously as the other 4 sides are especially for their home games. The Rapids still control their own destiny in a sense though as Real Espana will be playing Santos and Metapan so if the Rapids get a result at Metapan then they could feasibly sneak through with a result on the final matchday. What makes me mad is the Rapids lack of priority on this tourney as even referenced by their coach. They have arguably the easiest group to advance out of yet appear to be the most likely not to advance. LA, FCD,TFC and Seattle would kill to have a group without a Costa Rican(probably 3rd best league in the region) team and 2 lower teams from central America! I never expected them to win but to get out of the group and perhaps upset someone in the next round would have been nice.

  4. + 1 and everyone that saw the game! although no one helped Hall with that young speedy mid fielder #78 that contributed the 2 assist.He almost had a goal himself before the 2 assist but Hartman came up big and made an impressive save…. but from that point he was too fast for Hall and FC Dallas coaching staff should have realized we were vulnerable on Halls side and should have made adjustments.

  5. man is colorado not only ugly and boring to watch, they should be embarrassed to lose to a team like real espana at home!. they remind me of the mls from 6-7yrs. ago. just bad. not a good example of mls teams if you want to bring in new fans.

  6. I’m a Rapids fan and frankly I would have liked to moved on in the CCL but after last week I’m glad we’re basically out of it now. We’re slipping in league play and this schedule is just too much for us. It was a nice run, but we’ve got other things to worry about.

    P.S. I think next week we go to the stadium in Mexico where the drug lords were shooting at each other on the road by it, right?

  7. FC Dallas would have ended up with a tie if they had taken Hall out at the 60th minute and replaced him with anyone else or even a traffice cone. That second goal was caused by horrific defending.

  8. MLS has to remain fiscally conservative while the league expands and attendance grows. Not to mention we’re in the middle of the worst economy in two generations. The salary cap blows, and it puts MLS at a competitive disadvantage against other leagues, but as a franchise league where every team has a stake in the league’s success, the salary cap remains a necessary evil.

  9. Dallas is struggling bad. C’mon guys, pick it up.

    Where is David Ferreria when you need him??

    Agreed with JoeL about the injuries. It’s trash – It’s their style of play and it sucks hard. Bring on the YELLOWS for that crap!

  10. I was at the Rapids game last night and they deserved to loss! It’s obvious the Rapids are not taking the CCL games seriously compounded by the fact they are playing awful soccer at the moment. I know not everyone is a fan of Connor Casey but he’s surely missed since the offense hasn’t been the same since he was injured.

    One BIG gripe about CCL… The fake injuries are out of control. The stretcher had to come onto the field 6 times in the 2nd half alone for nothing since every player got up as soon as they got to the sidelines. I understand Real Espana was wasting time since they had the lead but enough is enough. CONCACAF league and refs have to do a better job controlling this situation by issuing yellow cards. I truly hate this part of the game and I’ve been watching soccer for a very long time.

  11. I can’t see any MLS side going past the first round. In the last four games I watched MLS teams have been out-worked, out hustled all over the field. This has been both at home and away, and with both first and second teams on the field. Perhaps with the MLS play-offs approaching both the managers and players are pulling back. If so, the commissioner needs to look at MLS commitment to the tournament, take it up a notch or pull out. These walkabouts are bad for MLS


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