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Hoffenheim’s Johnson out four weeks with neck injury


Fabian Johnson isn't yet eligible to suit up for the U.S. national team, but it might be a little while before he plays for club or country.

According his club, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, Johnson injured his neck in training on Tuesday. He reportedly has a herniated disc and is expected to miss the next four weeks while getting treatment.

Johnson was called in to the U.S. national team for the first time by coach Jurgen Klinsmann ahead of this month's friendlies against Costa Rica and Belgium in order to get more acclimated with the program prior to his switch from Germany to the United States being approved by FIFA.

All indications are that he will play for the United States at some point, but given the timeline of his recent injury it would appear that next month's friendlies against Honduras and Ecuador may be too soon for that occasion. 

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  1. If he has filed his one time switch (which he must do if he wants to play for the US at all, due to the fact he played in the U21 Euro Championship with Germany) then he is ours forever.

  2. dude, seriously, know what you are talking about before commenting. he is filed his one time switch (the paper work). once that happens and is approved, he CANNOT switch again…even if the USA never plays him in anything other than a friendly.

  3. i remember going through a much more grave version of this with Jones and that delaying his implementation with the nats for years. It seems like we’re a bit jinxed with our german converts

  4. It’s a conspiracy! Next thing you know Tony Sanneh will be tweeting about how Johnson’s neck was magically healed by Jurgi Low, who then demanded he commit to playing for Germany as repayment. Jurgi is after all of Klinsmann’s precious German Americans! Panic!!!!

  5. What paperwork?! There is no paperwork to fill out to play in friendlies of ANY sort so long as you are eligible to play for a country without being cap-tied or in conflict.

  6. No, he never played for German youth teams — and with friendlies — you can play with as many countries as you are eligible for until cap-tied to one.

  7. He has already filed for the switch, quit trying to drum up controversy by making it sound like it’s up in the air.

    And I doubt that his paperwork will be approved by the friendlies as it is, so no use crying over spilled milk.

  8. Along with the rumor that Timmy Chandler will play for Germany after all — this leaves me frowning.

    We need these guys. Really, we do.

  9. One thing that I’ve never understood…

    If you switch your national team through FIFA, it’s always referred to as a players ‘one time’ switch. So does that mean once FIFA processes it, he can’t go back to Germany, even if he never plays an ‘official’ game with us?


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