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Friday Ticker: City CEO Cook resigns amid email scandal, Puyol fit and more

Cook (Getty Images)

Manchester City chief executive officer Garry Cook has paid the ultimate price for an ill-mannered email mishap.

Cook resigned on Friday after being found culpable of sending an offensive email to defender Nedum Onuoha's mother that mocked her battle with cancer. Cook reportedly meant to send the response to City's director of football, Brian Marwood, but instead mistakenly sent it Dr. Anthonia Onuoha, who is involved in Nedum's contract negotiations and had stated that her illness would not prevent her from looking out for her son's professional interests.

Cook initially claimed that his email had been hacked and that he was not the one behind the response. After working at Nike for more than a decade, Cook had been CEO at City since 2008.

Here are a few more stories from around the soccer world:


As FC Barcelona continues its quest for another La Liga title, the club got word that captain Carles Puyol is medically cleared to play in Saturday's match against Real Sociedad.

Puyol had knee surgery in June and hasn't played since, missing Barcelona's UEFA SuperCup and Spanish SuperCopa victories in the build up to the regular season along with the season-opening trouncing of Villarreal.

He provides a much-needed presence in central defense, as Gerard Pique is still out with a leg injury that he suffered at the end of August.


Here we go again.

Tottenham coach Harry Redknapp has expressed interest in signing David Beckham and bringing him to White Hart Lane in January after his contract with Major League Soccer expires.

Redknapp, who tried to bring Beckham to Tottenham on a loan deal during the MLS offseason only to end up with him staying for just a training stint, said that no talks regarding Beckham have taken place between himself and the team's board nor have any between the club and Beckham's representatives.


FC Cologne's fans didn't take too kind to the club's 5-1 loss to Schalke about a month ago, and the club is paying the price as a result.

Cologne was fined €10,000 for fans throwing cups that were reportedly fillled with urine and feces at other fans at Veltins Arena during the lopsided match.


What do you make of the Cook scandal? Can you see Barcelona NOT winning the league again this year? Where do you think Beckham will be playing after this MLS season comes to a close? Think the punishment fits the crime for Cologne?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I read the article and don’t quite understand what he said that was offensive, will someone post the email or explain?

    He said, “Ravaged with it? I don’t know how you sleep at night.” It would be hard to sleep if you had cancer?

  2. Garry Cook…first class ____hole. Look at that smug face…someone ought to stick a fist to it.

    Anyone else read the article in the Guardian? “claimed his email account had been hacked into. He also claimed the culprit had been dealt with.”
    What a BS excuse…’my account was hacked.’ That could have worked in the 90s. And how convenient…the culprit was dealt with.

    Ad he meant to send the e-mail to City’s director of football, Brian Marwood. He thinks that would have justified his actions if it had gone to the right person.

    I’m surprised MC parted ways with him…I was just expecting a slap on the wrist. Although MC should have fired him, not let him “resign”. Should have made it harder for this prick to get another job.

  3. I hope Puyol sits this one and keeps working towards match fitness in training and with the reserves who are great Spanish 2nd division club, Barcelona B.

    He can take his time and allow Mascherano and Busquets to keep getting playing time.

    I think we might see the 3-4-3 again until Puyol and/or Pique get healthy. Except now Alves will be available and I believe Adriano should be healthy by now.

    Abidal, Mascherano and Alves seems good enough and could always bring in Busquets at CB to go to a more traditional 4-3-3. Kind of hope Pep gives young guys a chance on defense, they need to start prepping those guys.

    Really Cologne? Wow didn’t know about this, should be 20K if you ask me, but it is tough to punish a club for the actions of a few. but something had to be done.

    I personally hope Beckham stays in MLS, for 1 more year or 2 at THE MOST, but he should seriously take a paycut to about a million or so. Plus after the hell he put Galaxy fans thru with his wish to go to and stay in AC Milan to keep his 2010 SA hopes alive, he should make up by playing 1 more year, but at 350-400K. 100K in allocation would cover enough to do WONDERS for the Galaxy’s cap, and give some room for a new CB!

  4. Really? This is the country that gave us Al Campanis. Also, the Tea Party jerks with their racist attacks on the President. It’s got nothing to do with Europe, which has not cornered the market on stupidity or insensitivity.

  5. wow some ridiculous stories here… euro trash!

    and I doubt that the club really felt that 10,000 Euro fine.. more of a media thing.. i think that whenever a fan related issue happens the individuals should be punished individually and if its a large group then they should have to play behind closed doors w/o fans for a game or two. No point in fining the club…

  6. Scum bag.

    Somebody should hire those Cologne fans to head on over to Manchester to cover Cook in urine and feces. It is no holds barred when you are mocking someone’s mother for having cancer.


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